4 Arrested During Synthetic Marijuana Raid at Skate Shop

Benjamin McIntyre
INGLESIDE – Investigators in Ingleside took 4 people into custody as a result of last Friday’s raid at Half Pipe Skate & Stuff.

Officers found bundles of what’s believed to be synthetic marijuana packets inside the shop during the second raid in a year.

The name of the shop appears to be a bit misleading. In all of the photos provided by police there’s not a single skateboard in sight. Just display cases full of smoking accessories and a few items of clothing.

Investigators provided photos of more than 15 products seized. The products bearing labels for Kush, OMG, WTF, Flamingo, Diablo, Mad Hatter, Wanted, Wolf Pack, Bizzaro, Scuby Snax, and Atomic Bomb all claim they are herbal incense or potpourri.

The substances will be sent off to the Department of Public Safety crime lab for further testing. State law prohibits the sale of products that are considered synthetic marijuana.

All of the pipes and water pipes (bongs) being sold at the business were also seized by police.

Police say they followed up on alleged wrongdoing at the business as residents continued to complain about the products.

A screenshot of a computer screen at the business shows the following at the top of the monitor: “All products are potpourri & incense not for human consumption.” The list of 23 products ranges from $20 for a 2.5 gram packet to $50 or $55 for larger quantities. Many of the items listed on the screen are shown as ‘sold out.’

We’re told owner Luis Escobedo and his three employees, Benjamin McIntyre, Caleb Claeke, and Stephen Heuerman have already bonded out of jail. All are charged with possession of a controlled substance.

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