Synthetic Marijuana: Chicago Police Seize 100 Pounds Of Banned Substance In Raid

Chicago police say the pounds of synthetic marijuana and paraphernalia seized from a Northwest Side warehouse Friday was bound for the streets and marketed directly at children.

A task force that monitors possible drug shipments alerted Chicago police Friday that a 64-pound package containing banned substances could be bound for Chicago, and the CPD obtained a warrant to search the destination warehouse, the Chicago Tribune reports. Inside they found 100 pounds of synthetic marijuana, valued at about $775,000.

Police are calling the warehouse and its operations a “shipping hub for narcotics,” the Chicago Sun-Times reports. While executing the warrant, police also found more than 100 cases of drug-related paraphernalia including packing and shipping materials and cash.

Earlier this month, the CPD intercepted $265,000 worth of synthetic marijuana bound for Chicago packaged in “Scooby Snax” foil packets. The same packaging was found on synthetic marijuana in the Northwest Side warehouse bust, ABC Chicago reports.

“Synthetic marijuana poses a significant public health risk and it is important to keep this product from hitting our streets,” James O’Grady, Commander of the Narcotics Division, told Fox Chicago after the first package was intercepted.

Chicagoan Rajendrakumar Patel, 52, and Davendra Patel, 61, of Bloomingdale were arrested after police executed the search warrant and face two felony counts each of possession of a controlled substance, NBC Chicago reports.

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