Rip Off Report – What you need to know before you buy online

Herbal Incense Market Daniel Borer, SCAM. RIPOFF.LIAR. DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING HE SAYS. Internet

I had tried to order a product from them and it didn’t go through. So, I left an email to let them know that my payment wouldn’t process. Daniel Borer contacted me by email and said their credit card machine was down because they were redesigning the website. he offered to take my order by phone. He suggested I use a MoneyPak. so I did. He promised he would call back in the morning with a tracking number. since then, he wont answer either phone number, texts, or email


4 thoughts on “Rip Off Report – What you need to know before you buy online

  1. Add to your list of scammers
    Chris Duklas
    Marketing Manager
    Hilarion Trading Enterprise.
    Aromatic Headshop
    5 Regent Street
    Sea Point,8000
    Western Cape, South Africa

    Fax: 27- 08-67103947

    Dumbass me sent money via western union
    never to be seen again.
    and like above, won’t answer emails or phone calls
    anyone know where to get
    Tribe herbal incense
    without the fear of being ripped off again?

    • WOW so sorry to hear about your story. Thats just bull shit they ripped you off. If you can provide me a full story and i will post it to our blog. We get over 100,000 visitors each month. I would love to let them know about this. I would hate for any of our loyal readers to get ripped off from these assholes. Shoot me the details we will do a huge write up and get it on the blog right away. Admin.

      As far as where to order, check out there top of the line and they will not take your money.

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