What do you think about the ban on herbal incense spice – k2

This year we have worked hard as bloggers to bring you all the news, reviews on herbal incense spice.  Over the last week it has been a blow to the spice market. The DEA has cracked down and put 90% of the business out of business.  75% of the manufacturers  have been raided, some people have been arrested.  Many had there products taken by the DEA for testing.


Since we are the largest blog online for all the spice news, we want to hear your input.  We want to know what are readers think about this ban and all the action the DEA and law enforment has taken over this last week.

Share your comments with all our readers and chat with others.  We are getting about 100o times more hits to our blog.  We are now getting over 35,00o hits per day.  Thats a jump from about 3000 were used to getting.  HUGE JUMP in only a week.  We are working around the clock to bring you all the latest news.  At this time we are not posting reviews about spice, only news.  Thanks for your support and helping us have the largest news platform for synthetic drugs.  If you have any news you would like to post please contact us.

3 thoughts on “What do you think about the ban on herbal incense spice – k2

  1. I think the ban of k2 or herbal incense is a joke . People can still buy bath salts and eat each other and the dea is ok with that cause its still legal but they ban herbal incence ? Wtf is wrong with this world .

  2. Difficult spot. Young people are stupid and will abuse it, and it’s potent enough to send some people to the ER with seizures, sympathetic overdrive. News, politicians, etc. are using propaganda and fear tactics (re: Face-eating zombies [actually not] linked to bath salts) to promote a political agenda–more jobs equals re-election for certain statesmen/women. The downside is that functional users are removed one more freedom of choice by the federal government. Tobacco, meanwhile, is still killing strong. As is drunk driving. I wonder how many users reverted to cigarettes and will ultimately die of lung cancer? It’s unfortunate that the government, local state and otherwise, resorts to SWAT tanks and armed-to-the-teeth DEA agents as fear promotion to get law-abiding stores to remove legal products from their shelves. The ends seem to justify the means when it comes to the top 1%.

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