Local businesse…

Local businesses have been warned against selling bath salts, K2, spice, and other controlled substances in a recent letter sent by the Clearwater Police Department.

“We have identified several stores that may be selling these controlled
substances,” Clearwater Police Chief Anthony Holloway said in a media release. “This letter serves as a warning. We will be conducting random checks and if a store possess, sell or distribute items with these chemicals, we will take enforcement action.”

The letter, dated Sept. 28 and signed by Holloway, mentions the state law amended in March to ban the sale of 92 chemicals often referred to as a “legal high,” under the names such as “bath salts,” “K2,” “spice,” or “loose leaf incense.” 

Local businesses that may be in violation were identified through observation or tips and had the letter delivered to them. In some cases, the tips suggest that the chemicals are not publicly displayed and may be sold upon request, police said.

“The Clearwater Police Department will begin conducting checks of retail establishments within our jurisdiction,” Holloway wrote in the letter. “We will take the appropriate enforcement action and refer any charges to the State Attorney for prosecution.”

View the PDF attached to this story to see the text of the letter.

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