Two Arrested In Montgomery Drug Bust

Sheriff’s deputies in Montgomery County make what they say could be their first “spice” bust since the statewide ban went into effect. Two people are under arrest. Montgomery Sheriff’s Office says they executed a search warrant this afternoon on Mystical Treasures Emporium after receiving credible information from Prattville Police. Prattville arrested the same suspect a couple of weeks ago for similar offenses. Deputies say they discovered a substantial amount of a substance they say appears to be “spice” and a half pound of marijuana at the Mystical Treasures Emporium on Mulberry Street in Montgomery. Spice is a synthetic form of Marijuana and it is illegal to posses or sell in Alabama. Agents say they also found paperwork similar to the Prattville bust that shows it was shipped from the same location out west. They say one of the two people arrested was involved in the Prattville bust. The substance will be examined by the state forensics lab for a final determination. Capt. Mark Thompson with the Montgomery Sheriff’s Office, says, “We had what we believe is spice in individual bags, we had the little bags with nicknames of the different spices in another box and they were ready to package what they sell.” Authorities are sending the substance to the state lab for final confirmation that it is indeed spice. In Montgomery Lisa Blackwell now back to you. Two suspects have been charged in the bust. James Lisenby and William Moore have been arrested and charged on drug distribution and possession charges.

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