Open Forum to chat about herbal incense.

6 thoughts on “CHAT

  1. hey man, just did 3 in a Louisiana prison for distributing of c.d.s.1. [ akb 148 and ur 144 and 5 f ur 144 and 6 apb, i was keeping up on the laws everyday, 15 stores and legions of d i y ‘s like myself were busted on a ban that doesnt even state the so called illegal synthetics,it was sold openly in stores on dec.12 12 12, then at 3 a.m on the the 13th i woke up to piggys in my yard and guns pointed at my kids, man, did i fall into a time warp and enter 1950 or sumthin’? just wanted to know if anyone but me has had fucked up luck and got thrown in a pen all because of ”legal” weed, if so talk to me, ive lost everything now i was made to plea to a lesser charge of poss w intent of ”real” marijuana and was given a 5 year sentence which i did 3 only because i work on harleys and all the fatt piggies ride on h.d.’s guess trying to 4get about there fatt psychopathic wives that will beat them to within inches of there lives [lol] yeah,i know, pink floyd. whats legal now? man id have been better off cooking meth, at least then i would’ve known it was illegal and not been out in the public selling my hippy trippy shit for 5 a gr when the head shops were charging people 20 bucks a gr for shit that was weak as puppy piss compared to mine, thats what we get when we try to help our fellow mind explorers these days i guess, its still fucked up though, give me sum feed back man, i feel like ive let the police step all over my rights just because i wasn’t rich enough to up 100k for a backwoods Southern lawyer, crazzzy ashit yall, 4 real. later on

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