What do you think of the new incenseherbalreviews website design?

NEW LOOK – Responsive Design – Fun! Let us know your thoughts!
Incenseherbalreviews made some pretty radical changes to the website for a more interactive design for its customers. Fish – you say? Well that’s just the start of it, the completely new designed website offers companies a chance to advertise there product or services on the site to.

It has been a long road and many long nights to get our site where it is at today. The first 9 months were hitting the ground running to get the readership and fan base of the site. When the site first started we never thought that we would have over 100,000 unique visitors per month and have such a great turn out. But though the hard work of seo, marketing, backlinks and social media we exceeded our goals.

But lets not forget that we could have never reached this goal with out the fans.

Thanks for telling all your friends about our site and we want to hear from you about our new design. We completely understand that not everyone will be happy with the new look. Let’s face it there is not any single design that everyone will love. But as long as we hit a home run with most of our fans then – well we hit the ball out of the park.

We are excited to offer our readers a new channel of companies that can offer them herbal incense products. We are working with several new companies and hope to push them live on the site soon so that our fans know where to order the strongest, best priced, with fastest shipping incense on the planet. Drop us a comment and let us know what you think about the new look!

Thanks for stopping by incenseherbalreviews today. We hope to see you again tomorrow!

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