Checkmate Herbal Incense Spice Review


Time for a herbal review of this new spice that has come out. Its checkmate herbal spice and it comes in several different grams of your choice.  I am going to give you the low down on this spice.  First its packaged in a sealed baggie that has a checker board background and a huge smiley face yellow in color on the front.  If you look close you can also see a cherry on the package.

We just got this in last night and tried it.  Once we opened the package we were hoping for a great aroma. Matter of fact there was really not any aroma at all.  We were thinking one of two things.


This could be really good, I mean I have smoked several types of herbal spice that the aroma really was strong and smelled horrible.  This was not the case with Checkmate herbal spice.  So we rolled up a fatty and put the flame to the joint of spice.  There was 2 of us smoking this checkmate potpourri for the first time so we are both going to have input on this review.


The effects of the spice we not to bad.  This is a spice that I would say is good for a beginner of herbal products since its not super strong.  We burned the entire fatty of spice between the two of us.  Please keep in mind we smoke spice on a daily bases and I don’t recommend this for first time users or people that don’t smoke a lot since it might effect you differently.


By the time I took the 3rd hit I could already feel the effects of the herbal incense and I would say I hit the spice about 6 times before It was completely gone. The aroma once it was lit was not to bad not to strong.  For sure its not like most spices of herbal incense and kind of a bummer on the scent.


The effects of the checkmate herbal spice lasted about 30 minutes and it was a very mellow high and after the 30 minutes it was super mellow feeling for another 20 minutes or so.


Over all I would have to say this is a very week herbal potpourri spice and that there are so many other spices on the market that really give you a bang for your buck.  I would not be surprised if the manufactures of checkmate spice come out with a 2nd generation spice very soon.


To us its like the spice is lacking something.  I can not really pin point what that is, but I can tell you its not the same extreme high of the other spices. But its not a complete dud either.


So we are giving it a score of 6/10.  Why so high you might ask?  Well we have come across so many other spice that were to strong or have a horrible aroma and this is not a bad spice, just needs a little bit more of a kick to it.

Smoking Spice

For all those adherents to the “ignorance is bliss doctrine,” synthetic marijuana, commonly and hereafter referred to as spice, is now illegal in Georgia and many other states.

In May 2012, Governor Nathan Deal signed SB 370, which classifies synthetic marijuana (JWH-018) as a Schedule I drug — up there with heroin, GHB and natural marijuana.

While once a viable alternative to smoking the green, odorous plant, spice has now become a pointless alternative.

Yet people continue to smoke it.

Spice is a synthetic compound that mimics the effects of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that yields the high. The compound is usually sprayed onto a burnable substance and then marketed in pouches as incense (c’mon manufacturers, who are you really fooling?).

The only “edge” spice held over marijuana were that it was techinically a legal substance — and that it didn’t show up on as many drug tests.

But that didn’t mean it was safe.

Users have reported feelings of nausea, paranoia and dizziness arising as a result of using the drug. From there you know the high isn’t as “good” as the one that marijuana yields.

The fact that people continue to smoke the substance is baffling. Governor Nathan Deal signed SB into effect after reports surfaced of deaths and psychosis resulting from using the drug.

Both of those are occurrences that one should never want to risk.

The only other “advantage” spice held over marijuana is that it didn’t show up on basic drug tests. There are two lines of pragmatic logic that stem from this fact. First, if chemists can dream up the drug, it’s highly probable that other chemists can dream up drug tests to detect that drug. And second, if spice usage is becoming such an epidemic even after the drug was illegalized, it’s exceedingly likely that said drug tests will become widespread amongst doctors, employers, etc.

Your decisions are your own, and we as an editorial board can only provide the information necessary to make sure you make choices with all of the facts readily accessible.

So if you are going to smoke an illicit substance, why would you smoke one that yields graver health effects and even possible death?

Before the legal and medical studies came to light, spice was a craftier alternative to getting high on marijuana.

But now, it’s just a imbecilic drug to imbibe in.

Down to Earth Mango Review

Now i know i am not the only one out there that loves MANGO scent.  If your looking for a strong scent of mango and a nice burning herbal incense then down to earth mango is the herbal spice for you.  I bought a 1 gram bag of down to earth mango from for $17.99.  At first i thought it was a little pricey for only getting one gram. 

I mean really how far can 1 little gram of herbal incense go right?  Well when i ordered the spice from the website i did it on a monday night.  I was very pleased to get it in the mail in a little package within 36 hours after i placed my online order.  I mean wow holly crap that is super fast.  I was thinking it would take like 4 days to get my herbal incense order in the mail or longer.  As i have ordered herbal spice from several other websites in the past and it took a while before i got it.  Most of the time i got free shipping, what can i same you get what you pay for.

Since i was completely out of herbal incense i was very pleased to get this nice little package in the mail so quickly.  Now lets get to this mango flavor i am so pleased with.  I got the package of down to earth and it was sealed in a small plastic bag, once i opened the package of spice i noticed a very pleasent aroma of mango.  I mean i have not even put fire to this spice yet, and already such an amazing smell.  I am thinking hell yes.

So let me tell you the packaging was very nice, and once i got the herbal spice out of the package i was thinking its best to roll it up in a joint.  I had some rolling papers and started to break up the spice.  Great news about this herbal incense is that there was NO stems.  When i say none i mean this stuff was perfect and ready to roll up with out all that work we always have to do on other herbal blends.

So i took a nice amount and placed it in the rolling paper and filled it up, licked the rolling paper and were off to take this review of down to earth to the next level.  Grab my lighter from my desk and put some fire to this nice looking herbal incense joint i rolled, as i did do a really nice job on this joint since the spice was so fine and steam free.

Once i put the fire to the end of the joint i took a deep long pull off it and held in the hit for about 20 seconds and it was a nice flavor of mango.  At first i thought i had a big fat fresh mango that i was bitting into and i just ripped it off the tree. I was now getting excited i mean the spice is burning perfect and i am loving the flavor of this spice.

So i went for a few more hits and did the same thing holding in each hit of the spice for several seconds.  By the time i got to my 4th hit i was like holly crap i am feeling great.  So i reached down and put the damn thing out.  Oh my i am sitting hear all by my self smoking all this joint?  What i did not have any idea that this was going to be so smooth and strong.

Let me make sure i get my message across cause strong can mean a ton of things.  This was not strong as in i feel like crap and starting to shake or anything. I mean feeling really relaxed and great.  It was strong enough i did not need to smoke more of it.  So i am looking down at this one gram bag thinking hey this little bag of down to earth packs a great punch.

I am very happy and this could be the best 17.99 i have ever spent on herbal spice.  The high from the spice lasted about an hour could have been a little less but i did pick my joint back up in like 40 min and take a few more pulls from that bad boy as i did not want that amazing feeling to go away. I mean shit how does thats why we relax and smoke herbal spice right?

In closing i would say if you like herbal incense and you love mango flavor as much as i do, then you cant go wrong with ordering and trying a one gram bag of down to earth spice for your self. I would rate it a 9/10 over all and its a bargain at 17.99 as its not about quantity it about quality.  Thanks for reading my review and if you have an experience with herbal spice, leave a comment and share with others. Its simple all you have to do is type in a few words at the bottom of this post guys & gals.

Mr. Nice Guy LMAO Herbal Incense Review

Mr. Nice Guy is no stranger to the ever growing and changing world of K2 Spice, herbal incense, and herbal potpourri’s.  Their new lineups seem to be considered “Herbal Burnables”.  Mr. Nice Guy’s  other latest release at someincense, which also has been getting rave reviews, well about as good as you can expect from 3rd generation herbal incense products.

The herbal mixture is consistent with all Mr. Nice Guy incense and potpourri products, mostly marshmallow leaf(which is a good thing). The herbs are a bit on the “smelly” side and so what of a harsher burn than what I have come to expect with Mr. Nice Guy, but nevertheless this clown delivers as promised.

Having tried both Mr Nice Guy and LMAO, I would rank LMAO a bit stronger but a bit harsher. Where as Primo is more smoother but a little weaker, so there is a bit of trade off between the two.  Either way these both make for good new 50 state legal herbal incense.

The effects produced, although short lived, are rather pleasant. I would say from start to finish the effects lasted about 25-30 minutes. Now I don’t know if this is more of a placebo effect do to the name “LMAO” or from the picture of the clown but it seem to provide more of an upbeat, funny feeling. Rather than a more relaxed state. I seemed to chuckle more than usually. I experienced no bad side effects afterwards. The price was typical of what you could expect from Mr. Nice Guy herbal incense.

If you’re not afraid of clowns and are ready to take a trip to the circus you can order some Mr. Nice Guy LMAO from this website.

AK47 Herbal Incense

AK47 Herbal Incense (1.5 grams ea.)

AK47 Herbal Incense

This bad ass multiple shot herbal incense is top of the line.  Like GOLD?  Cause this is gold all the way, with a black packaging and ak 47’s blessing the murdered out package of this herbal incense spice your sure to get a shoot of the strongest blend.  Question is, due you have a kick ass bong or killa rolling papers to pack this herb into?

Want to shoot your self in the foot and give it a try?  Well we have a inside tip on just where you can order this AK 47 herbal legal spice incense and its cheap as shit on the price.

This will not kill ya pocket.

Shoot just click here

Jonny Clearwater’s Mario Madness Herbal Incense Review

2 for $25 Jonny Clearwater's Mario Madness (3.5 grams ea.)

EViLDed’s Mario Madness Herbal Incense is a brand new aromatic potpourri or herbal incense, if you will. This blend of aromatic potpourri is engineered to ease the stresses of work, school, home, etc. Powerful enough to easily blow your hair back. The recent ban on certain compounds does not affect our scents at all, and they also use the freshest and highest quality ingredients to create an uplifting fulfillment that is only a few clicks away.

Banned drugs persist in local stores

In an Orange County Sheriff’s Office crackdown on synthetic marijuana and bath salts, four store clerks from three Vidor stores have been arrested in the past week.

On June 13, Muhammad Sultan was indicted on charges of selling synthetic marijuana, or kush, at Jr’s Mini Mart.
Kashif Shah was indicted after bath salts and kush were found at the Vidor Superette.
The day before, 19-year-old Mohammad Hammad Khan and 18-year-old with Mohamed Hamza Khan  arrested at the A-1 Smoke Shop.
The Sheriff’s Office says calls are coming in from concerned citizens in Vidor who are worried because the drugs are so available and so dangerous, causing extreme hallucinations and even death.
Just driving down N. Main Street in Vidor, you’ll pass three stores where the Orange County Sheriff’s Office says banned drugs were being sold in plain sight.
Unnerving news to mother of two, Sylvia Broxson.
“They need to stop it, seriously. They really do. It’s dangerous, not just for my kids, but for any of these kids out here,” says Broxson.
Six pounds of kush seized from A-1 Smoke Shop in an undercover bust, show making the drugs illegal didn’t stop the sale.
Kush was also found just down the street at Jr’s Mini Mart.
The property manager refused to go on camera, only saying the drug isn’t being sold.
Bath salts and kush were found at Vidor Superette.
“There’s so much money it,” says Sgt. Chad Hogan. “These store clerks, they go to Houston, buy this stuff for two, three dollars and come back and sell it for 15 to 20 dollars.”
Police receive eight to 10 complaints a week about stores selling synthetic marijuana or bath salts. Once narcotics investigators go in and seize the drugs, they are sent to a lab for testing to see if they contain banned chemicals.
“Most of the time those are in there. Those are the things that get you high, the things that are banned. So they’re going to have to keep these items in there to sell their product,” says Sgt. Hogan.
“They could do other people harm, and people on it get carried away and misuse it,” says one Vidor resident, David Cisneros. “You put people in jeopardy buying it.”
With the drug still out there, Broxson will be watching.
“The mothers, the parents, the citizens need to help and try to do something about this.”
Sgt. Hogan says the Sheriff’s Office expects even more arrests in Vidor because they will continue checking up on stores to get the drugs off the street.
All four who’ve been arrested, have now bonded out of jail.
If found guilty, they could face up to 99 years in prison and up to a $50,000 fine.
That’s based on how much they had in their possession when arrested.

Maniac Mango Herbal Incense Review

Here we go with the Maniac Mango Herbal Incense Review

I thought I was already fuck’ed up when I first saw this bag…  it’s so weird that it’s actually kinda cool. Later I will review even more of these Amster Addict blends, but for now we will begin with the Maniac Mango. Right off we see the similarity to the Amsterdam Attic brand, black bag with clear window, nicely printed label, mainly damiana all we can do now is see how they compare.

WTF~ This shit is crazy…why are we making common blends so damn strong? You have been ~Warned~ people, this is not for the novice! Be prepared for an AM-Blast to the fucking moon if you don’t explode first.

It’s a tasty mango that’s for sure, I expect a little more then some tastey-puff if I”m buying an expensive flavored blend, it’s actually filtered very well and burns slow. At 14.99 for 3 grams it’s a definite buy for the experienced spice-heads though I do need to mention, to me this is almost too much, if your looking for that pot-like, baked outta my mind slow motion trip, this is not the stuff, this is a entire different level and AM-trip.

Ultra Zombie Matter Dawn Potpourri


Halloween (Photo credit: gaudiramone)

I was saving this review for Halloween, then I figured wtf-good is this review if you can’t get your hands on it in time for the holiday. I plan to dress-up this year as a Zombie so I need to be this stoned to complete my costume. I have heard good things about this blend since it first appeared on the scene awhile back, so when the nice guys (zombies) at ZombieMatters contacted us for a review, we where more the happy to be their test subjects.

Holy shit this stuff is strong! I wasn’t running around hungry for brains, shit… I wasn’t running around doing a dam thing. This blend is the real deal when it comes to potency so be ready to do absolutely nothing for a good 25-35 minutes.

This is a killer blend, I highly recommend you try this if your a veteran spice-head you will not be disappointed. The label is awesome, and it’s in a nice little jar. The plant material looks like a mix of raspberry and maybe damiana…tho I could be wrong, seems about 1.5-2 grams. This is a natural flavorless blend.

White Widow Extreme Herbal Incense

white widow

white widow (Photo credit: eggrole)

There are a few blends floating around that go by White Widow, here we have today one of the better that does it’s very best to live up to the name. The guys over at LegalEnjoy have done a nice job from product to packaging so let’s fire this bitch up and get baked.

I’m a big fan of the chem-soaking sponge like plant materials, and this White Widow seems to be a nice mix of marshmallow that does just that! A fast clean head buzz lasting an easy 25-30 minutes.

Very Impressed, This specific herb tends to smell like shit, yet somehow these guys keep a natural aroma and good high all while remaining a decent tasting blend.