Heartbroken mothers and city’s emergency room doctors praise Gov. Cuomo’s crackdown on synthetic pot and bath salts

Gov. Cuomo is keeping the heat on the little guys in the big war against designer drugs.
This is welcome news to city emergency room doctors who have been rescuing way too many teenagers showing up with heart palpitations, hallucinations, high blood pressure and anxiety from synthetic pot and bath salts.
“Anything you can do to make these drugs a little more unreachable is a good thing,” said Dr. Lewis Nelson of NYU Medical Center. “The belief is that if it’s sold in a store, not by a corner drug dealer how bad can it be? This won’t stop people from using it all together, like any drug. But it will make people think twice.”
Cuomo’s move was also music to the ears of mothers like Deirdre Canaday of upstate New York, whose 26 year-old son, Aaron, never woke up after smoking a packet of “Mr. Nice Guy” in September.
And to Karen Dobner of Illinois, whose mild-mannered son, Max, 19, bought some iAroma at a mall and was so out of his mind after smoking it, he drove 100 mph through his suburban Chicago neighborhood and crashed through a house killing himself on impact.
“Good for Gov. Cuomo,” Dobner said. “[If] you shut down these local head shops or bodegas, they will stop poisoning our kids.”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/heartbroken-mothers-city-emergency-room-doctors-praise-gov-cuomo-crackdown-synthetic-pot-bath-salts-article-1.1130426#ixzz22s8QhMFt

One thought on “Heartbroken mothers and city’s emergency room doctors praise Gov. Cuomo’s crackdown on synthetic pot and bath salts

  1. Ban EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! But don’t do dick about Doctors handing out scrips for Cymbalta,Pristique,Zoloft,Prozac.etc..
    Crucify the “little guys” but don’t EVEN begin to think about taking on LILLY, Wyeth, etc.
    Spend more fucking time with your kids, and less chasing your paycheck that pays for their “well being”.
    Then after you rid the world of all these evil legal highs, send them to your doctors to get fixed with antidepressants.

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