Share your story about spice drugs and bath salts

We built this blog to give everyone a place to learn the facts and the news about spice drugs, k2, legal highs, bath salts.

Right now we are looking to add posts to our blog from our fans and readers. If you have a story about spice and would like to share it please email us your story to

We look forward to hearing from you today!

2 thoughts on “Share your story about spice drugs and bath salts

  1. they some lyn asses ant no drug make any one commit suicide ive done them all inc crack i snorted bath salt 4 about 2 years it ant make kill nobody or myself keep it and spice leagle at least we get the taxes people goin 2 do it reguardless or does everyone that opposed just want the drug cartells richer i think ya the burn outs just want 2 boss people around we more communist than russia if we keep on

  2. Mybaby brother last year july4th, did bath salts, it was pretty hot out , like101.. Anyway the people hewas around when he did the salts said he went crazy , when he got to hospital his core body temp I think was 111, he was 45, had other drug problems since he was 20, was a diesel mechanic, most always had good jobs.. It’s crazy crack or meth didn’t kill him, something that he culd do and not fail a drug test 😦 RIP Dennis July 4th 2011

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