Herbal Incense – Where are we now?

Herbal incense spice came to the streets years ago like wild fire. So many people that were weed smokers and for one reason or another can not smoke weed anymore just thought this was the best thing since sliced bread. Why you might ask?

Let me give you some reasons why this spice took off not only with teens but adults also. Some adults are on probation or have a high profile job that they are not willing to loose. When you bust your ass for years and have a high profile job its not worth it to risk smoking weed and taking that chance of loosing your job. Now your family would only suffer if you were to get not only fired but thrown in jail for smoking weed. Users have smoked weed for so many years it is just one of those things that is here to stay. Lets face it, many people are for weed.

Many states in the United States have already made weed legal in some states like Cali and Colorado. Its very hard to tell someone that believes so strong in something to just turn there cheek and look the other way. So a few years ago spice was introduced to all these corner stores. The marketing from the spice manufactures was simple. Make a product that gave users a similar effect as marijuana, then take that product spice and market it in packages that focused on teens. They even came out with names that reflected cartoons and words that applied to young youth.

Now you might think that this is crazy and these makers of spice are stupid There not, it was a great marketing plot to ensure they profits came rolling in. Law makers were one step behind the manufactures for years. Only till the last few months have law makers caught up to the dealers with placing strick laws in place. For months the police could do nothing, they were driving to corner stores in every state and “Asking the stores to please not carry spice products”. Now thats pretty sad.

The owner of the stores did not have to listen to the police at all. There was no law in place if they kept selling the spice. Many stores were raided and all there product was striped from there shelves and they were not breaking any law. But the police used threats and scare tactics to take product from the owners of business’s across america.

So today were are we at with spice drugs? Will the manufactures create a new product that is one step of the law makers yet again. I think so, there is to much money on the table and there thinking of new ways to get there loss profits back. Only time will tell what is up there sleeves.

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