Doctors Warn Of K2 Dangers

(TERRE HAUTE) – Several recent reports show an increasing number of people overdosing on synthetic marijuana, or K2, including two on back to back days.

Tuesday, Vigo County Drug Task Force officers raided three local businesses known for carrying the drug.

“The message should be loud and clear, the message is that we’re not going to tolerate these synthetic drugs being sold any longer in this county,” Vigo County Prosecutor Terry Modesitt said.

The drug raid resulted in hundreds of thousands of packets of synthetic marijuana found, some targeting young kids, with Scooby-Doo on the front.

However, what many of you don’t realize, is how dangerous these drugs are.

“This is not what you think it is. It does not have the same effects, it is not the same drug,” Psychologist Dr. Thomas Rea said.

Dr. Rea has seen at least one patient every one to two weeks with synthetic drug-related symptoms.

“It can affect the central nervous symptoms, it can cause seizures, confusion, agitation, partial loss of consciousness, it can affect the metabolic system, the metabolic processes of the body, it can affect gastrointestinal function, it can affect your cardiovascular functioning, have high blood pressure,” Dr. Rea said.

Reports also include heart attacks and death.

Dr. Rea said the big attraction is ingredients don’t come up in a drug test. That makes it much more dangerous than regular marijuana because you never know what you’re getting.

“It’s deadly, it’s dangerous, chemically it’s very different and referring to it as a legalized marijuana just completely misses the picture,” he said.
It’s an ongoing problem in our community that doctors and local drug enforcers are asking for retailers and your help in making it stop.
Officers believe more businesses are selling the drug, which is a felony in Indiana.

If a business is raided, those retailers are asked to sign an agreement to not sell those items.

If they continue, they will be prosecuted.

Scooby Snax Herbal Incense Review

When the Fun Loving Criminals were “Running around robbing banks all wacked off of Scooby Snacks”, I do not think they were thinking of this happy little blend from! Scooby Snax rather should be conjuring up images of food piled high, sharing it with your best bud while trying to avoid as much work as possible! I once tried this product that must have been a bad batch because it ended up leaving an aftertaste of fish behind that was foul. In the interest of science however, I am always willing to try something again, with the optimism that I will be proven wrong. WHEW! I am glad I did… the pre-burnt aroma is fruity, fun- matches the colorful tie-dyed package with Scooby on the front. The herbal blend is fluffy and light, and compacts well into the burner. The blend itself has a few sticks in it, but nothing that would ruin your day.
When lit, the herbal blend gives off copious amounts of thick smoke that is very pleasant and long-lasting. Not harsh at all, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how long each light lasts you- upwards of 20 minutes per light. Beginner to expert incense burners will not be disappointed in this one! There’s no mystery as to why Scooby has that look on his face- this is a fun herbal blend that goes well with music, friends, or just enjoying the little things in life around you.  Any  incense enthusiast could not go wrong adding this to their collection of daily blends. Since the herbal blend they are using seems so fluffy and light, it is an extremely versatile blend for all types of incense burners!

Scooby Snax Strawberry Herbal Incense Spice Review

Scooby Snax Strawberry (4 grams ea.)

Scooby Snax Strawberry Herbal Spice Incense 4 Gram Bag

I wonder if originality in packaging is dead for the herbal incense market, or if it’s just the old adage that scooby doo really is the face of herbal incense, pushing and shoving its way into my favorite market.  Either way, I’m not here to judge the designer’s choice to don the front of a packet of Scooby Snax Strawberry herbal spice.
Still, props will go out to the first incense that comes across my table sporting the naked silhouette of a cartoon like betty boop.  I’m not even sure what they would name that incense – but one thing is for sure – this Scooby Snax has left me feeling relaxed, and now I think I’d rather like someone to take me home, but alas, I’m already there.  Should you join me?  Well, let’s see…
Scooby Snax is green; in fact it’s super green when I dump it out on a plate to inspect it.  The plant matter itself is twig free and fluffy; it definitely has a soft feeling to it.  I’m impressed with the color already, such a distinct difference from the bright sunset orange of the packaging.  Sticky to the touch, I’m rather curious what’s in this – the back of the package tells me what’s not in it, and that’s pretty much everything.  The scent is fruity and flowery, and one I’ve smelled before, hinting that the package contains herbs that are nothing new, but still, it smells fresh.  It’s definitely reminiscent of it’s sister blend, Scooby Snax Herbal Spice (non Flavored), another 50 state legal blend.
I pinch an average amount into my incense burner, lite it up, and lean back as I wait for the aroma to fill the air.  A few minutes pass.  I can definitely feel the aroma beginning to relax me, my muscles loosening, my shoulders dipping.  I find that the headache I’d been carrying around has become relatively unnoticeable, though it still persists.  I actually feel like meditating, doing yoga, writing poetry…something quiet, soft, and calm.  I feel good, peaceful and happy, but not overly euphoric.  I’d say that, although this isn’t a super strength incense, it is more potent than its sister blend The Natural.  As more minutes pass, I accept that this blend is a milder one, but still worthwhile for the cost, I picked mine up at pretty cheaply.    As a newer 50 state legal blend, it’ll be safe from the upcoming federal ban, so expect to see more of these newer incense blends around in the coming months.
Stength: 8.5/10
Duration: 8/10 (about 55 minutes)
Aroma: 8/10
Overall: 8.5



Got this ugly package in the mail today. Opened up the box and found a small plastic bag with markings of a light white skull that looks like its smoke. You can see from the image that is posted in this blog.  The main color of the package is black and has white letter markings saying AFTERLIFE.

I opened up the package and was going to take the afterlife herbal incense and roll it up in a joint.  But i found out that i was out of rolling papers.  So i looked into the next room and went though my desk and found one pipe.  I aslo have a bong but i wanted to use my little glass pipe to smoke the afterlife herbal incense since this is my first time ever trying this type of legal high herbal incense.

Once i got the glass pipe all clean and opened up my bag of afterlife herbal incense i packed the pipe and then searched for my lighter to fire up this herbal blend.  I took my first hit and was like damn this taste like “Shit”.  The scent was very strong and tasted like i went in my moms kitchen and stole her cooking herbs.  This is some really crappy herbal incense.

So i just smoked this afterlife herbal incense and now sitting on my macbook pro to write this review for herbal incense reviews website.  I am just a fan of the website and found them last week and asked the admin if i could write a few reviews since i smoke a ton of herbal incense.

I am more then sure everyone how reads this will know its not written by a writer, but shit let me tell you this is the worst herbal spice i could have smoked to write a review on.  The problem is that it is the only thing i ordered and got in the mail today.  Many times once we start to smoke a blend of herbal incense we never want to change.  I would say its like people who smoke newport cigerates they never buy a pack of palmall’s.

I buy most of my herbal spice from this blend i did not i got from a different website.   Most of the time when i order from somenewincense i buy the Scooby Snax an also the Mad Hatter.  The Mad Hatter is amazing and burns alot slower and have less of a hashness to it when your burning it.  So i was asked to put a star rating from 1-10 on this blend of afterlife.

Thats not as easy to do as one my think.  Here is why, as i did not like it. After i smoked it i did get high.  It lastest about 25 min and seemed to be very short to me, but i was not super messed up therefor i would have to give it a 5/10.  Reason i am placing my rating so low is that i just have smoked so many better herbal incense blends that rocked the socks off my feet.  I have smoked the 10’s an this is not one of them.

Hope you enjoyed my review.  Have a great day!

Scooby Snax Herbal Incense

Scooby Snax (4 grams ea.)

Scooby snax herbal incense has been one of the top blends of herbal incense on the market for a while now.  With a blend of damiana and a strength of 5 its sure to be a snax you want for your pipe.  This is one hell of a herbal incense with no scent.  Heck ya i love it and i am more then sure you will to.  If you have been searching for a new herbal incense or just wanting to try some kick ass herbal spice, well this is sure to hit a home run with everyone.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think?

Scooby Snax Herbal Incense Review

Scooby Snax Herbal Incense (10 grams ea.)

Scooby Snax Potpourri is a blend of Damiana w/ no scent a strength of 5 and packaged in a 10 gram bag.


In today’s world when we are living a fast life and we don’t have enough time to take some rest it has
become really important to spend some time in such atmosphere that is not only good for health but for
the soul as well. For that purpose, herbal incense is really important. For some reason, we have become
too modern that we feel ashamed to use Potpourri products but the matter of fact is that, these kind
of products like Scooby Snax are really important for our daily life. The Scooby snax herbal incense
is prepared by using health friendly herbal products. While considering the fact that there are many
incense products that have been banned due to adverse effects on human health, we have made sure to
avoid using any such herbal product.
The price of Scooby snax Potpourri is very nominal and you may not be able to find such low price in
wholesale incense as well. The incense wholesale business has become very popular with the passage
of time but there are side effects of using such herbal incense products that are not designed and
prepared keeping the precautions in mind. However, when it comes to the Scooby snax incense head
shops, they are selling the right kind of herbal incense that you need for the peace of your mind.
You must have watched the Scooby Doo cartoons when you were a little kid but you never know how
the Scooby Snax smells like. Well, this Scooby snax Potpurri is here to give you an idea about the incense
of these snax. Do you know what the best thing is about this potpourri? it is prepared with natural herbs
that are not dangerous for health at all. As soon as you will enter in your home, the herbal spice incense
will welcome you and help you forget all the worries that you had to face throughout the day. The
great smell of Scooby snax Potpourri is something that cannot be avoided and believe me, you will feel
freshness like never felt before.
To know how exactly the Scooby snax herbal incense smells like, buy it right now as it will only take a
few minutes of your time. The fragrance will touch your heart and you will be obliged to buy the herbal
incense again. Not only that the incense is really heart satisfying but the price is very low on pocket to
make this product best in the market.
Note, all Products offered for Sale, or Sold, are NOT MEANT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

Synthetic pot poses serious dangers

With manufacturers outsmarting federal and state bans, some cities are looking to ban all granular incense

SUNRISE — Cloud Nine. Maui Wowie. Mr. Nice Guy.

The names seem harmless, the packaging cool.

But the side effects of synthetic marijuana, known on the street as Spice and K2, can be as serious as a heart attack, experts say.

The problem exists nationwide, with users reporting elevated blood pressure, rapid heart rate, anxiety, nausea, seizures, hallucinations, vomiting and combativeness. For some, the bad trip has turned lethal.

Dr. Peter Antevy, an ER doctor at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospitalin Hollywood, tells of people stoned on fake pot behaving as though they were possessed. In a manic rage, some have attacked family and friends, or jumped out of windows and moving cars.

“We only see the cases where they get screwed up,” Antevy said. “Some of the kids are at home and numb to the world.”

But those who make it to the hospital usually come in with glassy eyes, unable to speak.

“They are clearly psychotic in appearance,” Antevy said. “The symptoms can sometimes last for a week or more. When you ask these people afterward, they had no idea they were angry or psychotic or had a seizure.”

Oakland Park resident Jimmy Hewitt, 25, said he smokes 3 grams of Spice a day. The herbs are sprayed with chemicals to mimic THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

He tried it two years ago while trying to give up marijuana and has been smoking it ever since.

On May 5, Hewitt was high on “Cloud Nine” when he slit his wrist with a kitchen knife — deep enough to require seven stitches.

“When I cut myself the blood just started gushing,” he said. “I was freaking out. It looked like a murder scene. I was scared I was going to die.”

After three days in the hospital, he got home and began looking right away for his stash of Spice. He got angry when his fiancee told him she’d flushed it all. Then he calmed down, he said, after remembering he still had some in his back pocket.

Several states, including Florida, New York and New Jersey, have attempted to ban the chemical compounds used to make fake marijuana, sold as herbal incense in packages marked “not for human consumption.”

But the manufacturers merely come up with new formulas to skirt the law. In theory, the products aim to mimic the high of marijuana, but in many cases have a far more dangerous effect.

In an effort to target the root of the problem, Sweetwater inMiami-Dade County is on the verge of outlawing all incense sold in loose leaf and granular form. Anyone caught selling loose leaf incense would face fines of $500 per day and up to 60 days in jail.

Sweetwater officials are expected to give final approval to the ban Monday night.

On Tuesday, Sunrise officials plan to vote on a similar ban.

Others may soon follow suit, including Deerfield Beach, Pembroke Pines, Broward, Miami-Dade and Collier counties.

Sunrise Commissioner Joey Scuotto pushed for the ban after hearing about the effort in Sweetwater.

“Kids feel like it’s safe because it’s not marijuana and they can buy it in a gas station,” he said. “But it’s worse. Kids who take this stuff feel like they’re having heart attacks. They feel like they’re going to throw up and die.”

Stores that sell fake weed buy individual packs for as little as $5 and resell it for $15 to $35, making for big profits, said Michelle Hammontree-Garcia, spokeswoman for Sweetwater.

In Florida, poison control experts fielded 485 calls last year from panicked users and emergency room doctors asking how to treat symptoms. In the first four months of this year, 203 calls came into the Florida Poison Control Center.

“It’s just the tip of the iceberg,” said Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein, the center’s medical director. “We only have data on the people who call in. You may stay sick at home or die at home and go straight to the morgue.”

The appeal of synthetic marijuana is that it is legal, said, Dr. Morton Levitt, chairman of the Integrated Medical Science Department at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

“The FDA has no regulations and guidelines for these chemicals, so we really don’t know what doses are harmful,” said Morton. “There are no voluminous studies to talk about the complications and dangers and long-tem effects. So people are shooting in the dark.”

Without research, there is no way of knowing whether users can become addicted, Bernstein said.

“I don’t think it’s physically addictive, but it’s still very early to tell,” he said.

Hewitt is afraid of what might happen if he stops using it.

“It’s addicting,” he said. “I don’t want to go just cold turkey. I need to wean myself off of it. After I hang up with you, I am going to go to the gas station and buy my last bag.”

His fiancee, Amanda Baldwin, has threatened to leave him if he doesn’t quit.

When he’s on Spice, sometimes he doesn’t recognize her.

“He’s either a maniac or comatose,” said Baldwin, 27, of Oakland Park. “He will spend hours looking for something that isn’t there, not even knowing what he’s looking for.”

He’s not afraid of dying on the stuff. That only happens to people who overdo it, he says.

“I wasn’t thinking when I cut myself,” Hewitt said. “I was on Spice. But I don’t blame it on the Spice. My dad was arguing with me and I had a knife in my hand. That was bad chemistry.”