Synthetic Marijuana Raids Across Corpus Christi

CORPUS CHRISTI – It may be early this evening before Corpus Christi police officials are able to provide an update on what’s going on with raids at 8 local smoke shops.

According to police, officers are searching for synthetic marijuana and illegal paraphernalia based on search warrants granted as part of a 16-month long investigation.

Officers wearing masks to conceal their identities were seen at both Mr. Nice Guys locations along Staples Street. We also saw police taking in boxes for the collection of evidence, but very little has come outside yet. The exception is the surveillance cameras at one of the locations which were taken down.

So far, we’ve only seen one person taken away in handcuffs. An officer tells us that person was a customer.

Here’s a list of the shops officers have search warrants for:

Mr. Nice Guys, 1635 S. Staples
Mr. Nice Guys, 5433 S. Staples
S&G #1, 4820 Kostoryz Suite A
S&G #2 “Magic Mushroom”, 5520 Everhart Road
S&G #3 “Escape”, 4147 5 Points Road
Flash Backs, 4818 Shopping Way
Puff n Stuff, 10338 S.P.I.D.
Sampsons, 14902 Trinity River Drive

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