West Boca burglary leads to major drug bust

When detectives rolled up to a warehouse west of Boca Raton to investigate a burglary in August, they found a little more than broken glass: They found thousands of baggies typically used to store synthetic marijuana.

The burglary eventually led to a major drug bust, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Those findings and a search warrant later led to the arrests of William Sands, 45, and Sudhir Suwal, 41, on charges of drug manufacturing, according to an arrest report.

It began with a typical call of a burglary at warehouse A42 in the 1000 block of Spanish Isles Boulevard. Detectives first found a broken window pane near the warehouse’s front door. They then found a clear, zip-locked gallon bag holding many smaller plastic baggies. A label on the bag read, “200 LG Cherry.”

Investigators found two more labels. One said “Cherry Blast 1 gr Burnables.” Another label indicated the contents of the bag did not contain “cannabinoids,” according to the report.

The labels didn’t make sense to detectives.

“Through my training and experience,” a detective wrote in the report, “items that are potpourri do not label themselves as cannabinoid free.”

Deputies searched the warehouse with a K-9 unit to look for the bad guys. They didn’t find any.

Instead, they discovered several 6-foot-tall storage bins with clear drawers holding thousands of packets that looked similar to the ones found outside.

And there was more:

“On my way out, I noticed a machine that I know through my training and experience to be used to seal packets,” the detective wrote in the report.

The contents of the packets appeared to be synthetic marijuana, so detectives got a search warrant from a judge and went back later in the day.

The packets in the cabinet were labeled “MJ” — typically short for “Mary Jane,” according to the report — and had many different names:

Da Bomb, Primo, Strawberry, Permagrin, Burny, Xtreme, Cherry Blast, Wild Cherry, VooDoo, WOW, Blueberry Blast, Strawberry Blast, Blueberry — and Puffy.

The Sheriff’s Office’s chemistry unit tested the packets and discovered that some of them contained UR-144, a substance known to mimic the effects of schedule 1 drugs, such as marijuana.

In all, investigators collected 235 pounds of synthetic marijuana during the search.

They then found a paper trail — a stack of 17 spiral notebooks and paperwork — that led detectives to a pair of suspects.

A note, addressed to “Bill,” appeared to mention the drug’s effects, according to the report:

“Bill — please try to get samples of A836.339-full (unreadable) for CB and CB2 Great thing is it doesn’t effect part of th brain that would be responsible for respiratory or cardiovascular (unreadable)..so no pounding in cheast or difficulty breathing. Sounds fabulous! Have a great trip and stay safe!”

Investigators also found copies of Sands’ and Suwal’s driver’s licenses and invoices billed to a company called “Catch Point Services.”

Records show Sands and Suwal run Catch Point Services, according to the report.

Deputies arrested Sands and Suwal on Thursday and arrested them. Both men posted $8,000 bail Thursday afternoon and were released from jail.

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