Fall River mayor seeks bath salt ban

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — The mayor of Fall River is seeking to eliminate the sale of synthetic drugs in Massachusetts retail stores.

Drugs such as synthetic cathinones, otherwise known as bath salts, and synthetic cannabinoids, or synthetic marijuana, are currently available for sale across the state, and when abused can mimmick the effects of illegal drugs such as cocaine.

These substances have already been banned in 45 states after an expeditious rise in popularity, which resulted in a wave of deaths, including recently in Vermont.

Mayor Will Flanagan has now asked the Fall River City Council to bring his draft ordinance before the ordinance committee for review. Back in May, U.S. Senator Jack Reed announced a push to ban the chemicals across the country. Since they’re not meant for human consumption, the synthetic drugs are not categorized as food, food supplements or drugs, and without classification there’s no regulatory body overseeing their sale.

The ordinance would grant enforcement power to the police, and impose a fine of $300 for anyone caught using, as well as selling and displaying the products.

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