Spice Drug puts mom in hospital for 10 days

HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) – A major designer drug crackdown across the nation led to 91 arrests and more than $36 million seized by the DEA.

Here in West Michigan, Michigan State Police troopers raided hundreds of stores after Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill banning synthetic marijuana or any drugs like it in June.

But just one week before he did, Sheri Wright of Holland nearly died after using it.

The drug referred to as K2, spice or incense blends put her in the hospital for 10 days.

“I almost died. If they wouldn’t have put me in an induced coma, I would’ve died,” said Wright.

Wright suffers from chronic back pain. In June, she chose a cheaper route than marijuana to cope.

“I would get sick, like throw up,” she said. “I wanted the pain to go away in my back … It went away. I didn’t feel no pain.”

“I smoked it, too,” said Wright’s daughter Ashley Ekema. “But my body told me when to stop and I stopped.”

Ekema was fine, but Wright spent more than a week in the hospital. It was enough to scare her and her family.

“It affected her speech. It affected her breathing. It affected her ability to move. It basically shut down all her organs,” said Ekema.

Wright and Ekema had a warning to potential designer drug users.

“Look at what I’ve gone through. Don’t do this to your family,” said Wright. “Don’t do this to yourself.”

“Don’t let this happen to your family or whoever smokes it,” said Ekema. “It’s harmful to your body.”

Both mother and daughter said they’re glad designer drugs are now banned.

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