TROY, NY – The …

TROY, NY – The Rensselaer County Legislature approved a county law prohibiting the sale of the potentially dangerous substance known as bath salts at the October 9 legislative meeting, Legislators Harry Tutunjian and Hank Bauer announced.

Bath salts have been linked to several violent crimes and deadly incidents across the country. The county law would make it illegal for bath salts to be sold in the county by individuals, markets or even Internet companies.

The two lawmakers, who represent Troy, said the new local law will expand the ability of law enforcement to combat the sale, distribution and use of the drug. Rensselaer County is the latest in a series of counties and municipalities to pass a law banning the sale of bath salts.

Both Tutunjian and Bauer said they would still like to see the state draft and approve a more comprehensive law banning the sale of bath salts.

Bath salts are similar to powdered synthetic cocaine and produce an effect similar to a hallucinogenic. The white crystals bath salts resemble legal bathing and cleaning products like Epsom salts, and have packaging that attempt to avoid the prohibitions against illegal drugs.

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