Springfield Woman Trades Bath Salts for Stolen Identities

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A Springfield woman who admits to trading bath salts for stolen identities is sentenced for the crime.

Danniel J. Ayala, 35, pleaded guilty to three counts of Forgery Wednesday and was given a six-year prison term for each. However, in place of the prison time, Ayala was ordered to 120-day shock incarceration.

Ayala was arrested in September 2012 following a four-month investigation by Springfield Police. According to court documents, Ayala admitted to obtaining another woman’s stolen checks and driver’s license in exchange for bath salts.

Police say they traced a number of purchases — including Pizza Hut deliveries and bank account inquiries through PayPal — to Ayala and her home on W. Florida.

She told investigators that just before she was arrested, she burned the remainder of the stolen checks and other documents “due to her feeling police were investigating her.”

While executing a search warrant, officers also found social security numbers of four other peoples, as well as syringes with illegal Morphine in Ayala’s dresser.

If Ayala completes her 120-day shock incarceration, a judge will then decide whether she must serve the six-year sentence

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