2 held for import of ‘Spice’ drug

ABU DHABI: The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court on Monday looked into two cases of importing and possessing a narcotic material known as Spice.

In the first case, an Asian national was charged with importing the material for the purpose of trafficking and consumption, while in the other case an Arab national was charged with importing the drug for consumption.

The Asian was arrested after he received a consignment of the drugs through a shipment and 16 bags of the drug were seized.

The Arab suspect was arrested the same way but with 8 packets of the drug was seized. The court decided to postpone the case to Oct.21 based on the request for a lawye.

One thought on “2 held for import of ‘Spice’ drug

  1. so code black is gone huh ? SO?now some shoddy herbals will still be here and the dea can expect alot more.prohibition does not work,legalisation is the only true long term solution to a [problem] created in the minds of people that doesnt know a pumpkin seed from a grade a strain of the best m.j. seeds.its a battle that cant be won,if there is a demand,there will be a supply,all you have to do is take a look back at prohibition to see this.ARE THEY BLIND?or just ignorant?either way,WE deserve the right to put whatever WEwant into our own bodies as consenting adults over 21,,,DONT CRITISIZE ,LEGALIZE.

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