youths hospitalized after smoking herbal incense

If trying to keep your son or daughter away from drugs wasn’t already hard enough, Fort St. John RCMP are now warning parents about a new way some area youth have tried in order to get high. Corporal Jodi Shelkie says some youth in the Fort St. John area have tried smoking incense in an attempt to get the same effect as illegal drugs.

There are several synthetic legal intoxicating drugs for sale that are marketed as “herbal incense” or synthetic marijuana, and Shelkie says the youth thought this incense would work the same way.

“I don’t think it was marketed as that, but I believe the youth thought it was that,” she explains. “They did believe that there would be some sort of high from smoking it.”

What these youths were using was labelled with a “not for human consumption” warning, and several became very ill after misusing it. Some were even hospitalized. RCMP are now reminding the public that incense is not made for human consumption, and should only be used as intended.

“This would be a good opening for parents to say, not only should you not smoke drugs, but don’t smoke anything that you think might get you high like a drug.”

The RCMP are not confirming where the youth obtained the incense, or where they heard that it would have the same effect as illegal drugs.

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