Down to Earth Mango Review

Now i know i am not the only one out there that loves MANGO scent.  If your looking for a strong scent of mango and a nice burning herbal incense then down to earth mango is the herbal spice for you.  I bought a 1 gram bag of down to earth mango from for $17.99.  At first i thought it was a little pricey for only getting one gram. 

I mean really how far can 1 little gram of herbal incense go right?  Well when i ordered the spice from the website i did it on a monday night.  I was very pleased to get it in the mail in a little package within 36 hours after i placed my online order.  I mean wow holly crap that is super fast.  I was thinking it would take like 4 days to get my herbal incense order in the mail or longer.  As i have ordered herbal spice from several other websites in the past and it took a while before i got it.  Most of the time i got free shipping, what can i same you get what you pay for.

Since i was completely out of herbal incense i was very pleased to get this nice little package in the mail so quickly.  Now lets get to this mango flavor i am so pleased with.  I got the package of down to earth and it was sealed in a small plastic bag, once i opened the package of spice i noticed a very pleasent aroma of mango.  I mean i have not even put fire to this spice yet, and already such an amazing smell.  I am thinking hell yes.

So let me tell you the packaging was very nice, and once i got the herbal spice out of the package i was thinking its best to roll it up in a joint.  I had some rolling papers and started to break up the spice.  Great news about this herbal incense is that there was NO stems.  When i say none i mean this stuff was perfect and ready to roll up with out all that work we always have to do on other herbal blends.

So i took a nice amount and placed it in the rolling paper and filled it up, licked the rolling paper and were off to take this review of down to earth to the next level.  Grab my lighter from my desk and put some fire to this nice looking herbal incense joint i rolled, as i did do a really nice job on this joint since the spice was so fine and steam free.

Once i put the fire to the end of the joint i took a deep long pull off it and held in the hit for about 20 seconds and it was a nice flavor of mango.  At first i thought i had a big fat fresh mango that i was bitting into and i just ripped it off the tree. I was now getting excited i mean the spice is burning perfect and i am loving the flavor of this spice.

So i went for a few more hits and did the same thing holding in each hit of the spice for several seconds.  By the time i got to my 4th hit i was like holly crap i am feeling great.  So i reached down and put the damn thing out.  Oh my i am sitting hear all by my self smoking all this joint?  What i did not have any idea that this was going to be so smooth and strong.

Let me make sure i get my message across cause strong can mean a ton of things.  This was not strong as in i feel like crap and starting to shake or anything. I mean feeling really relaxed and great.  It was strong enough i did not need to smoke more of it.  So i am looking down at this one gram bag thinking hey this little bag of down to earth packs a great punch.

I am very happy and this could be the best 17.99 i have ever spent on herbal spice.  The high from the spice lasted about an hour could have been a little less but i did pick my joint back up in like 40 min and take a few more pulls from that bad boy as i did not want that amazing feeling to go away. I mean shit how does thats why we relax and smoke herbal spice right?

In closing i would say if you like herbal incense and you love mango flavor as much as i do, then you cant go wrong with ordering and trying a one gram bag of down to earth spice for your self. I would rate it a 9/10 over all and its a bargain at 17.99 as its not about quantity it about quality.  Thanks for reading my review and if you have an experience with herbal spice, leave a comment and share with others. Its simple all you have to do is type in a few words at the bottom of this post guys & gals.