Police Seize K-2 Bath Salts In Palestine

PALESTINE — The Palestine Police Department seized a large quantity of K-2 and “bath salts” products at a local convenience store last week.

The department received a number of calls from concerned citizens indicating that Brianna’s Stop and Go, located at 403 W. Palestine Ave., was still selling these same types of substances following the seizure of more than 1,500 packets of suspected K-2 (products containing synthetic cannibinoids) and “bath salts” (products containing MDPV or Mephedrone) on June 7 at Brianna’s, prompting another investigation.

At the time earlier this year, officers seized more than 1,500 packaged products under approximately 45 different brand names from Brianna’s with a retail value over $32,000.

On Thursday, police detectives were able to obtain two different types of products from Brianna’s Stop and Go. These items were field tested and showed a positive test for illegal substance.

On Friday, a second warrant was executed at Brianna’s Stop and Go. As in the June seizure, these items will be sent to the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Lab for detailed testing, a news release said.

“The investigation is ongoing at this time. The case will be referred to the Anderson County District Attorney for consideration,” the release said.

These chemicals fall under the Penalty Group 2 and 2A in the Health and Safety Code. Possession penalties range from a Class B misdemeanor to a 5 to 99 year or life sentence for Possession of 400 or more grams, depending on the chemicals found in each package. Manufacture or delivery penalties range from a State Jail Felony to a 10 to 99 year sentence or life, if the delivery was more than 400 grams.

“We understand that the majority of these items sold as potpourri have some type of labeling, which advises the public the contents are 100 percent legal in all 50 States,” Palestine Police Department Lt. Jeff Powell told the Herald-Press in June. “Based on the tests that were run on the products during the investigation, we believe that the products do contain chemicals which are illegal in Texas and could result in criminal prosecution.”

The products are not traditional potpourri, and are sold in foil lined packaging with clever and enticing brand names, such as: The Natural, 7H, Voodoo Child, Purple Diesel, Kush, Scooby Snacks, Mad Monkey, Mister Nice Guy, Hydro, Gorilla Dro, Evil Clown or 24K Monkey.

3 thoughts on “Police Seize K-2 Bath Salts In Palestine

  1. Without testing these items they where siezed
    And there was less than 100pks of items this is what there inventory sheet show so I dont understand where they get all the amounts they r posting! I’m talking about items siezed on thurs w
    Warrent not Friday!!!? Don’t believe everything u read specially from local media!?

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