Dangers of bath salts

Angelenos, consider yourselves warned: That designer synthetic drug known as “bath salts” is dangerous.
The official caution came today from The Los Angeles County Health Officer, who released a warning against the use of “bath salts.” (Oh, and bee-tee-dubs, drugs in general are bad!)
Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH, Director of Public Health and Health Officer on the issue:
“Bath salts are particularly dangerous in that not much is known about what goes into the drug and even less is known about what people are capable of while on this drug. We do know that there are harmful risks to users, and there is an increased potential for others to be harmed if someone near them is high on this drug. All illicit drug use should be avoided.”
The drug has alternate names on the street, including White Lightning, White Rush, and Hurricane Charlie. Incidentally, the drug “bath salts” are in no way affiliated withe the stuff that smells like lavender or tangerine that your pour into your tub to soak away a stressful day. You can sometimes pick up “bath salts” at smoke shops (not, say, the Bath & Body Works at the mall).
Health officials describe what can happen to a “bath salts” user:
Other side effects of “bath salts” use include sweating, chest pain, rapid heart rate, hallucinations, violent behavior, and mental illness. Symptoms of “bath salts” abuse can include lack of appetite, decreased need for sleep, self-mutilation, and severe paranoia.
One possible example of “bath salts” abuse is bank executive Brian Mulligan, who confessed to a Glendale Police Department officer he had used the drug about 20 times and was having trouble with paranoia. Mulligan subsequently went on to have a couple of struggles with Los Angeles Police Department officers, and is now trying to sue them. Mulligan’s alleged use of “bath salts” may have influenced his behavior in his encounters with authorities.

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