Top 5 Reasons NOT to Ban Herbal Incense Products

It’s a sad day in America when our family members and neighbors are Fighting a WAR Oversees for 10 years, and the U.S. National Debt has been rising an average of $4.15 BILLION per day since September 28, 2007…

.. and the best thing the Federal government can offer the American people is an ineffective ban on herbal incense related chemicalseffective Christmas Eve 2010??

While the Federal Ban does NOT Affect Liberty Herbal Incense Products, we assembled this list of lessons every American should have learned fromalcohol prohibition in the 1920’s.
  1. Laws Cost Money – It’s amazing how many people fail to realize that EVERY new law requires new tax payer revenue to enforce. And are you, the taxpayer willing to pay EVEN more of your earned money to hire additional law enforcement personnel and purchase “Incense” detection devices. If the answer is no, then you don’t need Incense products banned.

    Banning herbal incense will increase the taxpayers burden by creating more government jobs (police) employing additional ineffective government resources (Google It! almost half of our Judicial and Prison resources are dedicated to the fallout of “illegal drug” laws). Ask your neighbors and friends, and I bet they are not calling for more police and government intrusion into their lives.

    Sure, banning will prevent legitimate merchants from selling Herbal Incense, and these hard-working individuals are easy to target and harass with enforcement. But what about the criminals who continue to buy and sell Herbal Incense products? On to the next point…

  2. Banning Incense Creates a Black market  Looking for a way to significantly increase crime in your area? Ban a product and create a black market!

    Banning anything restricts product availability, which artificially drives product demand AND prices up. This makes “illegal Drug Dealers” and thugs illicitly wealthy, as these are usually the only people that have no problem risking jail time. Personally, I would rather see the money go to local merchants, who are creating legitimate jobs and paying taxes on earnings.

  3. Negative Economic Impacts – Herbal Incense product sales create jobs and significantly stimulate your local economy. Many local stores and shops, including gas stations, tobacco shops, convenience stores, head shops, party stores, salons, tattoo studios, book stores, record shops, resale stores and gift shops report that 50 -75% of their earnings come from incense products alone.

    Merchants also report that, without income from herbal incense products, they would have been forced to close their doors within the past two years.

  4. Prohibition NEVER Works – Those of us that remember history class, may remember a little governmental experiment called “PROHIBITION”. This generally is referred to as the time period between January 16, 1920 and December 5, 1933, where We The People gave the government Constitutional authority to outlaw the sale and possession of alcohol-based beverages.Prohibition created Liberty-smashing agencies like the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), which lead to agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and so forth (By the way, since the US government doesn’t produce any goods of fair market value, this is the only way that the government can “create jobs”! So when a politician says they promise to create jobs, they really mean to expand the government through police state and unnecessary bureaucracy.) Long story short, PROHIBITION WAS A MAJOR FLOP!

    All banning does is make new criminals. Since it’s inception almost 40 years ago, it’s estimated that through the “War on Drugs” effort, State and Federal Governments have wasted almost 30 Billion dollars (yes BILLION). In the process, we taxpayers pay the government to arrest and prosecute a citizen about every 17 seconds for drug-related charges. And why these gross expenditures? All under the guise to eradicate recreational drug use? TO protect people from their own decisions which harm no others?

    History as shown us time and time again that “You can’t legislate good will – it comes through education.”. Banning specific items solves nothing!

    After all, herbal incense products are not intended for human consumption. So, if you are going to ban things that are misused, then you’re going to be banning a lot of things. The question is…where does it end? or does it end ???

    What about the Children? Our kids are our responsibility and your kid(s) should be yours. Banning a product is only going going to drive your kids to an illicit drug dealer, where the chance of harm to them significantly increases. The bottom line is, if one desires to use Herbal Incense in an unintended manner, chances are they will either:

    1. Continue using Incense in an unintended manner illegally, or
    2. Use other controlled substances illegally.

    It’s a Lose- Lose – Lose situation any way you look at it.

  5. What Happened to the “Land of the Free”? – We the people are becoming an institutionalized culture.  To validate that point,  Most people do not even realize that, with post 911 passport restrictions, American’s cannot even leave their own country without the government’s permission.

    The implementation of the recent TSA passenger screening policy is very indicative of just how institutionalized American society is becoming. When Americans fly, we can now choose between being photographed in the nude and being fondled. (And, just for the record, since it’s inception, the TSA has not caught a single terrorist, nor prevented any terror plot; that work has been done by brave and perceptive passengers.

    Back to the “Federal Herbal Incense Ban” –  There major reason that law makers use to justify this modern day “Witch Hunt”, is NOT because it has been proven that Herbal Incense is toxic, addictive, or harmful in any way when used appropriately, It’s under the guise of “protecting people” from their choices and “keeping people safe”.

    Nanny State – When the government is perceived as being excessive in its desire to protect (as a nanny would protect a child), govern or control particular aspects of society..

    Each expansion of government power is framed as “protecting the people” but history tells us that the most effective risk prevention rarely demands sacrifices of our Liberty. What kind of country are we becoming when our citizens are forced to endure such invasive intervention and regulation without due process or proven results? And, how can WE THE PEOPLE demonstrate the success of Liberty and Freedom to the rest of the world, when we now depend on politicians and law enforcement officials to protect us from our own responsibilities and tell us what to do and how to think? And, talk about a contradiction! Alcohol, Tobacco, Viagra, Methadone, Video Games, Fast Food, Pornography, Energy Drinks, Yeah, all that stuff is ok, but these products are not?

    If we don’t stop these “Nanny State” efforts here by denying failed prohibition policies, we are effectively inviting the government to completely take over our lives through damaging intervention.

    We would love to hear one politician state the obvious truth: “Hey, thanks for obeying the silly laws that are already in place by seeking an alternative, but, despite the fact we are spending money we don’t have to try and our enforce the existing laws that don’t work, we need to make more costs and criminals at the expense of your liberty”.

So, do we hold these people accountable for their mistakes and offer them encouragement and support, or should we keep punishing the TOOL that they used via legislative action?  And, do you really think more laws are going to save people from themselves? How ridiculous!!!

If the career politicians in your area want to trample on your rights to pursue happiness to make a name for themselves by Banning Herbal Incense in your area. We urge you, the people to take action immediately.

Tell the Self-serving, Career Politicians to REALLY represent YOU, the people.  Tell them that Herbal Incense is no more dangerous than other American enjoyments, like Cigars, Alcohol, Fast Cars, or Fast Food (the Number One Killer of Americans, REALLY),

Tell them that you are tired of the government telling you what to do, where to go and how to spend your money, while they continue driving our local, state and national budgets into the ground with their other dumb ideas.

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Join the Herb-olution and Spread The WORD!

Happiness, Prosperity and Liberty to ALL!.

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