Flame Herbal Incense Review


Flame is packaged in a nice, sturdy plastic container with a simple but catchy sticker design. The herbs smell great from the container, each just as good as one would hope judging from the labels. When lit, Flame has a toasty scent to it that to some may compliment the underlying aroma, and to others may detract from it.

Flame‘s aroma lends to a heavy body sensation, relaxation in a strong and pronounced sense that may give one the feeling of “couch-lock.” The fire burns at its brightest for about 40 minutes before slowly extinguishing, leaving a lingering feeling of sleepiness in the wake of the warmth.

Flame won’t necessarily set your night on fire but it’ll radiate welcome warmth at a reasonable cost. For moderate incense burners this may be an excellent choice, though seasoned burners may find it underwhelming in comparison to the beasts out there.

Strength: 8.7/10
Aroma: 8.8/10
Overall: 8.7/10

Down2Earth Herbal Incense Review

Down2Earth nails a lot of pros from the get-go. The glossy bag beautifully ordained with psychedelic artwork, succulent strong scents and a nice fine grind (the latter of which is primarily a personal preference). But… head  is nothing, heart is everything–and that heart is the blend inside the pretty packaging we’re going to tear into.
Each of the four scents I received are beyond satisfactory. The scent produced by your burner is just as you would hope for after giving the bag a whiff. Skunk 101 is extremely pungent and perplexingly pleasing. Perhaps reminiscent of the smell of a fresh green pepper. Purple Chronic is a grape based scent with a sweeter tinge to it, though not seemingly not quite prevalent enough. Power Plant is an extremely sweet explosion of fruity starburst extravaganza… simply wonderful. Mango, a more traditional scent, satisfies the sweet-tooth as well, though perhaps not as well as the best of the mango scents seeing as how it’s slightly more muted than its superior scents.
The sweet aroma fills the room with a satisfying euphoria, not a whole lot of drudgery to be noticed. Uplifting vibrations surround the swirling smoke of the aroma. You really can’t go wrong with Down2Earth. No experienced user can claim it’s lacking in anything significant and can’t deny its quick potent one-two punch. This scent will stimulate the mind for approximately 40 minutes. All in all these come very highly recommended.
P.S.: Purple Chronic & Skunk 101 exude more potent aromas than Mango & Power Plant… not by a significant margin, but this should be made clear.
Strength: 8.9/10
Aroma(s): Mango (9.3/10), Power Plant (9.5/10), Purple Chronic (8.8/10), Skunk 101 (9.2/10)
Overall: 9.0/10
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Death Wish herbal incense Review

Shortly after the well received KrunkRemix, Superior Botanicals continues to up the ante with Death Wish. I have come to appreciate the base herbal blend that makes up the Krunkmix trio. It seems more conducive to proper absorption to maintain potency–I say this because the original Krunkmix was significantly less savory and seemingly less potent even though the same ingredients were said to be used. To acknowledge the introduction of the new & improved Krunkmix an amendment will be made to the first review.

Death Wish‘s fragrance is sweet and succulent. It doesn’t take long for the aroma of Death Wish to produce very notable euphoric sensations and a full body rush. If you are inclined to rapid heartbeat from burning herbal incense, be warned this may be a death wish (hehe) for you. The sensations are essentially a heightened plateau to that of KrunkRemix, an elevation of similar/same properties including the unfortunate brevity of length present in Remix. A little goes a long way, but for the experienced incense burners out there it’s easy to enjoy this one so much as a tendency to rush through it since it never seems to overwhelm in a negative manner (keeping in mind the anticipated exception of elevated heart rate for those inclined).

One of the very few drawbacks to Death Wish remains as implied previously; if you’ve tried KrunkRemixextensively you have a general idea of what to expect, it seems to lack the introduction of new attributes to the blend as opposed to a heavily concentrated mix of remix. I still highly recommend at the price of $7.50/g that everyone interested give this a shot–if you’re already a fan of KrunkRemix, then there’s a real good chance you’d like to take a step up–whether or not this will continue to be the purchase of choice over Remix is difficult to answer. For those of you who may frequent Superior Botanicals, there will likely be a division of those who find the extra firepower worth the additional $3 (relative to Remix) and those who will stick with the petty price of $4.50/g for another excellent product.

Strength: 9.8/10
Aroma: 9.6/10
Overall: 9.8/10

Dank Herbal Spice Incense Review

Ah, another Dank reviewed and it probably won’t be the last.

The scents from this Dank line utilize “real extracts” from coffee, orange and strawberry respective to each variety. The three scents I received carry through wonderfully as the incense burns, particularly Orange Krush. I did not attain the coffee variety which is available as well so I can’t comment on that.

The aromatic effects are welcoming, invoking a subtle sense euphoria and a pleasant state of relaxation. The prices are also reasonable for what the product has to offer, good value really starts at the 14g mark for $35, a single gram for $3.75 shipping included. You won’t break down any new walls with this one, but this nice relaxing blend is a good pick-me-up and wind-down.

Strength: 8.5/10
AromasOrange Krush (9.5/10), White Widow ‘Natural’ (8.3/10), Strawberry (8.8/10)
Overall: 8.6/10

Dank really gains footing and hits its stride with the newly released Super Dank 2x, the 2x being literal in the sense that theoretically you should be able to burn 1/2 of the normal amount of Dank to achieve the desired results. 2x originated as the manufacturer’s personal incense and only recently became available to the public. Some may find the current prices a bit lofty (more than twice the price of regular Dank). The blend produces an increased euphoric rush followed by a pleasant state relaxation make for a damn fine burning session. Pretty damn good for those able to dish out the little extra dough.

Strength: 9.0/10
Aroma: 8.3/10
Overall: 8.9/10

Dank Herbal Incense Review

Dank Dank Dank: “Dank” Review

There are easily around a dozen brands floating about throughout the country, both regional and wide distribution, with the labelDank. If someone refers to Dank herbal incense in a conversation the other couldn’t possibly have any idea what the hell Dank they’re talking about without further description. This review specifically covers the Dank distributed by S&S Wholesalers, the distributors of Mr. Happy which also includes G-13, Mr. Happyand… Mr Nice Guy?–no play on words there, blunt and to the point on the mimicry. After seeing Mr. Nice Guy one gathers Mr. Happy‘s thing seems to be imitation, and as their Mr. Nice Guy (*) is a significantly weaker cheaper “analogue” of the official Mr. Nice Guy, Dank is closer to a weaker cheaper “analogue” of Stuk!.

This is in fact a 2nd Generation Dank, the 1st falling with the emergency D.E.A. ban. Intuition says the formula didn’t change a whole lot. Dank smells pretty nice though–lemon-lime like, a trace of chewing gum, again similar to Stuk. The shiny gold packaging is attention grabbing and it’s not a blatant imitation like Mr. Nice Guy like… well… Mr. Nice Guy (which comes in identical gold packaging). The herbs are a little dry, not too brittle, and arranged in a common fashion. When the incense is burnt it gives off a heavy aroma at first sweet and harsh, and then just harsh.

Sad to say, dank ain’t that dank, it’s mid-level product. You can dig through a whole bag in a short period of time without knowing it, not because it’s amazing, but at some levels you almost don’t feel much more with continued burning except maybe comatose. It’ll mellow you out just fine with a reasonable amount, nothing more nothing less. Something to be picked up for value purposes, and in this context it isn’t all that bad.

Strength: 7.4/10
Aroma: 8.2/10
Overall: 7.6/10


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Drinking Out of Cups

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“Northern Lights” and “Code Red” Herbal incense Reviews

Northern Lights Herbal Incense manufactures both the eponymousNorthern Lights incense consisting of varying scents, and Code Red. Both are professionally packaged and labeled with quality artwork, Code Red being particularly eye-catching. I like the sound of the title. Do I foresee a red alert?

Code Red, as opposed to the Northern Lights selection, is a singular entity—there are no varieties, just the proprietary cherry* scent. I find it truly disappointing that a quality cherry scent is such a scarcity in the world of herbal incense. I rather enjoy the smell of cherry filling the room, and who doesn’t want a taste of cherry? The only other satisfactory cherry scent I’ve encountered in the past is RxLapse by Mr. Nice Guy. The cherry aroma is more muted in this instance than the bombastic cherry of RxLapse, but it’s still nice to have this scent available, especially now that RxLapse is banned.

The cherry aroma Code Red sports is palpable and pleasant. From the bag it smells great. After burning, the aroma itself doesn’t hold long before it attains the less desirable charred and smoky smell. I would suggest throwing smaller amounts into the burner consecutively, as opposed to one large amount for a single session. Effects produced by the aroma are pleasant but much more subtle than I anticipated from a product labeled Code Red—more of a bodily sensation than heady, more weighty than uplifting, some audial enhancements, and relaxation.

Taking the prior into consideration, its name rests on the brink of irony (with the exception of the logical connection between red and cherry*) and is somewhat misleading (Code Red is an intense name). I can’t call a genuine red alert for this one as far as potency is concernedCode Red is nevertheless a good blend that will cater to personal preference, it’s just not my ideal cup of tea—I like mine extra strong, and this seems more geared toward those with a taste for the more moderate. I can’t help but think there’s some untapped potential in this otherwise satisfying blend.

Strength: 7.9/10
Scent: 8.2/10
Overall: 8/10

The scents I received for Northern Lights are Minty Blast, Berry Blitz, Mango and Original. Other scents are available in their inventory but I will only be testing these.

I found each individual aroma to be pleasant, especially Berry Blitz. The Mango is mondo, and the Mint Blast is… minty. Again, like Code Red, the aroma fades fast so the aforementioned procedural recommendation applies to this label as well (in fact, I find it works well with most incense I test). A distinct difference between Code Red and Northern Lights is that the latter produces a heady sensation as opposed to the more bodily sensation Code Red provides.

Sustenance seemed a strong point of Northern Lights. Its lights shine on for an above average time comparable to other brands. When they finally dim, it’s a smooth slide back to the self.

Strength: 8.4/10
Scents: Berry Blitz (8.7/10), Mango (8.6/10), Mint Blast (8.5/10)
Overall: 8.5/10