Rudy Eugene’s Toxicology Report: Experts speculate on what caused ‘face-chewing’ attack

CBS/AP) MIAMI – Experts are still speculating about what may have caused Rudy Eugene’s face-chewing attack on Ronald Poppo in Miami last month. A toxicology report on Wednesday failed to find “bath salts” and other major street drugs in Eugene’s system.

Pictures: Fla. police identify “face-eating” naked man

The Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner said in a news release that the toxicology detected marijuana but it didn’t find any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs. Eugene also tested negative for adulterants commonly mixed with street drugs.

An expert on toxicology testing said marijuana alone wasn’t likely to cause behavior as strange as Eugene’s.

“The problem today is that there is an almost an infinite number of chemical substances out there that can trigger unusual behavior,” said Dr. Bruce Goldberger, Professor and Director of Toxicology at the University of Florida.

There has been much speculation about what drugs, if any, would lead to the bizarre May 26 attack at a Miami causeway that left Poppo, 65, missing about 75 percent of his face. The tests ruled out the suggestion that 35-year-old Eugene may have been under the influence of bath salts, which mimic the effects of cocaine or methamphetamine and have been associated with bizarre crimes in recent months.

An outside forensic toxicology lab, which took a second look at the results, also confirmed the absence of bath salts, synthetic marijuana and LSD.

Goldberger said the medical examiner’s office in Miami is known for doing thorough work and he’s confident they and the independent lab covered as much ground as possible. But it’s nearly impossible for toxicology testing to keep pace with new formulations of synthetic drugs.

“There are many of these synthetic drugs that we currently don’t have the methodology to test on, and that is not the fault of the toxicology lab. The challenge today for the toxicology lab is to stay on top of these new chemicals and develop methodologies for them but it’s very difficult and very expensive.” Goldberger said. “There is no one test or combination of tests that can detect every possible substance out there.”

An addiction expert said she wouldn’t rule out marijuana causing the agitation.

“It could have been the strain of marijuana that increases the dopamine in the brain, such as sativa,” said Dr. Patricia Junquera, assistant professor at the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

There are two strains of marijuana called sativa and indica. The sativa increases dopamine and gives you energy while decreasing pain threshold. Indica is a “sleepy high,” she explained.

“People don’t really know what the amount of either is in each little packet of marijuana,” she explained. “And we can’t differentiate between the two in the blood, much less in a dead person.”

She also suggested that if Eugene had a mental disorder, “the marijuana could have increased even further the dopamine levels and aggravated the situation. So that can’t be ruled out.”

Eugene’s friends and family have said he was religious, not violent and that he didn’t drink or do drugs harder than marijuana, so they are baffled as to what caused Eugene’s brutal assault against the homeless victim.

“There’s no answer for it, not really,” said Marckenson Charles, Eugene’s younger brother. “Anybody who knew him knows this wasn’t the person we knew him to be. Whatever triggered him, there is no answer for this.”

Charles said the family does not plan to pursue any legal action against the police for shooting Eugene on the day of the face-chewing attack. Surveillance video from a nearby building shows Eugene stripping Poppo and pummeling him. The police officer who shot Eugene to death reportedly said Eugene growled at the officer when he told him to stop.

“They used the force they felt was necessary even if we don’t agree with that,” Charles said.

He said Eugene has been buried.

Poppo has undergone several surgeries and remains hospitalized. His left eye was removed, but doctors said earlier this month they were trying to find a way to restore vision in his right eye. He will need more surgeries before he can explore the options for reconstructing his face, doctors have said.

Pinellas officials considering banning bath salts and some incenses

In their latest salvo in the on-going struggle against synthetic marijuana, Pinellas County officials are seeking to ban the sale of bath salts and certain herbal incense products.

The proposed ordinance is an attempt to close the loophole created when Florida banned more than 90 chemicals used in synthetic marijuana. County officials said that by the time those products were off the shelves, drugmakers had already adapted by concocting new, legal cocktails that are as dangerous as their predecessors.

“What we want to do is make sure that we took the opportunity to close those gaps to ensure those things don’t come growing back,” said Tim Burns, the county’s director of Justice and Consumer Services.

In addition to banning synthetic marijuana, bath salts and kratom — a lesser-known substance that comes from a tropical plant — the ordinance would establish a five-person committee responsible for reviewing new products and possibly banning those as well.

Today, the Pinellas County Board of Commissioners will vote on whether to hold a public hearing on the proposed regulations.

Leo Calzadilla, who owns three tobacco shops in Pinellas County and is planning to open a fourth, said he would protest the ordinance. When state law banned a variety of products, he changed what he sold, he said. But the race to pass new ordinances and outfox manufacturers seems pointless to him, as well as bad for business.

“Herbal incense is sold as herbal incense,” he said. “That’s what it’s intended for. … What people do with it is their prerogative.”

Many of the synthetic marijuana products are labeled “not for consumption,” said Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, adding that this was “intellectually dishonest.”

Manufacturers know that teenagers buy their products intending to smoke or ingest them, he said. The drugs can cause extreme euphoria, as well as hallucinations and seizures. And there have been several high-profile instances in which teenagers died or were injured while under the influence of those substances.

Gualtieri said he is distributing letters to store owners, asking them to voluntarily drop the synthetic drugs from their inventories.

Randy Heine, owner of Rockin Cards & Gifts, a tobacco shop in Pinellas Park, said he would not object to banning synthetic marijuana, though this should be done at a state level, he said. But kratom is another matter.

Heine sells kratom leaves for smoking, kratom powder for making tea, and kratomite, a liquid concoction he described as a “relaxer.”

“I’ve been selling it steadily for 30 years without a problem, zero, nada, nothing,” he said. “There’s minimal reports of problems, compared to coffee, aspirin, cigarettes, and nobody has died of this; it’s just hysteria.”

“I’ve got to confess I don’t even know what it is,” Gualtieri said. “It’s not on my radar.”

But Burns maintained that kratom is an emerging product, one that might not be well-known to law enforcement officials now, but is poised to replace the synthetic drugs the county is hoping to banish.

The county’s proposed ordinance cites Thailand’s decision to outlaw kratom, as well as the substance’s inclusion on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s list of drugs and chemicals of concern as reason for banning it in Pinellas.

County officials also have proposed new regulations that would require stores selling glass pipes and bongs to post large warning signs on the front of their buildings.

DEA raids smoke shops in Las Cruces, Sunland Park, Alamogordo

LAS CRUCES — Federal and local law enforcement officers raided several smoke shops Wednesday in Las Cruces, as well as one business in Sunland Park, as part of a nationwide investigation into the alleged production and distribution of synthetic drugs.

Masked agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency, assisted by LCPD officers, were seen removing several large boxes of evidence from at least three retail locations near the intersection of South Solano Drive and East Idaho Avenue.

Federal agents also raided the Station Recreation smoke shop on 1621 Appaloosa in Sunland Park. DEA officials did not say Wednesday if any raids in southern New Mexico resulted in arrests.

An affidavit filed in support of the search warrants in the U.S. District Court for New Mexico indicates that 14 businesses in Las Cruces, Sunland Park and Alamogordo were targeted for allegedly selling illegal synthetic cannabinoids, commonly known as Spice, and synthetic cathinones, more popularly known as “bath salts.”

Two smoke shops in Silver City, Twisted Illusions and The Smoke Shop, were not raided and neither sells Spice, workers said.

In January, the DEA, joined by other federal and local law enforcement agencies, began investigating the smoke shops, often sending undercover agents to purchase suspected synthetic drugs, according to court documents.

“Each undercover operation has resulted in the seizure of individual-used sized containers containing a plant material that is believed to

have been treated with chemicals or a powdery-like substance,” DEA agent Jeffery S. Castillo wrote in his affidavit.

The raids in southern New Mexico appeared to be part of a coordinated nationwide investigation as the DEA on Wednesday also raided businesses in El Paso, Albuquerque, as well as locations in California, Utah, New York and New Hampshire, according to published reports.

“DEA agents are conducting numerous enforcement operations throughout the region … This is part of a bigger operation,” said Carmen Coutino, a spokeswoman for the DEA office in El Paso.

The search warrant for the businesses in southern New Mexico, signed by U.S. Magistrate Judge Carmen E. Garza, authorized agents to seize written and electronic documents, financial records, suspected synthetic drugs and paraphernalia, as well as security camera recordings.

Witnesses at Somewhere Else Comics Games, one of 10 businesses in Las Cruces targeted by the DEA, said Wednesday that police officers entered the business with guns drawn, announcing they were raiding the establishment.

“They pat-frisked me and my son. It was very scary for us,” said one woman who declined to give her name. She and her 13-year-old son sat inside a vehicle outside the store at 1230 S. Solano Drive.

Authorities also raided Phat Glass, located next door to Somewhere Else Comics and Games, and Smokin Supply, less than a quarter-mile away at 1315 S. Solano Drive.

“They came in, guns drawn, told me to put my hands up and handcuffed me,” said Maurice Portillo, co-owner of Smokin Supply, who was not arrested and subsequently released.

Portillo said the DEA agents “tore” through his shop, turning around security cameras and taking cell phones, business records, as well as glass containers and herbal incense products that are often described as synthetic marijuana because of their chemical composition.

Portillo, a 29-year-old U.S. Army veteran and student at New Mexico State University, said he believed the products he sold were legal, noting that he bought them from a distributor who also provided literature vouching for their legality with DEA drug scheduling provisions.

“I don’t do any illegal business out here. There’s no history of anything illegal here,” said Portillo, who opened his business about six weeks ago. Portillo said the DEA agents did not tell him what they were looking for, and made several references to the operation being “Obama (expletive).”

“I was like, ‘This is just (expletive) politics …,'” Portillo said.

On July 9, President Barack Obama signed the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012, which instituted tougher criminal penalties for selling some first-generation synthetic drugs — such as K2 and Spice — as well as some newer ones.

In March 2011, the DEA “emergency scheduled” several chemicals often found in herbal incense products that make them chemically similar to tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

However, Castillo wrote in his affidavit that “clandestine manufacturers and traffickers” began distributing smokable cannabinoid products in an attempt to circumvent newly enacted federal and state laws.

Castillo said the criminal offenses possibly committed by the investigation’s targets include possession with intent to distribute analogs of a controlled substance, and selling drug paraphernalia.

Portillo, whose store also sells health items, regular tobacco products, cell phones, vaporizers and storage containers, said he never believed he was selling anything illegal and added that he cooperated with authorities. He also said the raid will only temporarily hurt his business.

“We’ll be all right. We’ll be back,” he said.

Brian Fraga can be reached at (575) 541-5462; Follow him on Twitter @bfraga


Closer look

The Drug Enforcement Administration, investigating the alleged production and distribution of synthetic drugs, obtained search warrants for the following businesses in southern New Mexico:

— Phat Glass, 1211 East Idaho, Las Cruces

— Phat Glass South, 306 Union, Las Cruces

— Phat Glass Too, 109 North New York, Alamogordo

— Phat Glass 3, 823 North New York, Alamogordo

— Sam’s Gift Shop and Smoking Accessories, 607-C South White Sands Boulevard, Alamogordo

— Neverwhere, 940 North Main, Las Cruces

— Somewhere Else Comic Books and Games, 1230 South Solano, Las Cruces

— Zia Tattoo, 1300 El Paseo, Las Cruces

— Station Recreation, 1621 Appaloosa, Sunland Park

— The Realm Hookah Lounge, 991 West Picacho, Las Cruces

— Smokin Supply, 1315 South Solano, Las Cruces

— Hookah Outlet, 1900 South Espina, Las Cruces

— Subherbia, 1200 East Madrid, Las Cruces

— Subherbia 2, 150 South Solano, Las Cruces
1:27 p.m.

LAS CRUCES — Federal and local law enforcement officers raided at least three Las Cruces smoke shops today as part of a wider investigation into synthetic drugs.

Masked agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency, assisted by LCPD officers, are still on-scene at Phat Glass, 1211 East Idaho Ave., Smokin Supply, 1315 South Solano Drive, and Somewhere Else Comics and Games, 1230 South Solano Drive.

Police entered the comic store/smoke shop this morning with guns drawn and announced that they were raiding the business, said two witnesses who were inside the store.

Witnesses said the agents were “looking through everything” in the store, checking counters, receipts, and pat-frisking everybody inside the business and asking for their identifications.

Federal agents were also seen bringing evidence bags inside the stores.

DEA spokesman Carmen Coutino confirmed that the investigation was related to synthetic drugs. DEA agents in New Mexico and Texas have raided other smoke shops looking to confiscate synthetic marijuana, commonly known as SPICE, according to multiple media reports.

Coutino said more information will be released later today, adding: “DEA agents are conducting numerous enforcement operations throughout the region. This is part of a bigger operation.”

12:16 p.m.

LAS CRUCES — Shops near the corner of Solano Drive and Idaho Avenue may be part of a federal raid by agents looking to confiscate the synthetic drug Spice.

According to Sun-News reporter Brian Fraga, the Las Cruces Police Department is assisting the Drug Enforcement Agency in an investigation Wednesday at Phat Glass, 1211 E. Idaho Ave., Smokin’ Supply, 1315 S. Solano Drive, and Somewhere Else Comics and Games, 1230 S. Solano Drive.


Police entered the comic store/smoke shop this morning with guns drawn and announced they were raiding the business, two witnesses on scene said.

DEA agents are raiding locations across New Mexico, according to multiple media sources.

DEA agents raided at least one location in Sunland Park and is reporting DEA raided 16 locations in Albuquerque today.

A spokeswoman for the agency told KFOX14 that they are looking to confiscate Spice.

Spice refers to a wide variety of herbal mixtures that produce experiences similar to marijuana and that are marketed as safe, legal alternatives to that drug, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

Synthetic marijuana was banned in New Mexico in April 2011.

Diablo Herbal Incense Review

Now I do a ton of herbal incense spice reviews and I think I have tried just about every herbal spice under the sun.  So most of the time I don’t get that excited to write a review.  This is not the case with Diablo Herbal Incense.  I am super pumped to let everyone know about this amazing herbal spice.


I bought 3 grams of Diablo Herbal Incense from and I paid $16.99.  Sounds like a good price for 3 grams.  Let me tell you it’s an amazing price cause this Diablo Herbal Incense is the bomb.

Now I picked it up for some aromatherapy.  Yea right I bought this stash to smoke the hell out of it.  First the packaging is kick ass.  If you don’t think it is, I tell you what buy some and smoke a joint of this bomb ass herbal spice and then stair at the black packaging and it’s like the devils face comes off the wrapper.

Once I opened up the spice the potpourri was nice and super fluffy and smells just perfect.  Sort of smells like hydro of something along those lines.  Once I rolled up a fatty and started to burn it and start my smoking session it was even better aroma.

Now I want to let everyone know this is one of the stronger herbal spices out there. This is not for the weak at heart that’s for damn sure.  But if you’re a pro herbal smoker like myself and you enjoy herbal spice then you have to pick up a package of this Diablo Herbal Incense for yourself and see what I’m so excited about.

I will tell you that a 3 gram baggie of Diablo Herbal Incense will last you a pretty long time.  I have bought a thousand 3 gram bags of other herbal spices and they never last me 4 days.  Most of the time I burn though them in a night with some buddies.  But this herb was so strong It lasted me days.

So you’re already online why not hit up a website and order yourself a bag of Diablo Herbal Incense and do your own review.  You will be very happy with this herbal spice.  10/10 all around review on this one!

Way to go Diablo Herbal Incense you ROCK!

Mr. Nice Guy LMAO Herbal Incense Review

Mr. Nice Guy is no stranger to the ever growing and changing world of K2 Spice, herbal incense, and herbal potpourri’s.  Their new lineups seem to be considered “Herbal Burnables”.  Mr. Nice Guy’s  other latest release at someincense, which also has been getting rave reviews, well about as good as you can expect from 3rd generation herbal incense products.

The herbal mixture is consistent with all Mr. Nice Guy incense and potpourri products, mostly marshmallow leaf(which is a good thing). The herbs are a bit on the “smelly” side and so what of a harsher burn than what I have come to expect with Mr. Nice Guy, but nevertheless this clown delivers as promised.

Having tried both Mr Nice Guy and LMAO, I would rank LMAO a bit stronger but a bit harsher. Where as Primo is more smoother but a little weaker, so there is a bit of trade off between the two.  Either way these both make for good new 50 state legal herbal incense.

The effects produced, although short lived, are rather pleasant. I would say from start to finish the effects lasted about 25-30 minutes. Now I don’t know if this is more of a placebo effect do to the name “LMAO” or from the picture of the clown but it seem to provide more of an upbeat, funny feeling. Rather than a more relaxed state. I seemed to chuckle more than usually. I experienced no bad side effects afterwards. The price was typical of what you could expect from Mr. Nice Guy herbal incense.

If you’re not afraid of clowns and are ready to take a trip to the circus you can order some Mr. Nice Guy LMAO from this website.

Ingredients Found In K2 Incense

K2 Herbal Incense or “Legal Buds”, have grown to become extremely well-known as legal substitutions for marijuana. With all of the media coverage and news articles on this subject, we all want to know, “What are K2 incense ingredients?”

K2 herbal incense are natural herbal blends that utilize ingredients such as canavalia rosea, clematis nuciferia, heima salicfolia, and ledum palustre. There have been many sources to confirm that  K2 once contained synthetic cannabinoids JWH-018 and JWH-073 which when burned or smoked can cause similar intoxicating effects similar to cannabis. This synthetic compound does not show up on the standard drug test which has certainly made it a crowd favorite.

These K2 herbal incense products and others are clearly marked, not for human consumption and was developed to be burned and not smoked. There are many cases where users misused these herbal incense products and suffered unwanted side effects.

So what about all of the other products like K2 and Space Cadet?

Despite all of the negative new coverages, the producers of the K2 products continue to state that their products are safe and that no real damage has been done by these products. Knock offs and various low quality herbal blends have began to hit the market at alarming rates. Some of the low quality herbal smoking blends do not list any of their ingredients at all. Whenever you purchase K2 or any other brand of herbal blends for that matter, make sure that you are dealing with a reliable retailer.

What effect does the synthetic cannabinoid JWH-018 have on the brain?
The synthetic cannabinoid JWH-018 was developed by a chemist from Clemson University by the name of John Huffman. This compound was originally developed as a pain reliever and has coined other usages as well.

THC, the main ingredient in marijuana reacts and binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain which are associated with pain relief. Huffman’s testing concluded that this compound reacted to the CB1 receptor which is assocciated with phychotrophic effects and not the CB2 receptor which is associated with pain relief. With that being said, these compounds are prone to provide hallucinations and marijuana-like effects but serves no medical purpose at all. This is the main reason that so many officials are looking to keep all products containing these compounds off the market for good.

Recipes For K2 Herbal Incense

K2 incense products are sweeping the nation and is probably being sold somewhere in your local area. With all of the hype and media around these k2 herbal products, we all want to know what are K2 incense recipes? These herbal smoking blends are sold as incense and potpourri. These herbal variations are meant to be burned in the form of an incense and not smoked.

Some countries and states have already made the decision to ban these and similar products. Since then, new blends of K2 incense products have been introduced to comply with the law. New K2 variations are being introduced to circumvent the new laws. These herbal incense products are fairly new and are sold in various forms such as traditional incense blends, capsules, liquids and powders.

There are many different methods to use these products but we only recommend the legal and logical methods. It is more likely for the United States government to control the production, sale, and possession of synthetic cannabinoids that it is to ban them completely.

Would you know the difference between K2 herbal blend and marijuana? Would you know if someone was smoking K2 incense in your home? When the K2 incense is still in a solid form, it’s resembles your average blend of potpourri that you can find just about anywhere. This makes it even more difficult to discern the difference between these products and actual incense blends.

There have been some new blends of K2 products that have shocked the marketplace and shown others why K2 has become such a well known entity. One of the new blends is known by K2 Amazonian, which is a liquid extract. There aren’t many explanations as of how to use this blend. Another fairly new K2 blend is the K2 Thai Dream, which is a pill form of K2 . There weren’t many other explainations to the administration of this drug, but what else can you do with a pill?

When used properly, these K2 incense products will provide a relax, euphoric experience.
These herbal smoke products have also been noted to sharpen the senses relax the mind. We can’t tell you how to use your herbal blends, but please do so responsibly.




Banned drugs persist in local stores

In an Orange County Sheriff’s Office crackdown on synthetic marijuana and bath salts, four store clerks from three Vidor stores have been arrested in the past week.

On June 13, Muhammad Sultan was indicted on charges of selling synthetic marijuana, or kush, at Jr’s Mini Mart.
Kashif Shah was indicted after bath salts and kush were found at the Vidor Superette.
The day before, 19-year-old Mohammad Hammad Khan and 18-year-old with Mohamed Hamza Khan  arrested at the A-1 Smoke Shop.
The Sheriff’s Office says calls are coming in from concerned citizens in Vidor who are worried because the drugs are so available and so dangerous, causing extreme hallucinations and even death.
Just driving down N. Main Street in Vidor, you’ll pass three stores where the Orange County Sheriff’s Office says banned drugs were being sold in plain sight.
Unnerving news to mother of two, Sylvia Broxson.
“They need to stop it, seriously. They really do. It’s dangerous, not just for my kids, but for any of these kids out here,” says Broxson.
Six pounds of kush seized from A-1 Smoke Shop in an undercover bust, show making the drugs illegal didn’t stop the sale.
Kush was also found just down the street at Jr’s Mini Mart.
The property manager refused to go on camera, only saying the drug isn’t being sold.
Bath salts and kush were found at Vidor Superette.
“There’s so much money it,” says Sgt. Chad Hogan. “These store clerks, they go to Houston, buy this stuff for two, three dollars and come back and sell it for 15 to 20 dollars.”
Police receive eight to 10 complaints a week about stores selling synthetic marijuana or bath salts. Once narcotics investigators go in and seize the drugs, they are sent to a lab for testing to see if they contain banned chemicals.
“Most of the time those are in there. Those are the things that get you high, the things that are banned. So they’re going to have to keep these items in there to sell their product,” says Sgt. Hogan.
“They could do other people harm, and people on it get carried away and misuse it,” says one Vidor resident, David Cisneros. “You put people in jeopardy buying it.”
With the drug still out there, Broxson will be watching.
“The mothers, the parents, the citizens need to help and try to do something about this.”
Sgt. Hogan says the Sheriff’s Office expects even more arrests in Vidor because they will continue checking up on stores to get the drugs off the street.
All four who’ve been arrested, have now bonded out of jail.
If found guilty, they could face up to 99 years in prison and up to a $50,000 fine.
That’s based on how much they had in their possession when arrested.

Buy Herbal Incense

In today’s market the internet is flooded with head shop webstites and blogs all filled with information about herbal incense.  There are so many mom and pop shop and local gas stations selling all different blends of potpourri herbal spice.  It can be a little confussing to fiqure out who or where to start shopping to buy herbal incense and what blends.

We have been in the herbal incense game for over 3 years and let me tell you there is some amazing herbal incense out there and also some real shit spice. Here at there is a group of 12 of us that all get together and try different blends and jump on the internet and order our staff of herbs from.

So we want to give you a quick review of where to buy the cheapest and strongest blends of herbal incense from.  Not only that but we are going to take 3 years of research from all 11 of us and get you the information that you are looking for.

There are so many people that have crossed over to herbal incense because of many things going on in there life.  I hear from a lot of users that there on probation and don’t have any other options, or there job drug tests them.  We know of several users in the professional fields that tired it and just love it and say its better then Hydro Marijuana and will never look back to pot.  I personally feel its a great legal high and herbal incense is its on bread of high, not like anything else on the planet.

So here all the tips you need to know, the best source for buying herbal incense is  They have been around longer then all the other companies and there customer service is best in any business. Shipping has always arrived on time an if you ever need to contact them they have a phone number on there site.  That’s a huge deal in this industry as you can tell there is thousands of sites to order from, 98 percent of there herbal incense sites do not offer a phone number email only.

Are you fucking kidding us, what if there is a problem, or what if i order $400 bucks worth of herbal spice and never get my order?  Yea well we have done it a million times and been down that road so many times it is not even funny.  Keep in mind when these sites pop up over night you might want to check there facebook page an make sure you read reviews from users and make sure you getting what you spend your hard earned cold cash on.

Ok now lets move on to our top herbal incense blends and were gonna tell you what to buy to get the most BANG for your BUCK!

2 for $25 Jonny Clearwater's Juicy Lucy Herbal Incense (3.5 grams ea.)  ORDER HERE 

2 for $25 Jonny Clearwater’s Juicy Lucy Herbal Incense (3.5 grams ea.)

A juicy summer afternoon treat.

Juicy Lucy Herbal Incense is a brand new aromatic potpourri or herbal incense, if you will. This blend of aromatic potpourri is engineered to ease the stresses of work, school, home, etc. Powerful enough to easily blow your hair back. The recent ban on certain compounds does not affect our scents at all, and they also use the freshest and highest quality ingredients to create an uplifting fulfillment that is only a few clicks away.

2 for $25 Mad Hatter Kush Cloud 9 Herbal Incense (3 grams ea.)ORDER HERE 

2 for $25 Mad Hatter Kush Cloud 9 Herbal Incense (3 grams ea.)

Cloud 9 Mad Hatter Kush is a blend of Damiana w/ Kush scent having strength of 5 and packaged in
a 3 gram bag.

2 for $18 Down to Earth Skunk 101 (1 gram ea)

Down2earth Climaxxx Skunk 101 is a blend of Damiana w/ a Skunk 101 scent and packaged in a 1 gram bag.


So these are the TOP 3 Herbal Incense Spice Blends on the market, the best herbal incense shop to buy from and all the information you need to have a great fathers day!  Now get out that credit card and order your self some herbal incense spice for father day and site back and enjoy it.  And shit if your not a father then enjoy the fucking day!   Puff Puff Pass!

Just to make our point clear, we do not have anything to do with  Were just a group of smokers that enjoy life and like to share our knowledge with others so they dont her fucked over like we have in the past.  There is a ton of bull shit herbal incense out there.  Dont get scammed people, and make sure you only smoke the best blends.

Kush Herbal Incense Review

I am very happy to share with you the great news about this herbal incense that I have tried and I am ready to share my personal review with you all.  Its been around for a long time and its been one of the top selling herbal spices out there and online for a really long time know.  You can also find Kush Strawberry Herbal Incense in local head shops and some gas stations.  The Kush I bought online at is fucking great.

 Orders From  Price Paid $27.99 ( 11 Gram Baggy)

I have already placed an order for a 2nd large gram baggy of Kush.  When I had placed my first order with someincense I got my kush herbal incense in a professional envelope and it also included a welcome letter with my order information and a coupon that I could use for my next order I placed with them.  A kick ass discount might I add it was 10% off.  Pretty much pays for the shipping and that works for me.

After placing my order on the website I got my stash in 2 days sitting on my door step just waiting for me to open that pretty package and unleash the beast.  It came in a 11 gram sealed baggy that was black and had red writing “Kush Strawberry” on the package with some smoke as the design.  Might I add that 11 grams is a large bag and lasted me 6 days? And let me tell you I am no light weight.

This is a very strong and slow burning herbal spice. The scent of strawberry filled the air and was a killer taste and smell.  The aromas filled the room and my girl walked in and was like what’s that incense your burning honey?  I was like it’s in my bong, come and take a hit for yourself and see baby!

When I first opened the Kush bag, I saw a nice fluffy mix of herbs that smelt skunky with a hint of strawberry; the herb had tiny sparkling crystals all over it, how killer is that? I thought before every even lighting it holly shit this is the real deal son.

Before I started smoking herbal incense I only smoked marijuana.  I paid big money for the best highs and buds I could get my hands on.  Then I found Kush and I don’t miss weed at all.  If I did not know this stuff was herbal incense I would swear I was smoking the best hydro ever.  No joke, I am really being honest it is amazing stuff.  You got to try this Kush herbal incense for yourself and see what I am talking about.

The smoke went in nice a very smooth and just smelled great and the room, Shit it sure smelled better than my old gym cloths that had been lying on the floor for days.  Funny thing it gave me energy to clean up my damn room.  It’s like I had just drank several red bull energy drinks and had all this clean energy to start doing shit.  I was honestly focused and ready to take on the world.

I have been smoking herbal incense for a long time now on a daily basis and this is by far one of the best blends on the market.  Thank god I placed my 2nd order so I did not run out.  That would suck.  So I would have to rate this blend kush a 9.5/10 High Stars.

Why not a 10 you say, Shit there is always room for improvement guys!

My Order Of Kush Herbal Incense