Smoking Spice

For all those adherents to the “ignorance is bliss doctrine,” synthetic marijuana, commonly and hereafter referred to as spice, is now illegal in Georgia and many other states.

In May 2012, Governor Nathan Deal signed SB 370, which classifies synthetic marijuana (JWH-018) as a Schedule I drug — up there with heroin, GHB and natural marijuana.

While once a viable alternative to smoking the green, odorous plant, spice has now become a pointless alternative.

Yet people continue to smoke it.

Spice is a synthetic compound that mimics the effects of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that yields the high. The compound is usually sprayed onto a burnable substance and then marketed in pouches as incense (c’mon manufacturers, who are you really fooling?).

The only “edge” spice held over marijuana were that it was techinically a legal substance — and that it didn’t show up on as many drug tests.

But that didn’t mean it was safe.

Users have reported feelings of nausea, paranoia and dizziness arising as a result of using the drug. From there you know the high isn’t as “good” as the one that marijuana yields.

The fact that people continue to smoke the substance is baffling. Governor Nathan Deal signed SB into effect after reports surfaced of deaths and psychosis resulting from using the drug.

Both of those are occurrences that one should never want to risk.

The only other “advantage” spice held over marijuana is that it didn’t show up on basic drug tests. There are two lines of pragmatic logic that stem from this fact. First, if chemists can dream up the drug, it’s highly probable that other chemists can dream up drug tests to detect that drug. And second, if spice usage is becoming such an epidemic even after the drug was illegalized, it’s exceedingly likely that said drug tests will become widespread amongst doctors, employers, etc.

Your decisions are your own, and we as an editorial board can only provide the information necessary to make sure you make choices with all of the facts readily accessible.

So if you are going to smoke an illicit substance, why would you smoke one that yields graver health effects and even possible death?

Before the legal and medical studies came to light, spice was a craftier alternative to getting high on marijuana.

But now, it’s just a imbecilic drug to imbibe in.

White Widow Herbal Spice Review


POTENCY / STRENGTH: Premium/Strong
AROMA / FLAVOR: Natural/None
PRICE: $30.00 2Grams
LEGAL: Yes, not all states

Our Score


There are a few blends floating around that go by White Widow, here we have today one of the better that does it’s very best to live up to the name. The guys  have done a nice job from product to packaging so let’s fire this bitch up and get baked.

I’m a big fan of the chem-soaking sponge like plant materials, and this White Widow seems to be a nice mix of marshmallow that does just that! A fast clean head buzz lasting an easy 25-30 minutes.

Very Impressed, This specific herb tends to smell like shit, yet somehow these guys keep a natural aroma and good high all while remaining a decent tasting blend.

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Down2Earth Herbal Incense Review

Down2Earth nails a lot of pros from the get-go. The glossy bag beautifully ordained with psychedelic artwork, succulent strong scents and a nice fine grind (the latter of which is primarily a personal preference). But… head  is nothing, heart is everything–and that heart is the blend inside the pretty packaging we’re going to tear into.
Each of the four scents I received are beyond satisfactory. The scent produced by your burner is just as you would hope for after giving the bag a whiff. Skunk 101 is extremely pungent and perplexingly pleasing. Perhaps reminiscent of the smell of a fresh green pepper. Purple Chronic is a grape based scent with a sweeter tinge to it, though not seemingly not quite prevalent enough. Power Plant is an extremely sweet explosion of fruity starburst extravaganza… simply wonderful. Mango, a more traditional scent, satisfies the sweet-tooth as well, though perhaps not as well as the best of the mango scents seeing as how it’s slightly more muted than its superior scents.
The sweet aroma fills the room with a satisfying euphoria, not a whole lot of drudgery to be noticed. Uplifting vibrations surround the swirling smoke of the aroma. You really can’t go wrong with Down2Earth. No experienced user can claim it’s lacking in anything significant and can’t deny its quick potent one-two punch. This scent will stimulate the mind for approximately 40 minutes. All in all these come very highly recommended.
P.S.: Purple Chronic & Skunk 101 exude more potent aromas than Mango & Power Plant… not by a significant margin, but this should be made clear.
Strength: 8.9/10
Aroma(s): Mango (9.3/10), Power Plant (9.5/10), Purple Chronic (8.8/10), Skunk 101 (9.2/10)
Overall: 9.0/10
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