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Ultra Zombie Matter Dawn Potpourri


Halloween (Photo credit: gaudiramone)

I was saving this review for Halloween, then I figured wtf-good is this review if you can’t get your hands on it in time for the holiday. I plan to dress-up this year as a Zombie so I need to be this stoned to complete my costume. I have heard good things about this blend since it first appeared on the scene awhile back, so when the nice guys (zombies) at ZombieMatters contacted us for a review, we where more the happy to be their test subjects.

Holy shit this stuff is strong! I wasn’t running around hungry for brains, shit… I wasn’t running around doing a dam thing. This blend is the real deal when it comes to potency so be ready to do absolutely nothing for a good 25-35 minutes.

This is a killer blend, I highly recommend you try this if your a veteran spice-head you will not be disappointed. The label is awesome, and it’s in a nice little jar. The plant material looks like a mix of raspberry and maybe damiana…tho I could be wrong, seems about 1.5-2 grams. This is a natural flavorless blend.

It’s not about asking anymore (Facebook and Social Media Marketing)

There was a time, long long ago (read 3 years), when social media sites weren’t overcrowded, and one Facebook status or one Tweet had some power. How do I define “power”? Well you’ve probably seen us, your friends, businesses you follow, marketers, etc. posting something to encourage “clicking the Like button for this page” or “following @xyz Twitter account.” A few years ago, when social media was in its infancy, these type of posts actually worked. If you asked, you received. Things were simple back then.

But the landscape has changed. Social media isn’t overrun (yet) but it is a crowded place. The asking tactic used to work and so going forward, everyone started asking. Like this page, Like that page, follow this Twitter account for a friend, etc. etc. Over time, all those requests have diluted the social media audience’s willingness to do them. Asking for participation simply isn’t enough anymore. How can I be so sure? I’ve asked daily for nearly 4 years.

This is part of what we’re trying to change with incense herbal reviews blog going forward. The blog has been fantastically successful when we were some of the only people doing reviews on herbal incense and spice and things on social media, but now that everyone and their mother is asking for stuff, we have to change it up. It’s not just  incense herbal reviews blog, though. Look at any of the big social media players and you’ll see their participation and engagement are down as well.

We aren’t 100% certain of the new direction of  incense herbal reviews blog, but we know it needs more fun and less asking. Asking isn’t enough in social media. You have to get creative, you have to put out quality content (any status update or tweet is content) and companies/agencies/managers need to get away from thinking they need MORE followers and focus on QUALITY followers. Quality will win every time.