Athletes fumble in end run around drug tests

Synthetic marijuana can be genuinely dangerous.

Chandler Jones, a 25-year-old defensive end on the New England Patriots, ran shirtless through the parking lot of a Foxborough, Massachusetts, police station on Sunday after smoking synthetic marijuana, according to a report in The Boston Globe. Jones was reportedly in a confused state, a common reaction to the drug, before seeking medical attention.

On Thursday, Jones acknowledged that he made “a pretty stupid mistake.” He didn’t say what he actually ingested.

If the Patriots star did smoke Spice, a common name for synthetic weed, he isn’t the first person to suffer the drug’s frightening side effects. Synthetic marijuana, which began gaining popularity about a decade ago, is dried plant matter sprayed with a psychoactive chemical compound. You can find it at gas stations, novelty stores and head shops in colorful packages sporting names like “Bizarro” and “Cloud9.”

More than 500 brands of the drug, each with a different mix of compounds, are sold in the United States. The startling diversity has made it difficult to control. Worse, it makes Spice a completely unpredictable experience, says Dr. Donna Bush, a forensic toxicologist at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration,

“People are thinking it’s marijuana, more of a relaxing experience,” said Bush. They’re not expecting something that’s “physiologically terrifying.”

Data on how much people are using synthetic weed is hard to come by. But a quick Google search shows the drug is getting popular.

The fact that synthetic weed is easy to get — it’s typically sold as incense — is part of its appeal, experts say. Unlike real weed, which requires a prescription in most of the states where you can legally buy it, synthetic weed can be bought with cash or a credit card. Nothing else needed.

Synthetic weed is also cheap. The drug sells online for about $5 per gram, about a fifth of the price a similar amount of good bud would cost.


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Athletes might also like Spice because it’s an end run around drug tests. Players can be suspended for using recreational substances and performance-enhancing drugs, not that the penalties appear to have stopped their use of either.

In December, a defensive tackle at Ole Miss became so paranoid and delusional after allegedly using synthetic marijuana that he broke through his hotel room window and fell more than 15 feet to escape from phantom assailants, according to news reports.

Neither the New England Patriots nor the National Football League, which organizes the professional sports league, returned requests for comment. Ole Miss, formally known as the University of Mississippi, didn’t respond to a request for comment.
Reactions like the one Jones appears to have had don’t surprise Ray Ho, a clinical toxicologist with California Poison Control.

After just a few uses, people can “begin developing psychosis.” That means they hallucinate and become paranoid, Ho says, adding that studies show the drug can be 20 times as powerful as marijuana.

“I think it’s becoming an epidemic,” Ho said. “People consider it just as safe as (the marijuana) plant.”

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Synthetic pot ‘no different to ice’

THESE people are the tip of the iceberg of the Hunter’s synthetic cannabis problem.

They’re employed, they have families, but they’re in hospital today because of synthetic cannabis bought openly, and legally, from a retail outlet.

They’re speaking out because as one of them, John, 34, said this week: ‘‘There’s no difference between smoking ice and smoking this stuff. People are using it thinking it’s a safe alternative to pot, but it’s not.

‘‘You’d do anything to get that smoke. You live for the stuff. I put myself in hospital last week because if I didn’t get help I wouldn’t have had a family left, and I’d probably be dead.’’

Public focus has been on synthetic cocaine since October last year after truck driver Gary Punch, 44, bought the product at a Hunter outlet, went on a naked psychotic rampage at Tomago and died two days later.

But three people receiving treatment at just one Hunter hospital this week say synthetic cannabis is possibly an even bigger problem than synthetic cocaine.

This is because of its potency, the way it is marketed, the lack of regulatory control, and because people who buy it are often looking for a ‘‘safe’’ alternative to illicit drugs while trying to end their cannabis use.

‘‘When things were really bad I’d think ‘I don’t know what’s in this stuff. What am I doing? I’m poisoning myself’,’’ said Sue, 39, in hospital receiving treatment for both physical and mental consequences of taking synthetic cannabis.

‘‘Parents should know that kids shouldn’t be taking this stuff, even though it’s sold in so many places. I’m speaking out because I want to make sure young kids don’t get on it.’’

John’s father remembers feeling relieved more than a year ago after his son said he had found a legal way to end a marijuana habit of more than a decade.

‘‘When this started off it sounded like a reasonable idea, a product that you could buy legally to get off the illegal drug, but it’s turned out to be probably 10 times worse than marijuana,’’ John’s father said.

The synthetic cannabis is marketed as ‘‘herbal incense’’. Products seen by the Newcastle Herald carry labels saying it is not fit for human consumption, but they are also promoted as ‘‘legal weed’’, and are sold to be smoked.

‘‘He becomes an entirely different person when he has this stuff,’’ John’s father said.

‘‘He’d rather have it than food. He was using so much it was costing him $1000 a week. He’d run out of money and that’s when he’d come to us, or go to the loan sharks.

‘‘He became more and more desperate on it and very aggressive, and it led to many arguments in the family; whether to support him or leave him to hang out to dry on his own.

‘‘The impact on the family is severe because nobody wants to associate with him.’’

John’s father said the extent of the problem hit him while visiting his son in hospital last week, when he saw two other people, both older than John, receiving treatment after battling with synthetic cannabis.

‘‘You can buy it at so many places now, and you’ll find there’s more places opening up because people are realizing there’s so much money in it.’’

A report to the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre in October last year noted a ‘‘significant’’ increase in synthetic cannabis use in Australia in 2012, with 15percent of surveyed users saying they had used the drug last year, up from 6percent in 2011.

A NSW parliamentary inquiry is investigating the problem.

NSW Drug Squad commander Superintendent Nick Bingham told the inquiry all synthetic drugs should be banned until they were deemed safe.

Ohio AG takes actions against synthetic drugs

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio – Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Friday that local and state law enforcement served five search warrants as part of an effort to stop the sale of synthetic drugs.

The warrants, served in Guernsey, Montgomery and Clark counties, resulted from allegations that synthetic marijuana and/or herbal incense products were being sold in three Ohio stores. DeWine’s office has made eliminating the sale of synthetic drugs a priority and sent a warning letter to retailers in November.

“We gave business owners fair warning that if we found synthetic drugs in their stores that there would be consequences, and now we are following through with that promise,” DeWine said.

Warrants were served at the New Carlisle-based Quality Food Market, the Byesville-based Bubby’s Drive Thru and the Cambridge-based Party Time Carryout. Warrants were also served at the homes of the owners of the Quality Food Market and the Party Time Carryout.

“Some of the drugs found in these investigations came in packaging designed with superhero images, which demonstrates that these drugs are being marketed toward our children,” DeWine said. “We need to do everything we can to protect our families, and that is why we decided to take this action one step further and file civil lawsuits against those involved.”

DeWine’s office filed lawsuits against Quality Food Market, Bubby’s Drive Thru and Party Time Carryout alleging that the defendants engaged in deceptive, unfair and unconscionable acts by selling illegal drugs as legal products. Nuisance abatements were also filed against the businesses requesting that they be closed for one year.

A synthetic drug provision to House Bill 334 that went into effect in December strengthened a ban on synthetic drugs. Additional synthetic drug matters are currently ongoing throughout Ohio.

two people stole cigarettes and herbal incense

Police say two people stole cigarettes and herbal incense from a Lincoln gas station after smashing a window with a brick to get inside.

The break-in triggered an alarm at Petro Mart, 2300 R St., at about 2:30 a.m., and camera footage depicts the two people, apparently men, inside the store around that time, Lincoln Police Capt. David Beggs said.

Beggs said he didn’t have a detailed description of the people, and it wasn’t clear whether the footage would be circulated through Lincoln Crimestoppers.

The burglars left the gas station with 20 packs of cigarettes and 15 canisters of incense, valued at a total of $169. Damage is estimated at $300.

Herbal Incense – Where are we now?

Herbal incense spice came to the streets years ago like wild fire. So many people that were weed smokers and for one reason or another can not smoke weed anymore just thought this was the best thing since sliced bread. Why you might ask?

Let me give you some reasons why this spice took off not only with teens but adults also. Some adults are on probation or have a high profile job that they are not willing to loose. When you bust your ass for years and have a high profile job its not worth it to risk smoking weed and taking that chance of loosing your job. Now your family would only suffer if you were to get not only fired but thrown in jail for smoking weed. Users have smoked weed for so many years it is just one of those things that is here to stay. Lets face it, many people are for weed.

Many states in the United States have already made weed legal in some states like Cali and Colorado. Its very hard to tell someone that believes so strong in something to just turn there cheek and look the other way. So a few years ago spice was introduced to all these corner stores. The marketing from the spice manufactures was simple. Make a product that gave users a similar effect as marijuana, then take that product spice and market it in packages that focused on teens. They even came out with names that reflected cartoons and words that applied to young youth.

Now you might think that this is crazy and these makers of spice are stupid There not, it was a great marketing plot to ensure they profits came rolling in. Law makers were one step behind the manufactures for years. Only till the last few months have law makers caught up to the dealers with placing strick laws in place. For months the police could do nothing, they were driving to corner stores in every state and “Asking the stores to please not carry spice products”. Now thats pretty sad.

The owner of the stores did not have to listen to the police at all. There was no law in place if they kept selling the spice. Many stores were raided and all there product was striped from there shelves and they were not breaking any law. But the police used threats and scare tactics to take product from the owners of business’s across america.

So today were are we at with spice drugs? Will the manufactures create a new product that is one step of the law makers yet again. I think so, there is to much money on the table and there thinking of new ways to get there loss profits back. Only time will tell what is up there sleeves.

Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

West Boca burglary leads to major drug bust

When detectives rolled up to a warehouse west of Boca Raton to investigate a burglary in August, they found a little more than broken glass: They found thousands of baggies typically used to store synthetic marijuana.

The burglary eventually led to a major drug bust, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Those findings and a search warrant later led to the arrests of William Sands, 45, and Sudhir Suwal, 41, on charges of drug manufacturing, according to an arrest report.

It began with a typical call of a burglary at warehouse A42 in the 1000 block of Spanish Isles Boulevard. Detectives first found a broken window pane near the warehouse’s front door. They then found a clear, zip-locked gallon bag holding many smaller plastic baggies. A label on the bag read, “200 LG Cherry.”

Investigators found two more labels. One said “Cherry Blast 1 gr Burnables.” Another label indicated the contents of the bag did not contain “cannabinoids,” according to the report.

The labels didn’t make sense to detectives.

“Through my training and experience,” a detective wrote in the report, “items that are potpourri do not label themselves as cannabinoid free.”

Deputies searched the warehouse with a K-9 unit to look for the bad guys. They didn’t find any.

Instead, they discovered several 6-foot-tall storage bins with clear drawers holding thousands of packets that looked similar to the ones found outside.

And there was more:

“On my way out, I noticed a machine that I know through my training and experience to be used to seal packets,” the detective wrote in the report.

The contents of the packets appeared to be synthetic marijuana, so detectives got a search warrant from a judge and went back later in the day.

The packets in the cabinet were labeled “MJ” — typically short for “Mary Jane,” according to the report — and had many different names:

Da Bomb, Primo, Strawberry, Permagrin, Burny, Xtreme, Cherry Blast, Wild Cherry, VooDoo, WOW, Blueberry Blast, Strawberry Blast, Blueberry — and Puffy.

The Sheriff’s Office’s chemistry unit tested the packets and discovered that some of them contained UR-144, a substance known to mimic the effects of schedule 1 drugs, such as marijuana.

In all, investigators collected 235 pounds of synthetic marijuana during the search.

They then found a paper trail — a stack of 17 spiral notebooks and paperwork — that led detectives to a pair of suspects.

A note, addressed to “Bill,” appeared to mention the drug’s effects, according to the report:

“Bill — please try to get samples of A836.339-full (unreadable) for CB and CB2 Great thing is it doesn’t effect part of th brain that would be responsible for respiratory or cardiovascular (unreadable) no pounding in cheast or difficulty breathing. Sounds fabulous! Have a great trip and stay safe!”

Investigators also found copies of Sands’ and Suwal’s driver’s licenses and invoices billed to a company called “Catch Point Services.”

Records show Sands and Suwal run Catch Point Services, according to the report.

Deputies arrested Sands and Suwal on Thursday and arrested them. Both men posted $8,000 bail Thursday afternoon and were released from jail.

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