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  • Herbal Incense is ABSOLUTELY NOT for human consumption. Product misuse is known to cause adverse health effects, has aroused controversy amongst the media and lawmakers, and in absolutely no way condoned by Herbal Incense Guide.
  • This Blog  holds no responsibility for misuse of the products blogged on this site. Comments which imply abuse of these products are not published and deleted.
  • Comments are moderated to prevent advocating misuse, flaming, unauthorized advertising and spamming. Do not submit comments multiple times thinking it will be approved and posted faster, it will not and inevitably ends up bottle-necking the system,
  • None of the reviews or publications on this site imply product abuse. We are very adamant about maintaining a clean community that adheres to and respects state/federal laws.
  • We do not sell, transfer or purchase any products, please do not inquire about any of these. Hosted contests are handled by respective manufacturers/retailers.
  • Incense Herbal Reviews.com  is strictly a publication based on the potpourri industry. Advertisement blocks are paid placements, to which no relation is held with any companies.

37 thoughts on “About Us

  1. do not shop at HERBALZENSATIONS.com pure garbage and they dont want to hear the truth, stay clear and dont waste your time! lazy botanicals should just close, OUTER EDGE is the worst thing ever created, they just want to burn as many people as fast as possible! Just think how much they bank on the unsuspecting customers, smoke a cig it will do the same as LAZY BOTANICALS garbage, me im done with all herbal, except well? use your imagination! legal herbs direct , pure garbage!

  2. my cat steven come in with a bag in his paw and said open it its from lazy botanicals, so i opened the bag of outer edge herbal , its smells and its blue and its garbage, oh my god its awfull , well in the garbage it went, so again new poo from lazy botanicals OUTER EDGE is poo! do not buy! (this worse than CAHOOTS!) I swear this cats crazy , but not that crazy! POO! ALERT!

  3. nothing even associated to spice is legal, you can get busted with any leafy substance that looks like herbal incense, read the laws, its very serious felony to posses any substance resembeling spice , yes we all miss it but why take the risk? Now if a legit company can get some nuts, and a few lawyers and show the tax money states are missing out on, then we might get somewhere, until then dont mess with it! at least thats what my cat steven told me!

    • 50 state blends are around, try some all naturals! or make your own with various herbs….good luck man! try mad hatters herbals! its my favorite site!

      • come check out our site The galaxy lounge! for reviews and more of herbal incense, come check us out, again THE GALAXY LOUNGE is a loose knit group of assholes, who try to be social but sometimes fail, mhh, and other vendors have been kicked off, but still an ok site! i have been on tgl for 8years! peace!

  4. smile, ima blow a hole in your neck, and leave you standing there looking stupid like beck, everybody jump too the juggalo sound, get the fuck outta here if you aint down with the clown! MMFWCL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • OK. Listen. The first rule to marketing yourselves as respectable and legitimate is to LEARN ENGLISH GRAMMAR! I just visited your site at http://incenseherbalreviews.com/ for the first time, and could not even concentrate on your message because of the horrible and inexcusable butchering of the word THEY’RE. If you want to say “THEY ARE…” the correct conjunction is “THEY’RE”, not “THEIR”. “THEIR” implies ownership, like “their product” or “their grammar mistakes”. Maybe consider putting the spice down, enroll in a GED program, and become capable and intelligent business men. YOUR COMPUTER HAS SPELLING AND GRAMMAR CHECK FOR GOD’S SAKE!! If there is a red or green line under your words then you need to correct these mistakes. There is no excuse in this day and age for careless or ignorant typing. You will give all of us smokers a bad name. End of rant.

        • Well as you can tell from our network there has been a ton of busts in the herbal incense industy. We stive to provide you with information about herbal incense companies, were to buy, what to buy, what not to buy and then the BUSTS. So news. Sorry your tired of all the bust stories, Getting back to reviews. Thanks for your comment.

  5. try scented damiana, its legal and tastes ok,not a big head change but takes away the cravings, kratom- is also a good mood changer, from a health food store its cheap, from a head shop , its not, my cat steven says he will check in next week, meow!

  6. my cat steven says the new blends are poo! save your money and pay a bill instead, atleast you will get something out of your money, instead of being pissed off and broke! steven my cat says barely legal died a tragic death, heard they had marshmellow leaf, WTF? TAPS are playing in the background, legal herbs direct, poo!, bayou blaster illegal and poo! save your money and your freedom, stay away from the fancy packages its all poo, and smoke yes , something else, something good! press for mary jane reform and decriminalization of pot laws! thank you!

    • I agree. Something has changed. If I wanted potpourri, I would buy a much more pleasing scent at the dollar store. Who do they think they are fooling?

      • yes , everyone LAZY BOTANICALS outer edge is garbage, puke, cough cough! puke! BEZZ BELIEVE the rapper better move on, outer edge sucks !

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