The bad news about bath salts

For several months, Will Moffitt has been warning us about “bath salts.”

Bath salts is the innocuous name given to a group of designer drugs that resemble Epsom salts. The recipes for these drugs vary, but usually contain a synthetic benzoylethanamine or cathinone, which have effects similar to ecstasy and cocaine.

Moffitt is a former La Cañada Unified School District board member, past president of the LCF Educational Foundation and current chairman of the La Cañada Community Prevention Council.

From October 22 to 26, Moffitt and the Community Prevention Council will conduct Red Ribbon Week, an annual alcohol, tobacco, drug and violence prevention awareness campaign. The timing is perfect.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the news reports concerning 52-year-old La Cañada businessman Brian C. Mulligan. A few months ago, Mulligan filed a $50-million claim against the city of Los Angeles alleging that in May, he was imprisoned in a motel room by the Los Angeles Police Department and then brutally beaten. The photo of Mulligan’s battered face went viral.

The police report mentioned that Mulligan had been using White Lightning, a type of bath salts. Mulligan’s lawyers vehemently denied the allegation. Last week, an audio tape emerged in which Mulligan (if it was Mulligan) called the Glendale police to say that a helicopter was following him, and admitted using bath salts at least 20 times.

The tape story was reported everywhere. L.A. Times. CBS. Huffington Post. The Valley Sun.

The legal status of designer drugs constantly varies. As new synthetics are designed, state legislatures try to pass laws that criminalize their use. Extreme cases and media publicity drive the process. Until a new law is passed, the new designer drug is probably legal, or at least there’s a defense on that basis. When a state cracks down on one drug, the vendors vary the formula slightly and invent another drug.

Cat and mouse.

Last May, the use of bath salts was not illegal in California. By July, the president signed a federal law banning some forms of bath salts. Three weeks ago, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law that criminalizes the use of synthetic drugs such as bath salts. The new crime will be a low-grade misdemeanor, with a maximum punishment of a $1,000 fine and six months in jail. The law takes effect on Jan. 1.

The L.A. Times recently reported that the danger of bath salts is not well known (“Bath salts dangers underscored,” Oct. 17). For months, the media has reported cases of unexpected side effects in otherwise normal people that result in grisly assaults, such as chewing off the face of a homeless man, strangling an 80-year-old neighbor and slashing one’s own throat.

Given the thousands of people who have used bath salts, it is obvious that not everyone has a bizarre psychotic reaction. That’s why the ad horrendum argument (“you’ll go nuts”) is ineffective. Not everyone who uses designer drugs goes crazy. It’s like Russian roulette. Sometimes, there’s a bullet in the chamber. Sometimes not. In the user’s mind, that risk is balanced against the perceived legal advantage of getting high on a drug that is not yet illegal.

Bottom line: If you get sick, see a doctor. If you get arrested, see a lawyer. And if you are a concerned parent, see Will Moffitt.

Despite the recent news coverage, the sky is not falling. La Cañada is a pretty safe community. So, why is Will Moffitt spreading the word on designer drugs?

Eustis gas station among 7 raided in K-2 bust

EUSTIS, Fla. —

Agents for the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco raided a Lake County gas station along Lakeview Avenue on Monday, WFTV learned.

Several agents were at the Kars Petro gas station in Eustis, and authorities said it’s just one of seven raids happening across Lake County.

The bust also involves drug agents and the controversial synthetic marijuana known as K-2, officials said.

Authorities said there were four law enforcement agencies involved in the bust, including Eustis police, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, which is a state agency.

WFTV was at the scene when agents pulled out boxes from the gas station, full of counterfeit purses, tobacco and K-2, according to officers.

The illegal drug is a mixture of herbs and spices that is sprayed with a synthetic chemical similar to THC, which is found in marijuana.

Six other locations across the county are also being raided.

No other details are available at this time. will update the story as it develops.


Washington County vendors are focus of synthetic drugs raid

Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies on Wednesday raided nine retail establishments in the Washington County area, cracking down on the sale of what police characterized as “extremely dangerous” synthetic drugs, including bath salts and a man-made drug called K2.

“There’s a lot of work being done right now,” said state Police Trooper Joe Christy. “There’s a lot of evidence that’s being seized and catalogued.”

Trooper Christy said search warrants were served throughout the day at various local convenience stores and retailers, which were selling the drugs as a form of “herbal incense.” No arrests were made, but more warrants are expected to be sought and served in the next few days, Trooper Christy said, and the investigation will continue.

The joint undercover investigation began two months ago when law enforcement began seeing a rise in the availability and use of synthetic drugs, Trooper Christy said.

“We’re seeing an increasing number of people using them and/or the ill effects from them,” including serious health problems, he said.

The raids reflected growing concern nationwide over the traffic of the compound, also known by the names “K2” or “Spice,” which has a marijuana-like effect on the brain.

The agencies included the state police; the Washington and Canonsburg police departments; the Washington County Drug Task Force; the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; U.S. postal inspectors; the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration; and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Trooper Christy said the items were packaged “not for human consumption,” but were nonetheless being smoked by people to get high.

Washington County District Attorney Eugene Vittone said compounds in the drugs can cause respiratory injuries, paranoia, vomiting and erratic behavior.

“These products are of unknown origin and are imported into this country,” Mr. Vittone said in a news release issued Wednesday. “They present a serious, recognized health risk.”

Parents, especially those with teenage children, should take heed, Trooper Christy said.

“You have to be aware of what your kids are involved with and know what’s out there and what dangers are out there,” he said. “These things were being sold in convenience stores and places where they just sell tobacco.”

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Big drug raids target ‘spice’ sellers, marijuana growers in cornfield

Idaho has seen two major drug raids in the last 24 hours, as federal authorities raided 11 locations in Twin Falls County in a crackdown on selling “spice,” or synthetic marijuana; and Idaho State Police detectives, along with aerial support, raided 12 marijuana grow sites in a Gooding County cornfield, pulling 3,684 marijuana plants that ISP said have an estimated street value of more than $7 million.

The ISP received an anonymous tip last night, prompting the cornfield raid; they’re asking anyone with information to call  a tip hotline at (800) 524-7277.

The spice raids, which were preceded by five indictments for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance analogue, were part of a nationwide spice crackdown and targeted businesses including a Twin Falls auto sales lot, a skate shop, a tattoo and body piercing shop and more. The defendants, if convicted, could face up to 20 years in prison. Click below for a full announcement from Idaho U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson; the raid is part of a national push that earlier targeted 13 head shops in the Treasure Valley, in which nine were found to be openly selling spice.

Said Olson, “This week’s law enforcement actions should send a strong message that if you’re selling spice under any name or packaging you need to stop.”


U.S. Department of Justice

United States Attorney

District of Idaho



ON JULY 26, 2012


Five People Indicted by Federal Grand Jury in Idaho on “Spice” Charges

Part of Nationwide Law Enforcement Effort Called “Operation Log Jam”


BOISE – United States Attorney Wendy J. Olson announced today that fourteen search warrants were executed yesterday by law enforcement agencies at eleven locations in Twin Falls County, and three locations in Tigard, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington.  In addition, five individuals were arrested following their indictment Tuesday on federal charges of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance analogue.  The warrants were related to a nationwide law enforcement action against the synthetic designer drug industry responsible for the production and sale of dangerous and deadly drugs that are often marketed as bath salts, “spice,” incense, or plant food, which are prohibited under the federal controlled substance analogue statute.

Search warrants were executed at the following Magic Valley locations:

•                     All State Auto Sales, 2135 Kimberly Road, Twin Falls, Idaho

•                     All State Auto Sales, 284 Washington Street North, Twin Falls, Idaho

•                     Boo Boo’s Skate Shop, 143 4th Avenue West, Twin Falls, Idaho

•                     Churchman’s Jewelry, 153 Main Avenue West, Twin Falls, Idaho

•                     Dark Side Glass Blowers, 2487 Kimberly Rd., Suite H, Twin Falls, Idaho

•                     Fat Ratt Tattoo & Body Piercing, 1440 Blue Lakes Blvd.. North, Twin Falls, Idaho

•                     Smoke N’ Head, 287 Washington Street North, Twin Falls, Idaho

•                     Ta Ta’s, 221 South Lincoln Suite C, Jerome, Idaho

•                     175 Bellevue Court, Twin Falls, Idaho

•                     482 Cypress Way, Twin Falls, Idaho

•                     3295 Longbow, Twin Falls, Idaho


Search warrants were also executed at:


•                     A & J Distribution, 15757 Southwest 74th Ave, #590, Tigard, Oregon

•                     15012 South West Summerview Dr., Tigard, Oregon

•                     A & J Distribution, 1321 North East 76th Ave. Suite A, Vancouver, Washington

Four defendants were arrested in Idaho and one in Oregon.  The five were indicted Tuesday by a federal grand jury in Pocatello, Idaho, on charges of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance analogue.   Those arrested were:  Allen W. Nagel, 44, of Twin Falls, Idaho; Stephanie D. Nagel, 38, of Twin Falls; Gary E. Nagel, 45, of Twin Falls; Josh Cserepes, 26, of Twin Falls; and Joshua P. Becker, 32, of Tigard, Oregon.  Becker was arraigned yesterday in federal court in Oregon.  He was detained and ordered to be transported to Idaho for an appearance in federal court in Pocatello on August 1.  The four Twin Falls defendants will be arraigned in federal court in Pocatello tomorrow morning.

If convicted, the defendants face up to 20 years in prison, a $100,000 fine, and a minimum three years of supervised release.

The execution of the Magic Valley search warrants and federal indictment in Pocatello follow by two months the execution of federal search warrants at 13 Treasure Valley head shops.  According to the Treasure Valley search warrant affidavits, nine of the 13 businesses were openly selling “spice,” a substance that tested positive for AM-2201.  The DEA has determined that AM-2201 is a controlled substance analogue.  Sixteen individuals face federal charges for conspiracy to sell drug paraphernalia in connection with the Treasure Valley case.  In Idaho, both investigations are part of Operation Not for Human Consumption.  “Spice,” a synthetic form of cannabis, which is a psychoactive herbal and chemical product that, when consumed, mimics the effects of cannabis.   In the spring of 2011, the Idaho Legislature criminalized the sale of “spice” under state law.  In March of 2011, the Drug Enforcement Administration placed five synthetic cannabinoids into Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.

“This week’s law enforcement actions should send a strong message that if you’re selling spice under any name or packaging you need to stop,” said Olson.  “Federal, state and local law enforcement in Idaho are committed to using all available tools and resources to keep these dangerous synthetic substances out of communities throughout the state.  Although we don’t yet know the full toll that these substances that mimic cannabis have taken on users, we do know that emergency room workers, parents and law enforcement officers all have terrifying stories of medically dangerous and sometimes deadly reactions.  In Idaho, we are proud to stand with DEA and our colleagues throughout the nation in taking these strong steps to combat this growing drug problem.”

“These deadly products were designed for and targeted at our youth,” said DEA Special Agent in Charge Matthew G. Barnes.  “This sweeping coast to coast enforcement action is a warning that DEA and its law enforcement partners will continue to seek out those who endanger our communities.”

“ATF always stands ready to support its state and local partners in serving and protecting communities,” said Kelvin Crenshaw, Special Agent in Charge of the Seattle Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

The searches and arrests were conducted as part of a nationwide law enforcement effort called “Operation Log Jam,” which targeted every level of the synthetic drug industry, including retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers, in more than 80 U.S. cities.

The indictment was the result of a joint investigation of the Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF), led by the Drug Enforcement Administration in conjunction with Twin Falls City Police Department, Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Idaho State Police, Ada County Sheriff’s Office, Nampa City Police Department, Meridian City Police Department, Gooding County Sheriff’s Office, Cassia County Sheriff’s Office, and Minidoka County Sheriff’s Office.  Local law enforcement assisted in executing arrest and search warrants in Vancouver, Washington and Tigard, Oregon.

The OCDETF program is a federal multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional task force that supplies supplemental federal funding to federal and state agencies involved in the identification, investigation, and prosecution of major drug trafficking organizations.

An indictment is only an allegation of criminal conduct and is not evidence of guilt.  A person is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.


Can second hand smoke from K2, Spice pottpuri be harmful to children

Our staff here was going though all the search terms people type on daily, weekly to find our blog.  Over the last month our blog has really taken off and our traffic has increased by over 5000%.  Thats not a small number to us and we want to insure that we keep up the good work and give our readers what they want.

So after looking though some data and terms used we came across this search term users typed in to google.

can second hand smoke from scooby snacks pottpuri be harmful to children             Daily – 13

Thats right in one day, Today to be correct we had 13 different users type in that term and land on our blog.  Now after thinking about this we wanted to make it very clear to these people researching this term and an answer for them.


Smoke, any kind of SMOKE, is not good for your children, i really dont think if you made it this far and your a parent then you should even have to google this type of question.  But just to be clear and ease your mind the answer is no.  I would not burn any thing around kids.  There has been several studies that even candles – scented ones can be harmful to children.

Your child or baby could have an elegiac reaction to a scent that you are unaware that they even have.

So i how this clears the air and is the stream of information you are looking for.  Anyone that is around any type of smoke should be old enough (18 in the USA) to make there own decision to be around it.  There should not be any parents smoking anything around there baby!



Got to start off with the packaging on this spice.  Rack City Herbal Incense has a FAT ASS on the blends packaging that is for sure.  Now for all you rappers out there, this packaging makes since. I think it is funny as hell nothing like smoking a fat ass to get you high.  Best way i smoke this herbal spice blend is with the opposite sex thats for sure.  I dont think you should sit around with 3 guys and smoke on some rack city just say’n.

Ok enough with the jokes lets get on to this rack city spice review.  This is a pretty new blend that has hit the streets with in the last couple of months.  Really from what we know it has not taken off very well and not alot of people are smoking on it.  We got our hot little hands on a 3 gram bag of it.  Since we are guys first thing we did is call up a couple of our home girl smokers to come over and hit this! – The blend man, the blend!

Did not take long at all for the effects to kick in and it was pretty straight. I would rate it about 6.5/10 over all.  After i smoked it i know why it has not really taken off on the streets.  Reason is that it hits you really fast but the effects do not last long at all. I mean it was only like 15 minutes and it was completely gone.

Now most of the herbal incense blends that i have smoked last about 45 minutes then about an hour of chill time.  So 15 minutes is not cutting it rack city bitch!  For my review i am going to say all this blend has going for it is the packing and the catchy name.  I mean rack city bitch, rack rack city.

But for a herbal potpourri spice, not worth the money. Not when there is other blends out there that are amazing.

Aroma 3/10  Not good.

Lasting 2/10 Weak

Packaging 8/10 Funny as hell, and hey who dont like chicks ass’s?

Drug Testing For K2 Herbal Spice Incense

With all of the positive and negative reviews regarding K2 and other herbal smoke blends, we can come to the conclusion that these products are not Cannabis, they don’t contain THC. With that being said, you would believe that after you smoke these herbs, your drug test should come back clean. It is true that these K2 products are legal and do not contain any of the pending controlled substances. Another fact to keep in mind is that these synthetic cannabinoids that were used in production are not in the same family as THC.

I am a regular K2 and Space Cadet herbal incense smoker and I recently had to take a professional drug screening for a job interview. The weird thing about taking this test was that my drug test results were inconclusive. This means that there were traces of THC in my system but not enough to set off a positive reaction in the drug screening. Inaccurate drug screening tests or home drug tests may take this inconclusive data and take this as a positive result for THC. You also have to remember that every human body is different so your personal results will vary.

I say that this test was inconclusive because the test results were not definite. The test that I took had a faint (barely noticeable) in the THC section. Most standard drug screening tests search for other drugs such as Cocaine, PCP and many other controlled substances. To be honest, my test results could have been read as positive depending on how you read the results. With inconclusive results such as mine, the drug screening test would probably lead to a full blown blood test for more definite conclusions.

If you already use these herbal incense products or are on the fence about using this herbal blends as alternatives to marijuana, make sure you don’t have any drug test scheduled. The truth is that none of us truly know what compounds are being used in these smoking blends. These herbal incense blends are not intended to be smoked only inhaled so you are already taking a risk by doing so. On another note, if you have a scheduled drug screening test for employment or are currently on probation, it may be a good idea to avoid these products altogether.

Facts About K2 Spice Incense

K2 Incense Facts

K2 incense smoke is a natural mixture of botanicals and herbs. Some of the herbs that are included in these unique blends can be as common as some of the herbs and seasonings that you have in your kitchen pantry. Some of the herbs included may not be so familiar since you would probably never use them on their own.

Botanicals are various sections of plants and in some cases the entire plant is used. After they are gathered, these botanicals are then processed so that they can mix blended with other herbal ingredients. Some of the processing methods include the crushing of various parts of the plant to use the juices if the plant produces a fruit. If the botanicals being used are from a woody plant, they are proabably being processed for sap. Leaves and stems are also grounded and chopped to process them to be mixed with a special mix of herbal ingredients.

Listed below are some of the ingredients that are included in many of the K2 brand products.Some of these ingredients include the beach bean, Clematis vitab, Nelumbo nucifera, Ledum palustre and Heimia salicifolia. Many of these example ingredients listed are used to influence the aroma or taste of a certain blend of herbal incense.

Once these herbs and botanicals have been processed, they may then be blended with proprietary ingredients or the company’s unique ingredients. many of these ingredients are used to set one corporation’s blend from another. Each brand name attempts to create their own special blends to set them apart from the hundreds of competitors who all claim to have better blends. Because there are so many different brand name herbal smoke providers in the marketplace, developing your own unique and captivating blend can be the difference between selling out of stock and losing business to a competitor.

When these K2 incense blends are used correctly, they can assist to take your mind and body to another realm during yoga and meditation procedures. These products are meant to be burned as incense and not inhaled in your throat. When burned, these effective incense permeate the air with soothing fragrances.

Just like any other substance, the individual effects of K2 herbal smoking blends and similar products will vary depending on the person. You make be in a room with a friend who does not feel anything while you are floating on cloud 9.

New Ulm Smoke Shop Agrees to Pull Controversial Herbal Incense

The Smokes 4 Less tobacco shop in New Ulm will pull controversial herbal incense from its store in order to keep its license.

The New Ulm City Council had rejected the company’s application for renewal, citing the sale of Kryptonite and other products, which detractors say is synthetic marijuana.

Despite the warning on the package that the incense is not for human consumption, and the claim on their website that the product does not contain synthetic marijuana compounds, the New Ulm City Council decided they didn’t want Kryptonite sold in town, and followed through by not renewing the Smokes 4 Less tobacco license last week.

Now, Smokes 4 Less is back on track toward staying in business.

City Manager Brian Gramentz says, “They have come to an understanding that Smokes 4 Less would remove those products voluntarily from the shelves and that opens the door for the renewal for their 2012 cigarette license.”

Lawyers for the company spoke with the city, and were able to hammer out an understanding that will see the Smokes 4 Less license renewed, so long as the product in question is off the shelves by July 1st.

Gramentz says, “the correspondence we have from the Smokes 4 Less attorney recognizes the fact that the license starts on July 1st and everything should fall into place.”

The New Ulm City Council will vote on the Smokes 4 Less tobacco license with the new conditions next week Tuesday.

Barely Legal Herbal Incense Review

After years it is clear the manufacturers of Barely Legal are a big player in the herbal incense game. They have been around a number of years now and sell a ton of herbs.  Here is the issue I experienced with their product.  I smoked less than a half of a bowl of Barely Legal Herbal Incense and let explain what I felt.  For at least 30 minutes I was completely jittery, my heart pounding out of my chest and it was just to fucking strong.  There is more to making a legal high then just taking some soaked plant material in whatever the heck you have in your shed.  JWH variations are still legal around most of the United States and I like the fruit flavors also.  The worst herbal spices are way too speedy to enjoy the high.  This was no different and not one of my favorites.

I stumbled upon Barely Legal while I was trying to seek out herbal incense I’d heard of in the past called Mr. Nice Guy.  While there were several sites carrying blends with the same name, none of them seemed legit.  When I finally found an official-looking site, would you know it Mr. Nice Guy  was out of stock.  However, I did notice a blend called Barley Legal that seemed to be featured much more prominently.  I did some research and I saw a ton of positive reviews.  Too many in fact.  While I was suspicious that the reviews weren’t legit, I needed a new subject to review so I said “what the hell?” and placed an order.

I bought a gram of the mango flavored blend and played the usual waiting game.  When it arrived, I ripped open the pack and took a whiff.  The mango smell was mild and the ingredients looked vaguely weed-like. I grabbed my bowl and packed it half full and took a few tokes.  The mango scent barely translated into the realm of flavor, it was pretty harsh.  After three or four hits, I could feel my heart-rate speeding up as it kicked in so I set the pipe down to judge the high.

I don’t remember the next thirty minutes very well.  What I do remember is sweating, shaking, and grinding my teeth as I waited for the effects to subside.  When I finally started to come down, I tried to relax and enjoy the still-quite-intense high.  Sadly, I was still feeling too jacked up and uncomfortable to enjoy anything.  Luckily for me, I had some kratom stashed away for occasions like this and I popped a capsule to help get my feet safely on the ground.

Now, this incense is indeed potent.  If you’re the type who enjoy mixing your incense with an herbal smoking blend, you could definitely get a lot of milage out of a bag of this.  I prefer to have my incense be blended correctly by the manufacturer.  A good incense should be as close to smoking real herb as it can be.  An overly potent blend might earn you praise from hardcore incense fans, but it can also lead to customers having a shitty time on your product.  Judging by my own experience, I can only imagine how a novice would react.  There’s a huge difference between “potent”, and “potent and highly enjoyable.”  The manufacturers of Barely Legal need to learn this difference.