Suspect Arrested For Synthetic Marijuana

Cops arrested one of two men desired in relationship with claimed revenue of artificial weed at an Arnold comfort shop.
Muhannad Suleiman Shuman, 38, of Monroeville, was caught Sunday evening in Pittsburgh, according to Arnold Cops. They said they could not offer further information and known concerns to Allegheny Nation Cops, who could not be achieved for opinion.
Shuman encounters four matters of ownership and selling of an illegal, developer medication. He is being organised in the Westmoreland City prison on $30,000 help.
The expenses control from a months-long research into revenue of artificial weed, also known as “spice” or “K2,” at the Arnold Stop-N-Go on Structure Blvd, police said.
Arnold and condition police raided the shop Friday mid-day. Seif Suleiman Shuman, 42, also of Monroeville, was caught during the raid. Cops keep look for for Mohammad Suleiman Shoman, 34, of Monroeville. The three are bros despite the different spellings of their last titles, police said.
Police say the men ongoing to offer the artificial weed out of the shop even after an Oct. 17 raid produced more than 50 weight of the medication.

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