Smokin Camel Potpourri

I Got Shit on My Mind

I Got Shit on My Mind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…Now, on with the review of Smokin’ Camel

This shit is crazy! My first experience with this type of plant material didn’t go so well…but, the nice guys that produce Smokin’ Camel have sent us their newest offerings and all I can say is this shit really fucks you up! This is some seriously potent shit.

(Louisiana take note)…  I tried the 10X, I also saw they had 7x. This flavor I reviewed here is Peach, which is fine… anything to mask the taste of this herb is appreciated. There is no weight on the bottle, I’m too lazy to weight it, it looks about 5 grams, either way it’s a really decent ammount for what your paying for a 10X.

Very Strong,  on the level of Special Reserve or LimitLess (upcoming review) but a nice high for what it is.

Buy It, if you need to stretch your spice this week, for 25.99 this bottle has to be around 5 grams. The flavoring these guys use is top notch, very strong and tasty.