Beaumont police seize 125 lbs. of synthetic marijuana

Beaumont Police set a record today after they seized 125 lbs. of K2 synthetic marijuana.

Police found the drugs during a routine traffic stop on I-10 and Walden Rd.

The suspect agreed to a car search where narcotics officers discovered 3 large bags, several 1 lb. bags and boxes of Kush packaging inside the trunk.

Police say the packaging was meant for filling and reselling of the synthetic marijuana.

Police estimate the street value to be more than $70,000.

The suspect’s identity has not been released but he does face 2 degree felony charges and up to 20 years in prison.

Investigators say the increase in the drugs in Southeast Texas is due to increased drug violence on Mexico.

The violence is forcing dealers to resort to synthetic drugs.

Leiutenant Ky Brown says taking drugs off the streets doesn’t stop the drug problem, but helps curb it and other crimes as well.

“Most of the narcotics trade is going to be responsible for 70-85 percent of property crimes, robbery crimes, that occur in that area. You get rid of this, you get rid of demand and maybe some of the other crimes.” says Brown.

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