What are some good herbal incense

I already know of a few but what are some good ones?
Please don’t tell me the warnings of smoking this i already know.
These are the kind i know of 
Legal Devil (7x)
Devils wrath (11x)
High Riders
Godfather limited edition (25x)

That’s from my least favorite to my favorite.
Diablo and Scooby snax are the next types i’m going to try but any other suggestions? (:

8 thoughts on “What are some good herbal incense

  1. I think the best on the right now is 35x which is the strongest as well. A head shop owner told me about the (x)’s. He said if you’re paying anything over $10.00 for 10x and less potent you’re being robbed. 15x and better your start getting pricey. After smoking the 20x and better for the last 6 months I can’t smoke anything less than 15x or it’s just a waste of money.

  2. code black is the best i ever had but dea[logjam] closed them down last month,so i am looking hard 4 a great vendor with good prices that can wholesale to me on large orders 500_00,any halp out there?

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