Recipes For K2 Herbal Incense

K2 incense products are sweeping the nation and is probably being sold somewhere in your local area. With all of the hype and media around these k2 herbal products, we all want to know what are K2 incense recipes? These herbal smoking blends are sold as incense and potpourri. These herbal variations are meant to be burned in the form of an incense and not smoked.

Some countries and states have already made the decision to ban these and similar products. Since then, new blends of K2 incense products have been introduced to comply with the law. New K2 variations are being introduced to circumvent the new laws. These herbal incense products are fairly new and are sold in various forms such as traditional incense blends, capsules, liquids and powders.

There are many different methods to use these products but we only recommend the legal and logical methods. It is more likely for the United States government to control the production, sale, and possession of synthetic cannabinoids that it is to ban them completely.

Would you know the difference between K2 herbal blend and marijuana? Would you know if someone was smoking K2 incense in your home? When the K2 incense is still in a solid form, it’s resembles your average blend of potpourri that you can find just about anywhere. This makes it even more difficult to discern the difference between these products and actual incense blends.

There have been some new blends of K2 products that have shocked the marketplace and shown others why K2 has become such a well known entity. One of the new blends is known by K2 Amazonian, which is a liquid extract. There aren’t many explanations as of how to use this blend. Another fairly new K2 blend is the K2 Thai Dream, which is a pill form of K2 . There weren’t many other explainations to the administration of this drug, but what else can you do with a pill?

When used properly, these K2 incense products will provide a relax, euphoric experience.
These herbal smoke products have also been noted to sharpen the senses relax the mind. We can’t tell you how to use your herbal blends, but please do so responsibly.




Buy Herbal Incense

In today’s market the internet is flooded with head shop webstites and blogs all filled with information about herbal incense.  There are so many mom and pop shop and local gas stations selling all different blends of potpourri herbal spice.  It can be a little confussing to fiqure out who or where to start shopping to buy herbal incense and what blends.

We have been in the herbal incense game for over 3 years and let me tell you there is some amazing herbal incense out there and also some real shit spice. Here at there is a group of 12 of us that all get together and try different blends and jump on the internet and order our staff of herbs from.

So we want to give you a quick review of where to buy the cheapest and strongest blends of herbal incense from.  Not only that but we are going to take 3 years of research from all 11 of us and get you the information that you are looking for.

There are so many people that have crossed over to herbal incense because of many things going on in there life.  I hear from a lot of users that there on probation and don’t have any other options, or there job drug tests them.  We know of several users in the professional fields that tired it and just love it and say its better then Hydro Marijuana and will never look back to pot.  I personally feel its a great legal high and herbal incense is its on bread of high, not like anything else on the planet.

So here all the tips you need to know, the best source for buying herbal incense is  They have been around longer then all the other companies and there customer service is best in any business. Shipping has always arrived on time an if you ever need to contact them they have a phone number on there site.  That’s a huge deal in this industry as you can tell there is thousands of sites to order from, 98 percent of there herbal incense sites do not offer a phone number email only.

Are you fucking kidding us, what if there is a problem, or what if i order $400 bucks worth of herbal spice and never get my order?  Yea well we have done it a million times and been down that road so many times it is not even funny.  Keep in mind when these sites pop up over night you might want to check there facebook page an make sure you read reviews from users and make sure you getting what you spend your hard earned cold cash on.

Ok now lets move on to our top herbal incense blends and were gonna tell you what to buy to get the most BANG for your BUCK!

2 for $25 Jonny Clearwater's Juicy Lucy Herbal Incense (3.5 grams ea.)  ORDER HERE 

2 for $25 Jonny Clearwater’s Juicy Lucy Herbal Incense (3.5 grams ea.)

A juicy summer afternoon treat.

Juicy Lucy Herbal Incense is a brand new aromatic potpourri or herbal incense, if you will. This blend of aromatic potpourri is engineered to ease the stresses of work, school, home, etc. Powerful enough to easily blow your hair back. The recent ban on certain compounds does not affect our scents at all, and they also use the freshest and highest quality ingredients to create an uplifting fulfillment that is only a few clicks away.

2 for $25 Mad Hatter Kush Cloud 9 Herbal Incense (3 grams ea.)ORDER HERE 

2 for $25 Mad Hatter Kush Cloud 9 Herbal Incense (3 grams ea.)

Cloud 9 Mad Hatter Kush is a blend of Damiana w/ Kush scent having strength of 5 and packaged in
a 3 gram bag.

2 for $18 Down to Earth Skunk 101 (1 gram ea)

Down2earth Climaxxx Skunk 101 is a blend of Damiana w/ a Skunk 101 scent and packaged in a 1 gram bag.


So these are the TOP 3 Herbal Incense Spice Blends on the market, the best herbal incense shop to buy from and all the information you need to have a great fathers day!  Now get out that credit card and order your self some herbal incense spice for father day and site back and enjoy it.  And shit if your not a father then enjoy the fucking day!   Puff Puff Pass!

Just to make our point clear, we do not have anything to do with  Were just a group of smokers that enjoy life and like to share our knowledge with others so they dont her fucked over like we have in the past.  There is a ton of bull shit herbal incense out there.  Dont get scammed people, and make sure you only smoke the best blends.

Skunk Herbal Incense



Skunk (Photo credit: Enokson)

Today we have a stanky post, courtesy of A4 and their new in-house blend skunk. This is definitely a unique blend when compared to anything else we have reviewed here, it actually smells like a real skunk! It’s awful…yet so much like real skunk-weed I’m overwhelmed by the urge to roll a blunt or pack a bong with it.

Strong, very potent stuff here as you might imagine… they really hit the nail on the head flavoring this one as the high is a perfect match for what you are going to expect after you smell it. This is one of those blends you are either going to love it or hate it… it kinda reminds me of Jägermeister, tastes like shit, but you know your gonna be fucked up.

I wouldn’t put it past those crazy fuckers at a4 to run around at night catching smelly creatures in order to capture that perfect aroma for their blends… This Skunk packs a punch with a sweet weed like after-taste. I like it, and highly recommend at least trying it once. Paired with a tasty wrap, Skunk is in my top5 favorite blends ever.

Hitting A Larger Fan Base Of Herbal Incense Smokers

We started this blog like many blogs with a goal.  We wanted to be the largest herbal incense review site with real reviews by the people that smoke this stuff daily.  Most of all we wanted to share our experience with fellow smokers all over the world and get there input.   Honestly shopping online for any product is amazing and yet scary at times.

How do you know what product to buy?  Where is the best source and whats the rock bottom price with the best product?  These are questions that we all ask our self daily when we shop online.  Well if your shopping for any type of herbal incense then this blog is your NOTEBOOK, its your starting place:

-Learn about the top blends of herbal spice

-Find the most reputable online seller

-learn what the strongest blends are

-know what companies to avoide

-share your experiences with other herbal smokers

That is the power of the internet.  We have all learned as we get older its all about who you know.  Boy that sure is the truth and its also about knowing before you buy.  If your smart with your time and money then you know you need to do a little research online these days before you ever break out that credit card and drop a single penny.  Herbal incense is a great product and though this blog you can research posts and blends and types of herbs to insure you find the perfect match for your liking.

We have bought herbal spice from over 30 different online sources and rated them all in our past posts.  We also bring cutting edge news about the laws in states though out the United States as it happens.  Do you know what blends are legal in your state? Do you know if they passed a new law banning chemicals in blends you been buying?  Well most people really have no clue.  Every state is different and many new laws are being passed daily to ban products like these.

When you stop in to our blog you can find this information as it happens.  We have a larger staff now and are really putting in over time to get our blog to be the largest information source on the net for you.  Please drop us a line and let us know what types of inprovemetns you would like to see.

Also as always if you have smoked herbal incense and would like to leave a review we ask that you please email us and we would love to share you experiences on our blog with all our views.  Our blog currently gets about 50,000 hits per day.  And we are not stopping there were adding a ton of options that you will love.  Thanks for stopping by, See you around!

Kush Herbal Incense Review

I am very happy to share with you the great news about this herbal incense that I have tried and I am ready to share my personal review with you all.  Its been around for a long time and its been one of the top selling herbal spices out there and online for a really long time know.  You can also find Kush Strawberry Herbal Incense in local head shops and some gas stations.  The Kush I bought online at is fucking great.

 Orders From  Price Paid $27.99 ( 11 Gram Baggy)

I have already placed an order for a 2nd large gram baggy of Kush.  When I had placed my first order with someincense I got my kush herbal incense in a professional envelope and it also included a welcome letter with my order information and a coupon that I could use for my next order I placed with them.  A kick ass discount might I add it was 10% off.  Pretty much pays for the shipping and that works for me.

After placing my order on the website I got my stash in 2 days sitting on my door step just waiting for me to open that pretty package and unleash the beast.  It came in a 11 gram sealed baggy that was black and had red writing “Kush Strawberry” on the package with some smoke as the design.  Might I add that 11 grams is a large bag and lasted me 6 days? And let me tell you I am no light weight.

This is a very strong and slow burning herbal spice. The scent of strawberry filled the air and was a killer taste and smell.  The aromas filled the room and my girl walked in and was like what’s that incense your burning honey?  I was like it’s in my bong, come and take a hit for yourself and see baby!

When I first opened the Kush bag, I saw a nice fluffy mix of herbs that smelt skunky with a hint of strawberry; the herb had tiny sparkling crystals all over it, how killer is that? I thought before every even lighting it holly shit this is the real deal son.

Before I started smoking herbal incense I only smoked marijuana.  I paid big money for the best highs and buds I could get my hands on.  Then I found Kush and I don’t miss weed at all.  If I did not know this stuff was herbal incense I would swear I was smoking the best hydro ever.  No joke, I am really being honest it is amazing stuff.  You got to try this Kush herbal incense for yourself and see what I am talking about.

The smoke went in nice a very smooth and just smelled great and the room, Shit it sure smelled better than my old gym cloths that had been lying on the floor for days.  Funny thing it gave me energy to clean up my damn room.  It’s like I had just drank several red bull energy drinks and had all this clean energy to start doing shit.  I was honestly focused and ready to take on the world.

I have been smoking herbal incense for a long time now on a daily basis and this is by far one of the best blends on the market.  Thank god I placed my 2nd order so I did not run out.  That would suck.  So I would have to rate this blend kush a 9.5/10 High Stars.

Why not a 10 you say, Shit there is always room for improvement guys!

My Order Of Kush Herbal Incense

Mad Hatter Herbal Incense Review

Mad Hatter

This Incense has definitely GONE MAD!!! If you are looking to forget about all the hostile things
that may have happened to you throughout the week, this is the incense to order! It will take
you on a rollercoaster from ”Mad” to “Forget about it” in 1.37 seconds!!

Best Prices We Found For Mad Hatter Herbal Spice Online – Found at

Rating * 10/10

Cost  *  10/10

Strength * 10/10

Over all the cream of the crop! By Far the best herbal blend on the market!


Flame Herbal Incense Review


Flame is packaged in a nice, sturdy plastic container with a simple but catchy sticker design. The herbs smell great from the container, each just as good as one would hope judging from the labels. When lit, Flame has a toasty scent to it that to some may compliment the underlying aroma, and to others may detract from it.

Flame‘s aroma lends to a heavy body sensation, relaxation in a strong and pronounced sense that may give one the feeling of “couch-lock.” The fire burns at its brightest for about 40 minutes before slowly extinguishing, leaving a lingering feeling of sleepiness in the wake of the warmth.

Flame won’t necessarily set your night on fire but it’ll radiate welcome warmth at a reasonable cost. For moderate incense burners this may be an excellent choice, though seasoned burners may find it underwhelming in comparison to the beasts out there.

Strength: 8.7/10
Aroma: 8.8/10
Overall: 8.7/10

“Northern Lights” and “Code Red” Herbal incense Reviews

Northern Lights Herbal Incense manufactures both the eponymousNorthern Lights incense consisting of varying scents, and Code Red. Both are professionally packaged and labeled with quality artwork, Code Red being particularly eye-catching. I like the sound of the title. Do I foresee a red alert?

Code Red, as opposed to the Northern Lights selection, is a singular entity—there are no varieties, just the proprietary cherry* scent. I find it truly disappointing that a quality cherry scent is such a scarcity in the world of herbal incense. I rather enjoy the smell of cherry filling the room, and who doesn’t want a taste of cherry? The only other satisfactory cherry scent I’ve encountered in the past is RxLapse by Mr. Nice Guy. The cherry aroma is more muted in this instance than the bombastic cherry of RxLapse, but it’s still nice to have this scent available, especially now that RxLapse is banned.

The cherry aroma Code Red sports is palpable and pleasant. From the bag it smells great. After burning, the aroma itself doesn’t hold long before it attains the less desirable charred and smoky smell. I would suggest throwing smaller amounts into the burner consecutively, as opposed to one large amount for a single session. Effects produced by the aroma are pleasant but much more subtle than I anticipated from a product labeled Code Red—more of a bodily sensation than heady, more weighty than uplifting, some audial enhancements, and relaxation.

Taking the prior into consideration, its name rests on the brink of irony (with the exception of the logical connection between red and cherry*) and is somewhat misleading (Code Red is an intense name). I can’t call a genuine red alert for this one as far as potency is concernedCode Red is nevertheless a good blend that will cater to personal preference, it’s just not my ideal cup of tea—I like mine extra strong, and this seems more geared toward those with a taste for the more moderate. I can’t help but think there’s some untapped potential in this otherwise satisfying blend.

Strength: 7.9/10
Scent: 8.2/10
Overall: 8/10

The scents I received for Northern Lights are Minty Blast, Berry Blitz, Mango and Original. Other scents are available in their inventory but I will only be testing these.

I found each individual aroma to be pleasant, especially Berry Blitz. The Mango is mondo, and the Mint Blast is… minty. Again, like Code Red, the aroma fades fast so the aforementioned procedural recommendation applies to this label as well (in fact, I find it works well with most incense I test). A distinct difference between Code Red and Northern Lights is that the latter produces a heady sensation as opposed to the more bodily sensation Code Red provides.

Sustenance seemed a strong point of Northern Lights. Its lights shine on for an above average time comparable to other brands. When they finally dim, it’s a smooth slide back to the self.

Strength: 8.4/10
Scents: Berry Blitz (8.7/10), Mango (8.6/10), Mint Blast (8.5/10)
Overall: 8.5/10