US Air Power Goes Great on Spice

The U. s. Declares Air Power prohibited the use of artificial cannabinoid ingredients (commonly promoted as Liven or K2) in July 2010 – some angles even prohibit airmen from establishing feet in smoking stores known to sell bogus pot. The US Army started examining for these ingredients in April 2011. The outcomes of the examining to date – at the same time with a small example size – show great prices of artificial THC use among military.

How high? More than half of all military and women examined for Liven have had good outcomes. According to, 45 of 86 airmen, 164 of 242 military, and 113 of 183 mariners and Maritime examined good for artificial cannabinoids.

Col. Jimmy Lyons, head forensic toxicology professional for the Equipped Causes Medical Examiner System (AFMES), points out that the outcomes are not a sign of the utilization prices for all assistance associates as those examined were already under research.

The AFMES has been competitive in fighting artificial TCH use among assistance associates. Liven has been on its mouth since 2008 and assessments are modified as new ingredients are found on the market.

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