Rudy Eugene’s Toxicology Report: Experts speculate on what caused ‘face-chewing’ attack

CBS/AP) MIAMI – Experts are still speculating about what may have caused Rudy Eugene’s face-chewing attack on Ronald Poppo in Miami last month. A toxicology report on Wednesday failed to find “bath salts” and other major street drugs in Eugene’s system.

Pictures: Fla. police identify “face-eating” naked man

The Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner said in a news release that the toxicology detected marijuana but it didn’t find any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs. Eugene also tested negative for adulterants commonly mixed with street drugs.

An expert on toxicology testing said marijuana alone wasn’t likely to cause behavior as strange as Eugene’s.

“The problem today is that there is an almost an infinite number of chemical substances out there that can trigger unusual behavior,” said Dr. Bruce Goldberger, Professor and Director of Toxicology at the University of Florida.

There has been much speculation about what drugs, if any, would lead to the bizarre May 26 attack at a Miami causeway that left Poppo, 65, missing about 75 percent of his face. The tests ruled out the suggestion that 35-year-old Eugene may have been under the influence of bath salts, which mimic the effects of cocaine or methamphetamine and have been associated with bizarre crimes in recent months.

An outside forensic toxicology lab, which took a second look at the results, also confirmed the absence of bath salts, synthetic marijuana and LSD.

Goldberger said the medical examiner’s office in Miami is known for doing thorough work and he’s confident they and the independent lab covered as much ground as possible. But it’s nearly impossible for toxicology testing to keep pace with new formulations of synthetic drugs.

“There are many of these synthetic drugs that we currently don’t have the methodology to test on, and that is not the fault of the toxicology lab. The challenge today for the toxicology lab is to stay on top of these new chemicals and develop methodologies for them but it’s very difficult and very expensive.” Goldberger said. “There is no one test or combination of tests that can detect every possible substance out there.”

An addiction expert said she wouldn’t rule out marijuana causing the agitation.

“It could have been the strain of marijuana that increases the dopamine in the brain, such as sativa,” said Dr. Patricia Junquera, assistant professor at the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

There are two strains of marijuana called sativa and indica. The sativa increases dopamine and gives you energy while decreasing pain threshold. Indica is a “sleepy high,” she explained.

“People don’t really know what the amount of either is in each little packet of marijuana,” she explained. “And we can’t differentiate between the two in the blood, much less in a dead person.”

She also suggested that if Eugene had a mental disorder, “the marijuana could have increased even further the dopamine levels and aggravated the situation. So that can’t be ruled out.”

Eugene’s friends and family have said he was religious, not violent and that he didn’t drink or do drugs harder than marijuana, so they are baffled as to what caused Eugene’s brutal assault against the homeless victim.

“There’s no answer for it, not really,” said Marckenson Charles, Eugene’s younger brother. “Anybody who knew him knows this wasn’t the person we knew him to be. Whatever triggered him, there is no answer for this.”

Charles said the family does not plan to pursue any legal action against the police for shooting Eugene on the day of the face-chewing attack. Surveillance video from a nearby building shows Eugene stripping Poppo and pummeling him. The police officer who shot Eugene to death reportedly said Eugene growled at the officer when he told him to stop.

“They used the force they felt was necessary even if we don’t agree with that,” Charles said.

He said Eugene has been buried.

Poppo has undergone several surgeries and remains hospitalized. His left eye was removed, but doctors said earlier this month they were trying to find a way to restore vision in his right eye. He will need more surgeries before he can explore the options for reconstructing his face, doctors have said.

Health Department regulation will make it a violation to buy, sell or possess synthetic drugs like bath salts and fake marijuana

ALBANY — State and local law enforcement would have new power to fight the growing problem of designer drugs and fake pot under a new regulation set to be announced by Gov. Cuomo.
The Health Department regulation, to be unveiled Tuesday, will make it a violation to sell, distribute, or possess synthetic drugs like bath salts and fake pot.
Violators could face up to 15 days in jail, a small fine, or even have their businesses shut down.
“It gives law enforcement a nimble, flexible tool they can take immediate action on,” a Cuomo aide said.
The state will also create a hotline for parents and others to report stores selling the illegal products. And the Health Department will spearhead a web campaign to educate the public about the deadly drugs.
The actions come a month after President Obama signed a law to ban designer drugs and fake pot.
The Cuomo administration order doesn’t hold nearly the same power as the federal law, which carries penalties of up to 20 years in prison — or more if someone dies or is seriously hurt. The federal law also carries fines of up to $5 million for first-time offenders.
Cuomo aides say the state action is similar to going after low-level drug dealers while the feds focus on the kingpins.
“The feds are going to go after the big fish, but it’s not the big fish that are necessarily the problem,” one aide said. “It’s the bodega on the corner. And a U.S. attorney is not going to go after a bodega on the corner.”
The regulation builds on an order Cuomo’s Health Department issued last year banning the sale of the synthetic drugs and allowing for the shutdown of businesses that ignored it.
That order followed an exclusive Daily News investigation revealing the deadly dangers of the designer drug.
But manufacturers responded by simply tweaking the chemical compounds to stay ahead of the authorities.
The new regulation outlaws dozens more chemicals than the previous one and, for the first time, makes it a violation that allows local law enforcement to get involved.
Also, unlike the federal law, someone simply possessing a synthetic drug without the intent to sell it can be charged, a Cuomo aide said.
Synthetic drugs are marketed as imitating the effects of pot, cocaine and LSD. They are often masked as everyday household items like bath salts or potpourri.
But they can cause hallucinations, seizures and suicidal or homicidal thoughts.
Emergency room visits and state Poison Control calls linked to the deadly drugs have been on the rise since 2011, the state Health Department reported.
Sen. Charles Schumer, who sponsored the federal law, called the Cuomo action “another tool at our disposal.”

Pinellas officials considering banning bath salts and some incenses

In their latest salvo in the on-going struggle against synthetic marijuana, Pinellas County officials are seeking to ban the sale of bath salts and certain herbal incense products.

The proposed ordinance is an attempt to close the loophole created when Florida banned more than 90 chemicals used in synthetic marijuana. County officials said that by the time those products were off the shelves, drugmakers had already adapted by concocting new, legal cocktails that are as dangerous as their predecessors.

“What we want to do is make sure that we took the opportunity to close those gaps to ensure those things don’t come growing back,” said Tim Burns, the county’s director of Justice and Consumer Services.

In addition to banning synthetic marijuana, bath salts and kratom — a lesser-known substance that comes from a tropical plant — the ordinance would establish a five-person committee responsible for reviewing new products and possibly banning those as well.

Today, the Pinellas County Board of Commissioners will vote on whether to hold a public hearing on the proposed regulations.

Leo Calzadilla, who owns three tobacco shops in Pinellas County and is planning to open a fourth, said he would protest the ordinance. When state law banned a variety of products, he changed what he sold, he said. But the race to pass new ordinances and outfox manufacturers seems pointless to him, as well as bad for business.

“Herbal incense is sold as herbal incense,” he said. “That’s what it’s intended for. … What people do with it is their prerogative.”

Many of the synthetic marijuana products are labeled “not for consumption,” said Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, adding that this was “intellectually dishonest.”

Manufacturers know that teenagers buy their products intending to smoke or ingest them, he said. The drugs can cause extreme euphoria, as well as hallucinations and seizures. And there have been several high-profile instances in which teenagers died or were injured while under the influence of those substances.

Gualtieri said he is distributing letters to store owners, asking them to voluntarily drop the synthetic drugs from their inventories.

Randy Heine, owner of Rockin Cards & Gifts, a tobacco shop in Pinellas Park, said he would not object to banning synthetic marijuana, though this should be done at a state level, he said. But kratom is another matter.

Heine sells kratom leaves for smoking, kratom powder for making tea, and kratomite, a liquid concoction he described as a “relaxer.”

“I’ve been selling it steadily for 30 years without a problem, zero, nada, nothing,” he said. “There’s minimal reports of problems, compared to coffee, aspirin, cigarettes, and nobody has died of this; it’s just hysteria.”

“I’ve got to confess I don’t even know what it is,” Gualtieri said. “It’s not on my radar.”

But Burns maintained that kratom is an emerging product, one that might not be well-known to law enforcement officials now, but is poised to replace the synthetic drugs the county is hoping to banish.

The county’s proposed ordinance cites Thailand’s decision to outlaw kratom, as well as the substance’s inclusion on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s list of drugs and chemicals of concern as reason for banning it in Pinellas.

County officials also have proposed new regulations that would require stores selling glass pipes and bongs to post large warning signs on the front of their buildings.

Spice Drug puts mom in hospital for 10 days

HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) – A major designer drug crackdown across the nation led to 91 arrests and more than $36 million seized by the DEA.

Here in West Michigan, Michigan State Police troopers raided hundreds of stores after Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill banning synthetic marijuana or any drugs like it in June.

But just one week before he did, Sheri Wright of Holland nearly died after using it.

The drug referred to as K2, spice or incense blends put her in the hospital for 10 days.

“I almost died. If they wouldn’t have put me in an induced coma, I would’ve died,” said Wright.

Wright suffers from chronic back pain. In June, she chose a cheaper route than marijuana to cope.

“I would get sick, like throw up,” she said. “I wanted the pain to go away in my back … It went away. I didn’t feel no pain.”

“I smoked it, too,” said Wright’s daughter Ashley Ekema. “But my body told me when to stop and I stopped.”

Ekema was fine, but Wright spent more than a week in the hospital. It was enough to scare her and her family.

“It affected her speech. It affected her breathing. It affected her ability to move. It basically shut down all her organs,” said Ekema.

Wright and Ekema had a warning to potential designer drug users.

“Look at what I’ve gone through. Don’t do this to your family,” said Wright. “Don’t do this to yourself.”

“Don’t let this happen to your family or whoever smokes it,” said Ekema. “It’s harmful to your body.”

Both mother and daughter said they’re glad designer drugs are now banned.

Police raid Duluth store in national drug sweep

DULUTH – Spilling out of a city bus Wednesday morning, a cadre of federal agents and Duluth police officers raced into the Last Place on Earth with guns drawn, ordering everyone face down onto the floor.

“I was terrified to have a gun pointed at my face,” said Cynthia Peterson, 20, who had come to the head shop with her fiancé and a friend of his who intended to buy synthetic marijuana sold as “herbal incense.”

The raid, the second on the Duluth establishment in less than a year, was part of a nationwide federal crackdown Wednesday on dealers in what health experts consider the latest illegal drug epidemic: man-made chemicals designed to mimic marijuana, ecstasy and other illegal drugs. Sold online and in stores as “incense,” “bath salts,” “plant food” and other innocuous-sounding products, synthetic or designer drugs have generated thousands of calls to poison control centers and have been linked to more than 20 deaths in the United States, including two in Minnesota.

Michele Leonhart, an administrator with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), scheduled a news briefing for Thursday to announce “Operation Log Jam,” a “takedown” of synthetic-drug dealers in 100 cities across the country. Duluth’s raid apparently was the only one in Minnesota.

DEA raids also were reported to have occurred Wednesday in New York, Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Jeanne Cooney, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Minneapolis, said most of the raids targeted dealers, whereas agents in Duluth only seized evidence.

“We are executing search warrants in connection to an ongoing investigation,” Cooney said. “We are not at this time making any arrests or filing charges.”

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, in a ceremony scheduled for Thursday morning, is expected to sign a bill that will make it a felony to sell synthetic drugs. The law takes effect Aug. 1.

Jim Carlson, owner of the Duluth head shop, was on a fishing trip to Alaska on Wednesday, according to his girlfriend and business partner, Lava Haugen.

She said the officers presented a warrant and seized at least $20,000 worth of herbal incense, and files, invoices and other business records as well as a number of guns Carlson kept at the store. Officers also identified and searched customers, arresting at least two for outstanding warrants.

Peterson said those arrested included her fiancé, Phillip White, who was sought by Benton County authorities for allegedly violating terms of probation.

Haugen said police closed the store for at least several hours while conducting the raid.

Minnesota outlawed many of the chemicals in synthetic drugs last year. Carlson, of Superior, Wis., was one of the few dealers in the state who continued to sell them, saying he switched to products with different formulas that might not be covered by the law.

He said in a 2011 interview that his store was on pace to sell $6 million in synthetic marijuana and stimulants that year. Asked Wednesday whether sales had met that expectation, Haugen said: “Yes, sales have been just as good, if not more so.”

Duluth police raided Carlson’s store in September, seizing what he said was $50,000 worth of herbal incense, thousands of dollars in cash, his computer, cellphone and 31 guns.

No charges were filed after that raid, however. Jon Holets, an assistant St. Louis County attorney, said that’s because local authorities learned of the federal investigation and decided to “collaborate” with federal authorities rather than prosecute Carlson under state laws.

Carlson’s attorney, Randall Tigue, said that he had yet to see the search warrant for Wednesday’s raid but was puzzled about its legal basis because new federal synthetic drug regulations don’t take effect until October.

Tigue said he’s prepared to fight any charges by arguing that the substances are banned based on how the human brain reacts to them.

“Defining criminality by a reaction within the brain makes it a thought crime, and prosecuting someone for that would violate the First Amendment,” Tigue said, adding that if Carlson isn’t charged in connection with last year’s raid, he might sue for the return of the incense.

“What this raid tells me is that the first raid didn’t yield anything they could charge him with,” Tigue said.

Haugen, who notified Carlson of the raid, predicted that they’ll simply reorder products and restock shelves, as they did after the last raid. “I’m sure we’re going to reopen and keep doing what we were doing,” she said.

While some customers, including Peterson, said the raid amounted to nothing more than “hassling people,” Dean Baltes, owner and publisher of Shel/Don Design & Imaging, a shop next door, said he was thrilled to see it.

For more than a year, Baltes and owners of other nearby businesses have complained that Carlson’s synthetic drugs have attracted an unsavory and sometimes strung-out clientele that intimidates and disgusts visitors to Duluth’s “Old Downtown.”



“My partner, who is a CPA, calculated that it costs us $2,000 a day in walk-in trade,” Baltes said as he watched the raid from across the street. “People don’t want to deal with the violence, or the vomit in our doorway. I didn’t expect this, and I’m extremely glad it’s happening. I hope it sticks.”

First TIme I Smoked Herbal Incense Spice

It all started with the sound of thunder.  Then the rain started to slam down from the sky and the storm began.  My friends Mike and Sara were over and we were stuck in the house since the rain was coming down and it was about 11 pm on a weeknight so there was not much to do.

My friend Sara asked me if I wanted to try some Herbal Incense or Spice.  I asked her what the heck she was talking about.  I mean wait you want me to smoke incense?  Don’t you burn that shit to make the house smell good?  As I say this, her and Mike just start laughing there ass off at me. Guess now I am the fool.

Me and my 2 friends smoking legal incense spice

Well I had smoked pot for years and always loved it but had quite smoking it several months back so I thought ok what the heck.  We all went in to my room and Sara pulled out this shiny package of herbal spice that had not yet been cracked open.

On the bag it said KUSH, First thing I thought was shit, they have bags of Kush now? What the heck is going on?   So she cut the top on the bag and poured the herbal spice on to our home made rolling tray.  Well book, but  we used it as a tray – shit it’s all we had.

Mike grabbed the rolling papers out of his back pocket and threw them across the room to Sara to roll up a fatty.  Now this is not your average fatty, it’s a fat joint of herbal incense spice. Kush herbal incense spice to be correct.

So she rolled up that kush and then passed it to me to due the honors of lighting up this bad boy.  First I am thinking ok this is going to be bull shit since its some sort of legal high.  I mean really she said she bought this at a gas station; the only high I ever got from a gas station was off a 4 pack of red bull.

I looked over at her and said “Hey does this Herbal Incense stuff show up in a drug test?”  Sara said NO, and again her and Mike start laughing their ass off at me.  I mean really I guess I am the joke of the night, and we have not even started smoking yet.

So I say ok guys enough, Let’s light up this fat joint of herbal incense spice and see what it’s all about.  At this time I have to tell you I was really thinking, “This is crazy”.

I light up the joint and took a long hard pull off it just as I would have treated a joint of hydro weed.  Then I held it in for several seconds and got that herbal taste in my lungs and exhaled the smoke. Nothing yet, I pass to Mike then wait to get the joint back in my hands for a second hit.  So I wind up smoking this entire joint with these two and by the time we are finished with it I am starting to feel something.


Ok, about five minutes has passed since my first hit.  You know how it takes longer to smoke when your in the circle with two others that want to hit it, then talk and tell you a damn five minute storey between each hit.  Most of the time its that storey that you have already heard from your friend 10 times and you can always finish for them.  Yea well this was one of them nights.  I am thinking to my self just hit the fucking joint and pass it to me.  Puff – Puff – Pass.  That’s the code that works, lets make that happen.

I know your thinking wait, first you did not even want to try it – had no clue what it even was. But now you want to hit it again and in a hurry.  Yes I know that is just from all my years of weed smoking and not fucking up the rotation of the joint passing.

So back to the review I would say about five minutes I started to feel really relaxed.  Mike and Sara were cracking jokes telling stories and we had a blast.  We were all super stoned or herbal high or legal high.  I am not sure the proper lingo of explaining I am stoned off some incense spice from the 7 eleven gas station.  Just sounds crazy as hell to even me.  But it is what it is.

I can tell you this herbal incense does work and it’s a great way to have a good time and relax and laugh with your friends.  I don’t know much about all the different types out there but we were smoking jonny Clearwater herbal incense spice.

After that first time smoking it I have bought some online myself a few times. Well honestly I make sure I pretty much never run out.  It’s pretty cheap stuff and I have to say you don’t feel like shit the next day and if you don’t smoke its not like weed where you feel as strung out and have that feeling like you “Have to Smoke”.

Anyway next time Mike and Sara come over I have a huge surprise for them. I bought some extra herbal incense online and its flavored.  Yea buddy its jonny Clearwater mango and I think there going to love it.

Oh, funny thing so the next day I went to that seven eleven and wanted to buy my own little baggie of herbal spice and the clerk told me that they stopped selling it. I was thinking are you fucking kidding me.  That’s why I had to go online and order it.  There is a ton of websites out there but I use I found there the best priced and also have the largest selection on herbal incense.  I have never had a problem with an order and now I bet I have ordered from them 8 times.

Hope you enjoyed my review and hope you like Mike and Sara got a good laugh at me.  Thanks for reading and if you have any herbal spices I must try please leave a comment of your favorite I am always looking for new blends to review and smoke.

Fake Pot Is A Real Problem For Regulators

A screengrab from the Mr. Nice Guy site shows the company's products, including Relaxinol, which was blamed for contributing to an accidental death.

EnlargeNPRA screengrab from the Mr. Nice Guy site shows the company’s products, including Relaxinol, which was blamed for contributing to an accidental death.

This week, President Obama signed a law banning synthetic marijuana and other synthetic drugs. Dozens of states and local governments have already tried to outlaw fake marijuana, which has been blamed for hundreds of emergency room visits and a handful of fatalities.

But the bans have proved largely ineffective, and there are fears that the federal law won’t be any different.

Synthetic marijuana looks a bit like dried grass clippings. It’s readily available on the Internet and in convenience stores and smoke shops, where it’s sold as herbal incense or potpourri.

A Stand-In For Marijuana

At roughly $20 a gram, it’s unlikely that many buyers are using synthetic marijuana to freshen up the powder room. Most are smoking it as a substitute for real marijuana.

That’s what Aaron Stinson was doing last September.

“This is an actual packet that I found in his belongings, in his bedroom,” says his mother, Deirdre Canaday, as she holds up a small, shiny package.

The product is called Relaxinol — which, the label promises, can relieve “unwanted state of mind.” Canaday found the packet in Stinson’s apartment last year, shortly after he died in his sleep at a friend’s house in upstate New York.

“He had smoked a spice potpourri product called Mr. Nice Guy Relaxinol,” Canaday says. “And he went to sleep. And in the morning, about 9:30 a.m., his two friends woke up. But Aaron — they found him totally unresponsive, not breathing, no pulse.”

Canaday admits her son had a history of using drugs, specifically marijuana. But she says Stinson, who was 26, was getting his act together. He had a good job as a home health care aide. Canaday thinks Stinson was using synthetic marijuana that night for the same reason many people do: He was worried about passing a drug test for his job, and he knew that synthetic marijuana was not likely to show up.

“I think that my son, the only thing he did wrong was to be naive,” Canaday says, “to believe this stuff that’s packaged was all natural and safe, and a good alternative to something that was illegal — because it’s not.”

The pathologist determined the cause of Stinson’s death to be “acute intoxication due to the combined effects of ethanol (from alcohol consumption) and Relaxinol.” No charges were ever filed; the company that makes Relaxinol did not respond to requests for an interview.

Drugs Bring Side Effects And Uncertainty

There are no clinical studies about the health effects of synthetic marijuana. But anecdotally, health care providers report a long list of nasty side effects, from agitation and paranoia to intense hallucinations and psychosis.

Christine Stork, the clinical director of the Upstate New York Poison Control Center, says that she’s seen a steady stream of synthetic marijuana users turn up in emergency rooms over the past few years.

Deirdre Canaday says that the people who sell synthetic marijuana are "worse than the drug dealers on the street."

EnlargeJoel Rose/NPRDeirdre Canaday says that the people who sell synthetic marijuana are “worse than the drug dealers on the street.”

“They’re expecting a marijuana experience and pretty soon, they realize they’re not getting their usual experience,” she says. “They can be quite agitated. They can be quite paranoid. They require drugs to sedate them and may have seizures, which are pretty severe.”

Stork says synthetic marijuana can be 20 times as potent as real marijuana. But it’s hard to predict the strength of any particular brand or packet — in part because it’s remarkably easy for anyone to make and package synthetic marijuana without any oversight or regulation.

Video Tutorials In Drug Making

In a video posted on YouTube, an unidentified man shows how it’s done, using damiana, a Mexican shrub, as the base. All you need is some legal plant material and some chemical powders that can be easily ordered from overseas labs.

“Anybody with a working knowledge of chemistry, or that can follow a simple set of directions, can obtain and mix these substances and create these compounds,” says James Burns, a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration in upstate New York.

Most states have already moved to ban some synthetic cannabinoids — the chemical compounds that are the key ingredient in synthetic marijuana. But Burns says it’s not that simple.

“You have people that are very good with chemistry, that continue to manipulate the molecular structure of these substances,” he says. “So that they are creating analogues, or substances that are similar to those that have been banned.”

The result is a big game of cat and mouse. The government outlaws a certain compound or family of compounds. But then producers tweak the chemical formula of their products to skirt the law.

A $5 Billion Market

Despite a slew of federal, state and local bans, sales in the synthetic drug industry seem to be growing — to roughly $5 billion a year, according to Rick Broider, president of the North American Herbal Incense Trade Association.

“You can’t stop the market,” he says. “You know, there’s no piece of legislation that’s going to stop market demand.”

Broider runs a company called Liberty Herbal Incense in New Hampshire, which he says recently changed its chemical formulas to keep its products legal. He insists his industry’s products are not for human consumption, though he concedes that some people may be misusing the product by smoking it.

“We’re aware that there are a number of people who do choose to misuse our products for their euphoric effect. We do not support that at all,” Broider says. “If you’re going to misuse a product, you’re basically incurring a large risk to yourself. But our question is, don’t Americans have the right to assume their own personal risk?”

Would Broider allow his children to smoke herbal incense or synthetic marijuana products?

“You know, if my children are under 18 years old, I would not allow them to do anything that I wouldn’t deem appropriate to be doing under 18 years old,” he says. “When they’re over 18 years old, I would see it no differently than alcohol or tobacco, which are two products that have been proven to be addictive and have have proven to have negative health consequences.”

That argument doesn’t convince Canaday, who blames her son’s death on a different brand of synthetic marijuana.

“I would say they’re cowards,” she says of manufacturers like Broider. “I would say they’re absolute cowards. And worse than the drug dealers on the street that sell illicit drugs.”

A New Federal Law

So far, law enforcement officials have been mostly stymied in their efforts to treat synthetic drugs makers like conventional drug dealers. This week, President Obama signed the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012. It will mean tougher criminal penalties for selling some first-generation synthetic cannabinoids and many newer ones as well.

The new law should help, says Burns of the DEA.

“If we can make the bad guys react to what we’re doing instead of us reacting to what the bad guys are doing, then I think that’ll help us get a better handle on this issue,” he says.

But others worry that the new federal law is already obsolete.

“It’ll help in some regards, that these things need to be listed and controlled. And there’ll be no more discussion about, ‘I didn’t know,’ ” says Anthony Tambasco, a forensic scientist in Mansfield, Ohio. “But you’ll have, again, new compounds coming through the door that we’ll have to deal with.

As soon as Ohio outlawed a number of synthetic cannabinoids last year, Tambasco says, he started to see new compounds in local stores. And he expects drug makers will react just as quickly to the new federal ban.

“They already are. They’re already out in front of it. They’re already on their next batch,” he says.

When we spoke last week, Tambaso said there were already three synthetic cannabinoid samples he’d never seen before waiting for him in the lab.



Got this ugly package in the mail today. Opened up the box and found a small plastic bag with markings of a light white skull that looks like its smoke. You can see from the image that is posted in this blog.  The main color of the package is black and has white letter markings saying AFTERLIFE.

I opened up the package and was going to take the afterlife herbal incense and roll it up in a joint.  But i found out that i was out of rolling papers.  So i looked into the next room and went though my desk and found one pipe.  I aslo have a bong but i wanted to use my little glass pipe to smoke the afterlife herbal incense since this is my first time ever trying this type of legal high herbal incense.

Once i got the glass pipe all clean and opened up my bag of afterlife herbal incense i packed the pipe and then searched for my lighter to fire up this herbal blend.  I took my first hit and was like damn this taste like “Shit”.  The scent was very strong and tasted like i went in my moms kitchen and stole her cooking herbs.  This is some really crappy herbal incense.

So i just smoked this afterlife herbal incense and now sitting on my macbook pro to write this review for herbal incense reviews website.  I am just a fan of the website and found them last week and asked the admin if i could write a few reviews since i smoke a ton of herbal incense.

I am more then sure everyone how reads this will know its not written by a writer, but shit let me tell you this is the worst herbal spice i could have smoked to write a review on.  The problem is that it is the only thing i ordered and got in the mail today.  Many times once we start to smoke a blend of herbal incense we never want to change.  I would say its like people who smoke newport cigerates they never buy a pack of palmall’s.

I buy most of my herbal spice from this blend i did not i got from a different website.   Most of the time when i order from somenewincense i buy the Scooby Snax an also the Mad Hatter.  The Mad Hatter is amazing and burns alot slower and have less of a hashness to it when your burning it.  So i was asked to put a star rating from 1-10 on this blend of afterlife.

Thats not as easy to do as one my think.  Here is why, as i did not like it. After i smoked it i did get high.  It lastest about 25 min and seemed to be very short to me, but i was not super messed up therefor i would have to give it a 5/10.  Reason i am placing my rating so low is that i just have smoked so many better herbal incense blends that rocked the socks off my feet.  I have smoked the 10’s an this is not one of them.

Hope you enjoyed my review.  Have a great day!

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Herbal Incense Smoking Guide For Beginners

 Legal bud guide information on how to smoke legal herbal incense and other potpourri questions 

Here to answer all your questions about “What is Legal Buds?”, who is smoking them, and everything else is this list of frequently asked questions. What is spice legal buds, you ask? Incense, K2, legal buds, legal herb, and spice legal smoke are all names for the latest smoking craze to hit the internet. Plenty of people are curious about spice legal smoke because it will not cause you to fail a drug test and because they reputedly produce effects similar to marijuana.

So what is the difference between “Herbal Incense and Legal Buds”?

This distinction has been brought about by the confusion following the DEA‘s ban on five substances commonly found in spice legal herb: JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497 and cannabicyclohexanol. There’s more to knowing what is legal buds, though: as of March 1, 2011 many spice legal herb vendors changed their product formulas to accommodate the new DEA restrictions.

Does Herbal Incense Spice really get you HIGH?

People smoking legal herbal incense spice  buds in USA have reported effects ranging from legal highs such as absolute inability to move or function normally to general feelings of euphoria and well-being. Obviously the effects will vary from person to person and even place to place.

 What kinds of herbal incense buds are legal in the USA

There are far too many herbal spice legal high vendors to list here. Suffice it to say that there are plenty of spice legal vendors on the internet. Knowing the answer to the question, “What is legal buds?” will help you choose a vendor you’ll be happy with.  Make sure you check with your state laws, many states in the USA have banned herbal incense spice.  Depending on the ingredients in the herbal incense product you choose.

 Ordering online and packing of potpourri products.

All our packages are very discreet and will not embarrass you, no matter where the package is going.  Check here

There is also a website with different ingredients that might not be banned in your state check here

 Which Herbal Incense Blends are the BEST and Strongest Spice Blends Online.

Again, we are not able to offer suggestions as to which of our products are better than the others—we think they are all spectacular in their own right. Please keep this in mind as you consider trying herbal blends smoking.  You can also check this blog and read reviews from thousands of users on the herbal incense products they like and what they buy every week.  Some people love the color red, Do you?  Point is everyone has an opinion and what one person loves the next hates.

 Are Herbal Incense highs so bad you have to smoke lettuce?

Yes. Well, no. Not really, wild lettuce does happen to be one of the herbal derivatives for some of the spice herb that is sold on this website, because it is one of the herbs known to have psychoactive properties. However, there are lots of other herbs and plants with similar properties, including but not limited to: • Bay Bean • Blue Egyptian Water Lily • Damiana • Dwarf Skullcap • Guarana • Lion’s Tail • Mugwort Now you know not only what is legal buds, but also what is in legal buds.

 Once you buy a legal herbal incense spice online it says ” Not For Human Consumption”. What does that mean?

We recommend you do not eat your herbal incense product. Whatever else you choose to do with it is up to you.