The dangers of synthetic marijuana

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A bust in Hartford on Wednesday turned up a bunch of synthetic marijuana. So what are doctors saying about the dangers?

Hartford police seized dozens and dozens of bags of synthetic marijuana from two separate gas stations, as well as $28,000 in cash. The drug is not just in Hartford. More than a dozen people have ended up in the hospital over the past year, from Willimantic to New Haven, to a 20-year-old girl across from the Eastern campus, who police caught up to running around like an airplane, taking off her clothes.

That’s why Deputy Chief Brian J. Foley says Hartford police are trying to get as much of the stuff off the streets as possible.

“We had an idea that they were selling it, so we sent some undercovers in and this is what we found, synthetic marijuana and bath salts and we are trying to prevent it from exploding here on our streets,” said Foley.

And the Boston Globe is reporting that Chandler Jones, Defensive End for the New England Patriots took synthetic marijuana last Sunday and ended up shirtless in the police parking lot and from there, was taken to the hospital.

Dr. J. Craig Allen of the Rushford Center, says synthetic marijuana is sprayed with a chemical and you don’t know what you’re getting. It can shut down your blood vessels pretty quickly and put you in the hospital.

The bags seized by Hartford have smiley faces right on the front cover, but it’s nothing to smile about as it can cause powerful hallucinations and paranoia.

“Often times they have little pictures of dogs. Scooby snacks is one brand of synthetic marijuana that is sold and some gas stations. Although it is illegal in Connecticut, it might be found under the counter,” said Allen. “If you see these packages around or you hear your kids talking about it or tweeting about it, be concerned because this is really dangerous stuff.”

Rapid heartbeat, paranoia, delusions, sweating and fever are just some of the symptoms to look for if your child has taken synthetic marijuana.

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