Mr. Nice Guy LMAO Herbal Incense Review

Mr. Nice Guy is no stranger to the ever growing and changing world of K2 Spice, herbal incense, and herbal potpourri’s.  Their new lineups seem to be considered “Herbal Burnables”.  Mr. Nice Guy’s  other latest release at someincense, which also has been getting rave reviews, well about as good as you can expect from 3rd generation herbal incense products.

The herbal mixture is consistent with all Mr. Nice Guy incense and potpourri products, mostly marshmallow leaf(which is a good thing). The herbs are a bit on the “smelly” side and so what of a harsher burn than what I have come to expect with Mr. Nice Guy, but nevertheless this clown delivers as promised.

Having tried both Mr Nice Guy and LMAO, I would rank LMAO a bit stronger but a bit harsher. Where as Primo is more smoother but a little weaker, so there is a bit of trade off between the two.  Either way these both make for good new 50 state legal herbal incense.

The effects produced, although short lived, are rather pleasant. I would say from start to finish the effects lasted about 25-30 minutes. Now I don’t know if this is more of a placebo effect do to the name “LMAO” or from the picture of the clown but it seem to provide more of an upbeat, funny feeling. Rather than a more relaxed state. I seemed to chuckle more than usually. I experienced no bad side effects afterwards. The price was typical of what you could expect from Mr. Nice Guy herbal incense.

If you’re not afraid of clowns and are ready to take a trip to the circus you can order some Mr. Nice Guy LMAO from this website.

Sunrise becomes first in Broward to ban synthetic pot

Sunrise has become the first city in Broward — and the second in the state — to ban the herbal incense meant to give those who smoke it a high.

Synthetic marijuana, known on the street as “Spice,” “Mr. Nice Guy” and other colorful names, is sending some people who smoke it to the hospital — or the morgue, experts say. Side effects include rapid heart rate, anxiety, nausea, seizures, hallucinations, renal failure and, in extreme cases, death.

Sunrise commissioners gave unanimous approval to the ban Tuesday night.

Others may be close behind, including Broward and Miami-Dade counties, Coral Springs, Davie, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale Beach, Lauderhill, Margate, Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach and Tamarac.

Deerfield Beach is expected to give final approval to a ban June 19. Pompano Beach officials gave initial approval to a ban on Tuesday; Davie and Tamarac officials plan to vote on a similar ban in July.

Synthetic marijuana also has caught the attention of city officials in Palm Beach County, but so far there is no plan to ban the product city by city, said Richard Radcliffe, executive director of the Palm Beach County League of Cities.

“We’re all monitoring it,” Radcliffe said. “It’s on the radar. Rather than doing legislation every three weeks, we’re looking to see what Tallahassee and the feds are doing. The burner is getting turned up on this. But it’s important to do something comprehensive that you don’t have to change.”

Sunrise Mayor Mike Ryan spoke of the need for federal and state legislation to tackle the issue.

“We can’t do this by municipality alone,” he said. “In years past we had children who sniffed glue or sniffed paint. But we’ve never faced something as dangerous as this, where an entire industry is marketing this as safe and benign. This is called synthetic pot by the people marketing it because no one would buy it if it was called synthetic meth or synthetic cocaine or synthetic poison.”

Gas stations and convenience stores started pulling packets from shelves two weeks ago when Sunrise commissioners gave initial approval to a ban on all incense that’s not on a stick, in an effort to outlaw fake weed.

In May, Sweetwater became the first city in Florida to pass a similar ban on synthetic marijuana.

“I know of one kid that has gone to the hospital,” Davie Councilman Marlon Luis said. “Some of the other cities are going to ban it. I don’t want them selling it in Davie when the other cities aren’t allowing it.”

Until the state steps in, the cities have no choice but to take action, Tamarac Mayor Beth Flansbaum-Talabisco said. “We have to do something because it’s the right thing to do.”

At least nine states, including Florida, have tried to outlaw the chemicals used to make synthetic marijuana. Florida law bans herbal incense, but only if it is for human consumption.

Manufacturers have skirted state and federal laws banning the chemicals by changing the compounds and labeling the packets as herbal incense “not for human consumption.”

Sweetwater says it became the first city in the nation to outlaw synthetic marijuana when it banned the sale of loose leaf or granular incense on May 21.

Anyone caught selling loose leaf or granular incense in Sweetwater will be fined $500 per day and/or face up to 60 days in jail.

In Sunrise, violators would be issued a code violation and have to appear before a special magistrate.

Sunrise also plans to make it illegal to manufacture fake pot and to sell bath salts — the synthetic drug police officials suspect that Rudy Eugene, the man dubbed the Causeway Cannibal, may have taken before attacking a homeless man in Miami.

In Sunrise, the same gas stations and convenience stores selling fake pot are selling so-called bath salts, Ryan said.

The Sunrise ban would not outlaw the sale of legitimate bath salts, but would target the chemical concoction of bath salts meant to get people high, Ryan said. Those bath salts are sold in small quantities for up to $35 a packet.

“They call them bath salts, but they are not used in baths,” Ryan said. “It’s another dangerous cocktail of chemicals. They’re going to keep changing it and we’re going to keep up with them. We’re not giving up no matter how often they change the names or the chemicals.”


Barely Legal Herbal Incense Review

After years it is clear the manufacturers of Barely Legal are a big player in the herbal incense game. They have been around a number of years now and sell a ton of herbs.  Here is the issue I experienced with their product.  I smoked less than a half of a bowl of Barely Legal Herbal Incense and let explain what I felt.  For at least 30 minutes I was completely jittery, my heart pounding out of my chest and it was just to fucking strong.  There is more to making a legal high then just taking some soaked plant material in whatever the heck you have in your shed.  JWH variations are still legal around most of the United States and I like the fruit flavors also.  The worst herbal spices are way too speedy to enjoy the high.  This was no different and not one of my favorites.

I stumbled upon Barely Legal while I was trying to seek out herbal incense I’d heard of in the past called Mr. Nice Guy.  While there were several sites carrying blends with the same name, none of them seemed legit.  When I finally found an official-looking site, would you know it Mr. Nice Guy  was out of stock.  However, I did notice a blend called Barley Legal that seemed to be featured much more prominently.  I did some research and I saw a ton of positive reviews.  Too many in fact.  While I was suspicious that the reviews weren’t legit, I needed a new subject to review so I said “what the hell?” and placed an order.

I bought a gram of the mango flavored blend and played the usual waiting game.  When it arrived, I ripped open the pack and took a whiff.  The mango smell was mild and the ingredients looked vaguely weed-like. I grabbed my bowl and packed it half full and took a few tokes.  The mango scent barely translated into the realm of flavor, it was pretty harsh.  After three or four hits, I could feel my heart-rate speeding up as it kicked in so I set the pipe down to judge the high.

I don’t remember the next thirty minutes very well.  What I do remember is sweating, shaking, and grinding my teeth as I waited for the effects to subside.  When I finally started to come down, I tried to relax and enjoy the still-quite-intense high.  Sadly, I was still feeling too jacked up and uncomfortable to enjoy anything.  Luckily for me, I had some kratom stashed away for occasions like this and I popped a capsule to help get my feet safely on the ground.

Now, this incense is indeed potent.  If you’re the type who enjoy mixing your incense with an herbal smoking blend, you could definitely get a lot of milage out of a bag of this.  I prefer to have my incense be blended correctly by the manufacturer.  A good incense should be as close to smoking real herb as it can be.  An overly potent blend might earn you praise from hardcore incense fans, but it can also lead to customers having a shitty time on your product.  Judging by my own experience, I can only imagine how a novice would react.  There’s a huge difference between “potent”, and “potent and highly enjoyable.”  The manufacturers of Barely Legal need to learn this difference.

Dank Herbal Incense Review

Dank Dank Dank: “Dank” Review

There are easily around a dozen brands floating about throughout the country, both regional and wide distribution, with the labelDank. If someone refers to Dank herbal incense in a conversation the other couldn’t possibly have any idea what the hell Dank they’re talking about without further description. This review specifically covers the Dank distributed by S&S Wholesalers, the distributors of Mr. Happy which also includes G-13, Mr. Happyand… Mr Nice Guy?–no play on words there, blunt and to the point on the mimicry. After seeing Mr. Nice Guy one gathers Mr. Happy‘s thing seems to be imitation, and as their Mr. Nice Guy (*) is a significantly weaker cheaper “analogue” of the official Mr. Nice Guy, Dank is closer to a weaker cheaper “analogue” of Stuk!.

This is in fact a 2nd Generation Dank, the 1st falling with the emergency D.E.A. ban. Intuition says the formula didn’t change a whole lot. Dank smells pretty nice though–lemon-lime like, a trace of chewing gum, again similar to Stuk. The shiny gold packaging is attention grabbing and it’s not a blatant imitation like Mr. Nice Guy like… well… Mr. Nice Guy (which comes in identical gold packaging). The herbs are a little dry, not too brittle, and arranged in a common fashion. When the incense is burnt it gives off a heavy aroma at first sweet and harsh, and then just harsh.

Sad to say, dank ain’t that dank, it’s mid-level product. You can dig through a whole bag in a short period of time without knowing it, not because it’s amazing, but at some levels you almost don’t feel much more with continued burning except maybe comatose. It’ll mellow you out just fine with a reasonable amount, nothing more nothing less. Something to be picked up for value purposes, and in this context it isn’t all that bad.

Strength: 7.4/10
Aroma: 8.2/10
Overall: 7.6/10