Code Black Incense Has Closed

Code Black, the last bastion for aromatherapy enthusiasts, has permanently closed its doors. As of midnight last Sunday, the final and, arguably, most professional and courteous herbal incense business in the United States, has thrown in the towel for reason unknown.
Although it’s strictly speculation, we find it likely that Code Black is encountering the ongoing efforts of Operation Log Jam – specifically they’re chemical importation prohibitions at customs. In addition to this, Operation Log Jam is making it harder for bulk herbal distributors to find materials customary in herbal incense, such as damiana, wild lettuce, and other ingredients to Code Black’s famous incense products.
Shortly after Operation Log Jam, Code Black Incense announced that they were closing, only to remain partially open for a liquidation sale and to never fully discontinue sales. This was followed by a mass email sent to retail customers announcing that they were re-opening, albeit on a limited basis. With little reported customer service, no promotions, and highly variable stock, it seemed a rocky reopening at best.
In retrospect, it’s likely that Code Black was simply trying to evacuate their remaining stock. The active chemicals throughout each of their lines was UR-144 and it’s analogs; UR-144 is not strictly illegal, though it is guaranteed that the DEA and other Federal bodies will argue that it is an analogue of some controlled substance, such as JWH-018 and its brethren. Whether or not they’ll succeed is unclear, but with major manufacturers dying of from this war of attrition and drought, it doesn’t really matter. Whether incense is legal or not, the industry is rapidly being choked to death. It might, in fact, already be dead and what we see now are simply ghosts or death rattles. Only time will tell.

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