Local, national crackdown on synthetic drugs


Protest against herbal incense spice ban

From teens in Charlotte County protesting a convenience store, to the DEA busting at least 90 people who sell these designer drugs, there is a crackdown on synthetic drugs.

Thursday, teens took their concerns about synthetic drugs to the street. They were protesting RJR – a convenience store that Drug Free Charlotte County Director Amity Chandler says sells herbal incense, which is a synthetic drug.

“They have bongs and herbal incense below the gum and candy,” said Chandler said.

She says they also sell it to minors.

“Their perception is that this is legal for them to try and this must be safe because being sold in a store,” she said.

RJR wouldn’t go on camera and said no comment to the protestors, but did tell us what they sell inside is legal.

“Educate community that herbal incense is still for sale not illegal contrary to popular belief,” Chandler said.

Nationwide, President Barack Obama signed a bill into law earlier this month banning the most common synthetic drugs.

From Florida and beyond – during Operation Log Jam – DEA agents arrested at least 90 people and seized millions of packets featuring cartoon characters and catchy names.

The DEA has a stern warning for anyone selling these items.

“You are nothing more than a drug trafficker. We will bring you to justice,” DEA Administer Michele Leonhart.

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