loophole to sell synthetic drug

Teens are smoking a legal incense to get a marijuana-like high. 

If that sounds familiar, you’re right.

State lawmakers have already outlawed synthetic drugs likeK2 and Spice, but manufacturers are finding loopholes, and then selling it to local teens.

Business owners around Outer Zone say the people going to get their hands on the special incense are scaring away their customers. 

“They are very loud and obnoxious people. You can hear them all over the parking lot when they get their new shipment in,” said one man who didn’t want to be identified but works in the shopping plaza. 

He sent FOX23 pictures of the line wrapping around the building of teens and young adults trying to get their hands on what police are calling synthetic marijuana.

“It looks like marijuana. It gets them really high. They say it’s the best high they can get,” said Dwight Martin, who lives across the street from the shopping center.

He’s been watching people line up for the special incense for several weeks.

“They’ll smoke it to get high,” Martin told FOX23.

Investigators say users of mean green and similar products just don’t know what the chemicals will do.

“We’ve had people with seizures; we’ve had people with sweats, convulsions. It’s almost like a methamphetamine effect on people,” said Cherokee Co. Sheriff’s Dept. investigator Nate King.

He’s has been investigating four Tahlequah businesses selling the incense. King told us an officer seized 65 of these wrappers of the “fake pot” from a 14-year-old. He knows the drugs are in teen’s hands and wants them to know what it can do.

“Two 13 year-old kids light this stuff up for the first time, one of them might be able to go to school and function fine the other one is laying unconscious on the bathroom floor,” King said.
He adds manufacturers get around federal regulation by changing the chemicals but in the end King says people are still getting high but taking some very dangerous risks to do it.

He says things could change in a few weeks because House Bill 2166 goes into effect November 1st.

The investigator says it will give a broader definition to drugs like K2

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