Maniac Mango Herbal Incense Review

Here we go with the Maniac Mango Herbal Incense Review

I thought I was already fuck’ed up when I first saw this bag…  it’s so weird that it’s actually kinda cool. Later I will review even more of these Amster Addict blends, but for now we will begin with the Maniac Mango. Right off we see the similarity to the Amsterdam Attic brand, black bag with clear window, nicely printed label, mainly damiana all we can do now is see how they compare.

WTF~ This shit is crazy…why are we making common blends so damn strong? You have been ~Warned~ people, this is not for the novice! Be prepared for an AM-Blast to the fucking moon if you don’t explode first.

It’s a tasty mango that’s for sure, I expect a little more then some tastey-puff if I”m buying an expensive flavored blend, it’s actually filtered very well and burns slow. At 14.99 for 3 grams it’s a definite buy for the experienced spice-heads though I do need to mention, to me this is almost too much, if your looking for that pot-like, baked outta my mind slow motion trip, this is not the stuff, this is a entire different level and AM-trip.