TPD raids gas station, arrests three for distributing K2 police say caused 19 possible overdoses


The raid of a Tulsa convenience store leads to three arrests for the distribution of K2 that police say caused multiple overdoses Tuesday.

The owner of Phillips 66 at 11th and Fulton, Abdurrahim Rahim, was arrested at the store Tuesday night.

Police say they’ve been able to link the K2 that’s caused 19 possible overdoses to his store.

Rahim is the third person taken into custody.

TPD also arrested Bamph Hunter, 29, who they say is the main suspect in this case. Thomas Collishaw, 21, was also arrested.

Investigators say they are working on another warrant for a fourth person involved with the drugs.

Tulsa Police say this K2 is known as Pink Bubble Gum.

And they say it was distributed for free to the nine who overdosed outside of Iron Gate, a downtown soup kitchen.

Investigators say the dealers gave it away to the homeless as a tactic to get them addicted.

“Not only is it illegal but it’s illegal for a reason. It does have damaging effects. They’re just not quiet sure, the medical field, from my understanding, they’re just not sure the total damage this can cause, (be)cause it’s so new,” said Tulsa Fire Department Captain Jerry Benefield.

According to, K2 is described as a “synthetic marijuana.” The description goes on to say that it contains man-made chemicals being sprayed on leaves that “can be smoked.”

TPD says this Pink Bubble Gum is the most potent K2 they have ever seen.

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