teens protest herbal incense ban

ENGLEWOOD Fla.- About two dozen kids showed up at RJR Convenient in Englewood to protest Thursday. They believe that the business owner should be working harder to help keep incense out of the hands of minors.

15-year-old Catherine Friedline showed up to protest with one of her friends. She says she has seen what the controversial incense does to her peers.

“It really screws them up and it’s really harmful,” said Friedline.

Ammity Chandler with Drug Free Charlotte County staged the protest. She wants to see the store owner pull the product off the shelves.

“Herbal incense has been on the market flying under the radar and above the radar mimicking synthetic marijuana,” says Chandler.

The ingredients in those incense are not regulated and are therefore entirely legal to sell, but the drug enforcement agency is working to ban the products. Just last year, 13,000 calls came into poison control centers from people who took these drugs.

“It’s absolutely not against the law he can have any product line that he would like our preference would be that he not sell it next to the bubble gum and candy and that he not sell it to minors,” says Chandler

These protesters say their concerns are compounded  because one employee here was arrested recently for selling alcohol to a minor. The store owner did not want to comment on camera.


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