Maryland Synthetic Marijuana Ban: Bill Would Ban ‘Spice’ Statewide

A bill that would ban possession and distribution of synthetic marijuana statewide came before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

Delegate Michael Hough, R-District 3B, who sits on the committee, said testimony from people around the state echoed the recent problems Frederick County has experienced with the substance, commonly known by the brand name Spice.

While the city of Frederick and several smaller towns have banned synthetic marijuana, businesses in the county can still sell it legally.

Other jurisdictions are also finding that as municipalities ban synthetic marijuana, vendors simply shift to areas where there is no prohibition, Hough said.

“It’s like a whack-a-mole problem,” Hough said. “Anytime one municipality or one county bans it, then it shows up someplace else. It shows why we have to have a statewide ban of it.”

Delegate Kevin Kelly, D-District 1B, filed the legislation discussed by lawmakers Tuesday. However, legislators from Frederick County also have said they plan to submit bills to curb Spice sales and use.

The Judiciary Committee did not vote on Kelly’s bill Tuesday, Hough said.

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