Best Marijuana Funny T Shirts For Sale

So searching the web on amazon the other day i was looking for some 420 marijuana t shirts for sale.  It is crazy as heck what some people think of these days.  So after hours of research and looking though tons of website and hundreds of shirts, i wanted to share some of the Best Marijuana Funny T Shirts For Sale.  I am including a link to the shirts so if you like them as much as i did i can save you a shit load of time searching online.

The first one i found is this 4:19 Give me a minute!  Click Here to Buy The Shirt

Price on this shirt was only $13.95

The 2nd shirt i found was this knock off of best buy!  But they went with Best Bud!  Good Shirt man, or is it good shit man?  Either way i like it, since i am a huge best buy fan.  What i have found with best buy is that you either love them or fucking hate them.  Kind of like the apple iphone lover i guess.  Your a huge fan – Or against it big time!

Click the link to check this one out

Our Mens T-shirts are made of a fully machine washable cotton blend for a cool, versatile and comfortable fit every time.

Price on this shirt was only $13.95

Ok so i want to share the fucking worst shirt i found.  I mean this one is a real piece of work, i am not sure who the fuck would ever buy some ugly ass shirt like this.  I hear there is always a market for everything, i say the stoner that buys this shirt is getting some strong ass weed.  Right?  Who in the hell would really wear this shirt?

Think i am joking, check out the link to it here. 

Only 10 bucks, Are you kidding us?  Please tell us that means your paying us to wear this crap!

Ok so for my Grand Slam, you know i would never leave you with the ugly shirt and let you move on to the next thing online your browsing at.  Heck no, i got a real slammer for you.

YEA BUDDY!  Damn right, the   Check it out here.

Weedman Route 420 Adult Footie Pajamas with Hood

Yes with hoodie.  Hell yea, this is the shirt that you need next time you head over to your parents house when you have not seem them in forever.  So your out of town, head in to take your shower and come down stairs wearing this shit.  Now make sure you have a camera set up so it captures the look on there face! 🙂

I saw its a solid must have and its priceless at only $35.00  Come on has the footies too…… Holly crap, its loaded up with all the little goodies you could want and if you happen to take that dog for a walk in the middle of the night.  Do not worry anyone will hit you.  This fucker is way to bright, and  i promise the nabors will not mess with you if you take the dog for a walk in this GET UP!

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