Diablo Herbal Incense Review

Now I do a ton of herbal incense spice reviews and I think I have tried just about every herbal spice under the sun.  So most of the time I don’t get that excited to write a review.  This is not the case with Diablo Herbal Incense.  I am super pumped to let everyone know about this amazing herbal spice.


I bought 3 grams of Diablo Herbal Incense from http://someincense.com and I paid $16.99.  Sounds like a good price for 3 grams.  Let me tell you it’s an amazing price cause this Diablo Herbal Incense is the bomb.

Now I picked it up for some aromatherapy.  Yea right I bought this stash to smoke the hell out of it.  First the packaging is kick ass.  If you don’t think it is, I tell you what buy some and smoke a joint of this bomb ass herbal spice and then stair at the black packaging and it’s like the devils face comes off the wrapper.

Once I opened up the spice the potpourri was nice and super fluffy and smells just perfect.  Sort of smells like hydro of something along those lines.  Once I rolled up a fatty and started to burn it and start my smoking session it was even better aroma.

Now I want to let everyone know this is one of the stronger herbal spices out there. This is not for the weak at heart that’s for damn sure.  But if you’re a pro herbal smoker like myself and you enjoy herbal spice then you have to pick up a package of this Diablo Herbal Incense for yourself and see what I’m so excited about.

I will tell you that a 3 gram baggie of Diablo Herbal Incense will last you a pretty long time.  I have bought a thousand 3 gram bags of other herbal spices and they never last me 4 days.  Most of the time I burn though them in a night with some buddies.  But this herb was so strong It lasted me days.

So you’re already online why not hit up a website and order yourself a bag of Diablo Herbal Incense and do your own review.  You will be very happy with this herbal spice.  10/10 all around review on this one!

Way to go Diablo Herbal Incense you ROCK!

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